Learn about Royal Doulton History

The Doulton factory was established in 1815 in Lambeth, South London by John Doulton (1793 - 1873), who had previously been employed at the nearby Fulham Pottery. He initially had two partners, Martha Jones and John Watts, the former of who left the company in 1820, and the latter in 1854.

He began by producing practical and decorative stoneware, such as bottles and sewer pipes from his small pottery

John's son Henry (1820 - 1897) joined the company in 1835 and the production of stoneware items was expanded to include laboratory articles, sanitary ware and drainpipes, which were sold worldwide.

In the mid 1850s John Doulton began experimenting with a more decorative pottery items. Many glazes and decorative effects were developed including faience, impasto, silicon, carrara, marqueterie, chine, and rouge flambe.

From about 1860, Doulton began to revive earlier types of stoneware, such as copies of 18th-century vessels. The famous salt-glazed wares with blue decoration first appeared in 1862.

Through Henry Doulton, the pottery became associated with the Lambeth School of Art directed by John Sparkes from about 1866. more...

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Royal Doulton Kingsware dewars whisky jug character: Sporting squire, height 20 cm approx

A rare large Royal Doulton Lambeth 'Thorne's Whisky' Art Nouveau whisky dispenser, baluster form, the blue ground with Art Nouveau tube-lined floral panels, the conforming lid with ovoid finial, relief maker's details to both sides, original brass tap to f

Royal Doulton 'Nelsen' Kingsware Dewar's whiskey decanter with original stopper

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask - Mr Micawber 'Dewars' in dark brown

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, Admiral, of the fleet. Dewars on reverse.

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, Nelson, with original stopper and tartan ribbon.

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, Mr Micawber, paper label on back for Dickens Whisky

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, His Majesty, 'Here's to the health unto his majesty'

Royal Doulton Kingsware Dewars scotch whiskey flask, measures 20 cm high

Royal Doulton Kingsware Nelson Dewars whiskey flask with stopper, measures 23.5 cm high

Early Royal Doulton Stoneware jardiniere 23 cm wide, 19.5 cm height approx., together with a Royal Doulton Dewars whisky jug (hairline crack to top rim)

Two antique Royal Doulton Kingsware Dewar's jugs 'Oyez Oyez' 25.5 cm high and 'Sporting Squire' 15.5 cm high

Doulton Kingsware Bonnie Price Charlie flask for Dewars Imperial Whisky. With original stopper. Height approx 20.3 cm. Issued 1910-1914

A Royal Doulton Kingsware Whisky jug, circa 1920s, a Dewar's Whisky jug with original stopper, featuring 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', original label to body and marks underside. Height 20 cm

Royal Doulton Kingsware Dewars Whisky flask 'The Scotsman' and 'Flagstaff' stamped Royal Doulton (2). Height 23 cm height 21 cm

Royal Doulton Stoneware advertising ashtray & matchbox holder for 'King George IV Top Notch' whisky

Royal Doulton Kingsware advertising whisky jug for Dewars

Royal Doulton, the Real Sandy MacDonald Scotch Whisky jug, (chip)

Royal Doulton 'Captain Phillip' Dewars Whisky jug & a Royal Doulton Matchstriker matchstriker for Sir Edward Lee's old Scotch Whisky, hand painted 'As Supplied to the House of Commons', whisky jug with detachable stopper. Height of decanter 23 cm

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. 'Sporting Squire.' Dewar's Whisky stopper included; and stamped to base. Height 23 cm (including Stopper)

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. 'Tony Weller - Beware of the Vidders.' Reg# 603746. Dewar's Whisky stopper included; and stamped to base. Height 23 cm (including stopper)

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. 'Dewar's.' Ship and plane scene in farm Cove, Sydney. Reg#636, 615. #150 marked to base. No stopper. Height 16.5 cm

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. Sporting Squire 'Dewar's.' Crown form 'Dewar's Imperial' stopper included. Height 19 cm (total)

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. 'Ben Jonson.' Dewar's Whisky stopper included; and stamped to base. Height 21 cm (including Stopper)

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. 'Oyez Oyez.' Dewar's Whisky Stamp to base. Stopper not included. Height 20.5 cm

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. Night Watchman 'Dewar's Scotch.' Reg#400173. Stopper not included. Height 27 cm

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. Beefeater 'Dewar's Scotch Whisky.' Dewar's Whisky stopper including Height 22 cm (total)

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. 'George the Guard.' Dewar's Whisky stopper included; and stamped to base. Height 23 cm (including Stopper)

Royal Doulton Kingsware flask. 'The Night Watchman', Dewar's Whisky (without stopper). Stamp to base. Height 18.5 cm