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Ruskin pottery dribble glaze table lamp with a hexagonal base, 42 cm high approx

Ruskin pottery, vase, 1919, green and blue souffle glaze, decorated with a frieze of ivy leaves, impressed to base 'Ruskin England 1919', height 16 cm

Ruskin pottery, high fired bottle vase, 1908, covered in a rich blue glaze with green speckles, with factory mark to base 'Ruskin pottery West Smethwick' and dated 1908, height 37 cm

A good Ruskin Arts and Crafts high glazed vase, elongated ovoid body with tapered neck, striking variable green glaze with black and mauve effects, impressed mark to base. Height 20.5 cm

An early 1900 Ruskin pottery vase, cylindrical form with trumpet mouth in traditional lustre glaze in a light teal blue. Impressed marks to base. Height 15 cm

Two Ruskin plaques, one of large size in blue and turquoise and one small in green, impressed marks

Ruskin green salt and pepper pots, each of ovoid shape on sterling silver bases

Ruskin souffle hexagonal vase, in blue and beige, unusual tube lined mark to the base ‘Ruskin England’. Height 11.5 cm

Ruskin souffle glazed bowl, in blue orange and green to the interior with blue exterior, impressed factory mark to the base and impressed 1927. Diameter 12 cm

Small Ruskin yellow lustre bowl, green leaf and flower pattern. Diameter 6 cm

Ruskin yellow lustre pedestal bowl, with trailing green leaf and flower pattern, early scissors mark to base. Diameter 17 cm

Ruskin high fired white bottle vase, factory mark to the base and impressed mark 1922 (restored). Height 28 cm

Ruskin lamp base, in green and orange souffle glaze, with contemporary parchment shade. Height 31 cm

Ruskin high fired mottled green glazed vase, of cylindrical shape on a stepped foot, original paper label to base. Height 14 cm

Ruskin high fired pink and mauve vase, of tapering cylindrical form, impressed mark to the base. Height 16 cm

Ruskin yellow lustre vase, impressed mark to the base (some glaze rubbing). Height 23 cm

Ruskin lustre Ware orange squat ovoid vase, impressed factory mark to the base (some glaze rubbing). Diameter 15 cm

Ruskin cup and saucer, high fired blue/green glaze with grape motif, early scissor mark to base

A Ruskin Pottery vase, the tall slender inverted baluster form in traditional lustre glaze in lavender tones. Height 28 cm

Seven red leather spine volumes 'Dickens - Walpole. Seven Red Leather Spine Volumes 'Dickens - Walpole Ruskin & Wilde' with marbled covers and red leather corners. Paris 1927 (7)

A large Ruskin powder blue glazed vase of exaggerated squat baluster shape, oval impressed factory mark and dated 1905 under the base. Height 26.5 cm

A Ruskin Pottery high fired vase, of ovoid form, pale glaze to the top graduating to a rich flambe red, impressed marks including date 1927. Height 11 cm

A tall Ruskin orange lustre vase, of ovoid form impressed marks to base circa 1905. Height 27.5 cm

A squat Ruskin vase, mottled teal decoration. Height 15 cm

A tall Ruskin vase, orange lustre decoration. Height 28 cm

A large Ruskin stoneware lidded vase, of ovoid form with yellow and blue drip glaze on an orange ground. Stamped mark to base. Height 32 cm. Depth 23 cm

An early 20th century Ruskin pottery baluster shaped vase, with yellow lustre glaze. Note: some underglaze crackle degrading. Height 17 cm

A Ruskin Apricot lustre small vase, base impressed Ruskin England and dated 1927. Height 13.8 cm

A Ruskin orange lustre vase, with areas of white, impressed base mark Ruskin England and dated 1919. Height 15.5 cm

A Ruskin orange lustre footed bowl, impressed base marked Ruskin England and dated 1919, together with a black Ruskin England mark. Note; hairline. Height 6.2 cm. Diameter 20.5 cm

A Ruskin purple lustre vase, the base impressed Ruskin England, dated 1919. Height 14.8 cm

A Ruskin yellow lustre tall vase, impressed base marked Ruskin England and dated 1916. Height 20.4 cm

A Ruskin Meiping shape vase, the surfaces forest green and iron speckled glazed. Base impressed Ruskin pottery West Smethwick and dated 1906. Height 18 cm

A Ruskin deep lilac lustre small vase, base impressed Ruskin England mark and dated 1916. Height 7.2 cm. Rim diameter 5.7 cm

A Ruskin yellow lustre small vase, base impressed Ruskin England mark and dated 1915. Height 6.5 cm

A Ruskin small ginger jar and cover in lilac lustre, base impressed Ruskin made in England mark and dated 1922. Height 9 cm

A Ruskin Meiping shape vase in pale blue lustre, base impressed Ruskin England mark and dated 1919. Height 16 cm

Ruskin covered jar. Hexagonal shaped with blue glazed exterior. Green crystalline interior. Impressed stamp with original paper label. 7 cm

Ruskin vase. Blue mottled glaze with black and brown highlights. Impressed stamp. 11.5 cm

A Ruskin stemmed bowl, Kingfisher matt glaze dated 1922