These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

17th century combed morion helmet, nice example of good weight. 38 cm wide

Italian 17th century cabaset with helmet. Nice example of good weight with clearly struck armouries mark on brim, 20 cm high

An original model 1918 Austrian army steel helmet with leather Liner large sized 66 (lugs show the size). Outer shell has not been touched and shows the original green paint finish (about 70% present). Retains an oak leaf motif to the right side, which has

Antique black leather army helmet brass trim rampant lion on badge

Rare antique NSW Regt. pith helmet circa 1885, (as worn in the Sudan Conflict) with spike and badge, silver trim, chin strap

Russian leather summer pilot's flying helmet and a Russian beret the flying helmet in black leather with brown 'Netting' to top. Has earphones with phone connections chord and adjustable strap to top and chin. Manufacture label sewn on inside written in Ru

Russian officer's ushanka winter fur cap, army tanker helmet and tunic the fur cap with pull down flaps, in blue and grey. Has metal badge at front, ear flaps and sides are made from lamb's fur dyed regulation in bluish- gray with gray felt top and cotton

Victorian Yorkshire Dragoons brass cavalry helmet on a turned timber stand. Height including stand 80 cm

A Baden OR's M15 Pickelhaube, the original gloss black helmet with pressed white metal Royal insignia of a winged griffin, the original spike with remnants of grey paint, the rosettes and leather chin strap with some original fittings, the interior with re

World War I Austrian M17 'Stahlhelm' (steel helmet) with original brown/green paint & patina. This example was probably souvenired by an American soldier as it still retains U.S. postage stamps on top. VG condition

French Helmet: First World War infantry M15 Adrian helmet. The Adrian helmet was the first French combat helmet and the first modern steel trench warfare helmet, good condition; Army boots (2) pairs, G condition

A 19th century black tin pickelhaube style hat box Hobson & Sons. Containing an engineers volunteer helmet with gilt brass badge and spike. NZ regular forces badge replacement. Height 36 cm

World War II Combat helmet. Camouflage painted with flying fish logo (internal webbing and fittings corroded).

World War I French military Adrian helmet with leather straps

U.S Navy steel helmet with interior fittings

World War II British despatch riders helmet with dust goggles on mannequin head and display case

British green painted army steel helmet canvas cover with leather interior fittings

French Cuirassiers Troopers helmet in brass with scull and white metal badge and fittings, black horsehair brush, red plume, for the 2nd squadron, good liner, very good condition

A French Cuirassiers Troopers helmet, steel skull brass front plate and comb with brass chinscalp, horse hair and feather plume, short horsehair plume missing, complete with original liner

An Italian Basinet helmet with applied floret embosses, 16th century.

A very rare Light Infantry 'Shako' probably an officer's hat judging from the gold New Zealand lettering on the helmet plate. It is the 1868 pattern, in navy blue cloth, with the rifle green Light Infantry ball tuft. This would have been worn during the Ma

Police visor hats including, Australian Pith Helmet type Victorian, New Zealand Bobby style no longer used, Australian Victoria, State Police Cap (Needs sewing), New Zealand Police Old Style Badge, Melbourne Flat Cap, New Melbourne Flat Cap

Three bar pot helmet English civil war period 'Three-Barred Pott' comprised of a hand forged two piece folded skull, fixed stepped neck tail, one piece fall/peak with attached three barred face cage, and solid cheek pieces suspended with leather. This helm

19th century officers Royal artillery brass helmet, modelled with a single horse hair plume, leading to the shaped brass helmet, with a central applied plaque bearing the cipher of the regiment, surrounded by acanthus mounts, and a leather strap; resting o