Learn about Cast Iron

Cast iron is produced by heating iron with a high carbon content until it liquefies, and then casting the iron into moulds of compressed sand.

Cast iron was invented in China in the 5th century BC and poured into moulds to make ploughshares and pots as well as weapons and pagodas. Although steel had been invented, was in use, and was more desirable, cast iron was cheaper and thus was more commonly used for warfare in ancient China.

In the west, cast iron did not become available until the 15th century, and its earliest uses included cannon and shot, and later, cast iron cannons, which, while heavier than the existing bronze cannons, were much cheaper to manufacture and enabled more to be produced..

Cast iron pots were made at many English blast furnaces from about the 17th century. In 1707, Abraham Darby patented a method of making pots and kettles thinner and thus cheaper than his rivals could. This meant that his Coalbrookdale furnaces became dominant as suppliers of pots, an activity in which they were joined in the 1720s and 1730s by a small number of other coke-fired blast furnaces. more...

Learn about Umbrella and Stick Stands

Although most hall stands and hall trees have provision for umbrellas and sticks, there are stands specifically designed for only this purpose. They are usually of waist height or lower, with compartments that ensure the stored accessories stand upright. The lower sections are usually fitted with removable trays to catch the run-off from any wet umbrellas and sticks that are placed in them.

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19th century green painted wrought iron outdoor coat and umbrella stand, in the manner of Coalbrookdale. 185 cm x70 cm

A rectangular brass and cast iron umbrella stand, French, circa 1920, 50 cm high, 37 cm wide, 21 cm deep.

Impressive antique cast iron umbrella stand, approx 80 cm high

Antique French cast iron painted stick stand, approx 71 cm high

Horatio Nelson cast iron umbrella stand back plate (missing base and hoop). 73 cm.

A good cast iron umbrella stand, French, 19th century. 78 cm high

Cast iron umbrella stand depicting young boy clasping a snake in the Regency taste

A cast iron umbrella stand, 20th century, 74 cm high, 40 cm wide, 19 cm deep

A Victorian cast iron stick and umbrella stand, rectangular, with lift-out tray. Width 62 cm

Green painted cast iron umbrella stand, approx 68 cm high, 43 cm wide

A cast iron mounted figural umbrella stand on a cedar base, embossed Nelson, 19th century, 99 cm high, 41 cm wide, 23 cm deep

Cast iron umbrella stand, 63 cm wide, 80 cm high approx

A fine Victorian Coalbrookdale cast iron hallstand with central mirror flanked by scrolled hooks, below a drawer, flanked by scrolled umbrella stand. 213 cm high, 114 cm wide

Turquoise enamel cast iron bamboo umbrella stand with drip dray, approx 78 cm high, 52 cm wide

Victorian painted cast iron bamboo umbrella stand with drip tray, approx 60 cm high, 39 cm wide

Painted cast iron umbrella stand decorated bull rushes and a frog, approx 69 cm high, 46 cm wide

French painted cast iron umbrella stand with drip tray, approx 71 cm high, 44 cm wide

A cast iron ivy and berry pattern umbrella stand, European, 19th century. 73 cm high, 55 cm wide, 26 cm deep

Antique French enamelled cast iron umbrella stand, approx 60 cm high

Antique French cast iron umbrella stand, with oval base, approx 60 cm high

Cricket Umbrella Stand, c1890, painted cast iron with main support a cricketer leaning on a bat before 3 stumps, 83cm tall.

Victorian painted cast iron stick stand, decorated with leaves and scrolls, registration marks. Approx 83 cm high

Victorian cast iron stick stand, classical decoration, registration marks. Approx 68 cm high

A impressive Victorian cast iron hallstand, the arched pierced top above a mirror flanked by with ornate decoration and hooks, below rouge marble flanked by umbrella holders

Antique cast iron umbrella stand, approx 75 cm high, 44 cm wide

Antique French pale blue enamelled cast iron umbrella stand, approx 60 cm high

Antique French cream painted cast iron umbrella stand, approx 70 cm high

Rare umbrella stand in cast iron depicting a winged cherub holding a bow with shell shaped base (lozenge mark)

A Victorian cast iron hallstand, the arched top, above an oval mirror, flanked by scrolled coat hooks, above ornately cast open umbrella stands, with shell drip trays. 214 cm high, 105 cm wide, 21 cm deep.

A Victorian mahogany hallstand, with fretwork hourglass shaped back with a mirror to the centre and seven turned wooden finials for hats and coats, a drawer to the centre and umbrella and stick stands to each side, with unusual cast iron floral and shell m

Victorian cast umbrella stand, the stem figure is with scrolled umbrella holders, which has drip trays with cast foliate. 71 cm high