Learn about Hallstands

A 19th century innovation, the earliest hallstands usually consisted of a straight or shaped upright, sometimes with a drawer and with rounded wooden pegs or hooks on which to hang coats and hats. Some versions also contained umbrella stands, eith in the central section or to each side.

Hallstands became proportionately larger during the course of the century, sometimes being equipped with lift up seats and arms, and later models had brass hooks that tended to replace the wooden knobs. Early versions were usually wooden, although wonderful cast iron hallstands are to be found from the middle of the century, richly cast and ornamented.

The best known manufacturer of cast iron hallstands was Coalbrookdale Company of Shropshire England, founded in 1709. In the 1840s the company developed a range of cast iron furniture, which, once the moulds had been created, could be mass produced. Coalbookdale items are marked either with the full name of the company or an abbreviation such as 'C-B-DALE Co'

Cast iron hallstands will often also include the date lozenge, often cast into the base of the drip trays indicating the year in which the design was registered. more...

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A French provincial bentwood hallstand with central oval mirror. 200 cm high, 98 cm wide

Antique French faux bamboo coat rack, approx 76 cm long, 43 cm wide

Antique French pale green enamel iron umbrella stand, foundary marks to back, approx 69 cm high, 43 cm wide

A copper and brass cylindrical umbrella stand with coat of arms, French, 19th century, 55 cm high, 28 cm diameter

A copper and brass parasol form umbrella stand with chrome dog finial, French, circa 1930, 64 cm

A rectangular brass and cast iron umbrella stand, French, circa 1920, 50 cm high, 37 cm wide, 21 cm deep.

A decorative wrought iron hallstand in the style of Edgar Brandt, French, circa 1925, ?191 cm high, 75 cm wide, 24 cm deep

An amusing blue and yellow decorated white ceramic owl form umbrella stand French 20th century, 49 cm high

French Art Deco wrought iron hallstand, approx 193 cm high, 76 cm wide, 18 cm deep

French style shabby chic hall stand, with mirror, coat hooks and 2 drawers, 82 cm wide, 183 cm high

A circular walnut hallstand, French, 19th century. 200 cm high

A good cast iron umbrella stand, French, 19th century. 78 cm high

An unusual gilt-metal lance-form hall stand, French, circa 1950. 219 cm

A brass parasol form umbrella stand, French, circa 1950. 76 cm high

A French Art Deco wrought iron hall stand. 188 cm high, 62 cm long

A classic French Art Deco wrought iron hallstand. 193 cm high, 130 cm deep

A classic French Art Deco wrought iron mirrored back hallstand. 174 cm high, 73 cm long

Antique late 19th century French painted oak hallstand, fitted with bronze hooks and brass rails, mirrored back, approx 220 cm high, 139.5 cm wide, 30 cm deep

A French wrought iron mirror back and green marble hall stand, circa 1935. 200 cm high, 188 cm wide, 20 cm deep

Antique French faux bamboo coat rack and umbrella stand, with zinc lined drip tray, approx 203 cm high

French painted cast iron umbrella stand with drip tray, approx 71 cm high, 44 cm wide

A white painted brass, steel and cane panelled hall stand, French, circa 1900. Approx 220 cm high, 100 cm wide

A stylish copper and brass parasol form umbrella stand, French 19th century. 85 cm high, 39 cm wide

Antique French enamelled cast iron umbrella stand, approx 60 cm high

Antique French cast iron umbrella stand, with oval base, approx 60 cm high

Large French copper jug and umbrella stand, approx 60 cm high and shorter (2)

Antique French black enamelled cast iron hallstand, with white painted leaf form drip pans, central swivel oval mirror, standing 216 cm high

Antique French Art Nouveau black enamel umbrella stand, 60 cm high

Antique French bamboo hallstand, approx 230 cm high, 98 cm wide

Antique French cast iron coat rack, approx 177 cm high, 98 cm wide, 37 cm deep

French coat rack, approx 210 cm high, 76 cm wide