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Perhaps the most famous pottery figures of the last hundred years or so, are the Staffordshire flat backs, the description "flat back" indicating they were not detailed on the reverse as they were designed to stand against a wall, not be seen in the round.

The numerous large and small Staffordshire potteries, estimated at over 1,000 by the end of the 19th century, produced a vast range of coloured and glazed earthenware figures.

The range included rustic, allegorical and biblical scenes, as well as famous people, such as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, or Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora McDonald, which were made either as separate pieces or as pairs on one stand.

Sometimes the characters were mounted like Lord Raglan and Marshal Arnaud. There were also representations of The Soldier's Farewell and The Soldier's Return, and there were many portrayals of dogs, especially King Charles spaniels, greyhounds, pugs, and Pekingese.

These Staffordshire figures were made right up to 1900 or so. more...
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A Royal Staffordshire group of birds modelled J.T Jones together with Dresden figures (some losses on the tail) .