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Yixing Ware highly Levigated terracotta late 20th century Chinese teapot

A 20th century Chinese teapot, Qianlong mark, the exterior painted with mille Fleur decoration and gilt tonings, and featuring a raised handle. 30 cm high.

A vintage Chinese Yixing ware teapot, the brown terracotta compressed melon form body with fine relief vine, leaf, ladybird and small pumpkin design, the short spout leaf wrapped, ribbed handle, impressed marks to the flat lid interior.

A Chinese Yixing teapot. People's Republic of China era, later 20th century, in red brown tones and of compressed ovoid form with a twig handle issuing peach leaves and small fruits, the low domed lid with a peach and twig finial; impressed seal mark u

A Chinese miniature Yixing teapot with interesting male and female figural and floral decoration, marks to base. Height 7 cm. Length 11 cm

A Yixing teapot, with cloud decoration and cicada to handle, artist chops to inner lid and marks to base. Height 9 cm, Length 18 cm

A Yixing teapot, on three feet, decorated with poetry and ships in harbour scenes, the handle in a stylised dragon with it's mouth joining to the body, chop to inner lid, stamp to base with calligraphy to either side of stamp. Height 12 cm. Length 18 cm

A Yixing teapot with dragon spout decoration, stamped made in china inner lid L16 cm. Height 8 cm

A Yixing teapot, with floral decoration, marks to base. Height 10 cm. Length 17 cm

A Chinese tea pot, in a container. Signed at base

A Chinese ceramic blue and white teapot, long stem, no lid, depicting a dragon

A Chinese 'Friends of Winter' Yixing teapot. Fashioned as a cut section of log with a twig form handle and a bamboo spout, bark like texture to one side and sprigs of bamboo and blossom to the other, a gnarled pine branch finial to the flat fitted

A Chinese Yixing tea pot with fine bamboo decoration the knop, handle and spout in the form of bamboo fronds, applied bamboo leaves on the lid and body. Very fine fitting lid with impressed makers mark to base, height 9.5 cm

A Chinese Yixing teapot with waterlily motif and two fish knop, seals to inner lid and base length 19 cm

A Chinese famille rose ovoid shaped teapot with a flowering tree in the front, height 11 cm

Chinese Cantonese famille rose teapot with exotic bird decoration

A Chinese yixing teapot, attributed to Wang Yinxian (1943 - ), incised Mao's famous verse 'serve the people' on one side, and landscape on the other, one seal of the artist to the interior of the lid, and one seal of the artist to the base, acc

A Chinese famille rose teapot, with gold painted handle, spout and lid decorations, marks to base. Height 32 cm

A Chinese export ware dinner service, Republic period (1912-1949), consisting of a teapot, sugar, creamer, dessert plates, dinner plate, teacups, entree plates, the hand painted set is decorated with roosters, stamped china to base, some chips to teapot sp

Chinese porcelain blue and white teapot, approx 13 cm high

A Kangxi shipwreck blue and white teapot, Qing Dynasty, circa: 1,700, from an unknown shipwreck, the teapot of lobed pear shape, with a domed lid and finial, having an upturned spout and a 'C' form handle, decorated throughout with a prunus blossom

Chinese celadon teapot, decorated with oriental bridge scene, mark to base. height30 cm approx

Good Chinese Nyonya / straits lidded teapot, with pink and green decoration, flying phoenix in cartouche, 17 cm handle to spout, 12 cm high

Chinese blue glazed Cadogan teapot, together with a Chinese blue glazed lidded ginger jar

Chinese Yixing teapot with applied dragon design in silver, impressed reign mark to base, 14.5cm spout to handle,

Deng Bishan (1874-1930), Republic period porcelain teapot, c. 1920 naturalistically painted with a pond scene with a carp swimming among aquatic plants, signed by the artist, with iron-red seal mark to base. Height 11 cm

A green glazed Chinese earthenware teapot 37 cm high

Yi Xing teapot, mark to base and lid (seal mark)

A Chinese decorative ceramic teapot. An eastern style boat shaped lamp with an overarching handle, in deep grey brown ceramic trimmed with white metal, applied dragon and floral motifs and a coloured flaming 'Pearl' to the spout; with impressed sea

A Chinese Yixing teapot, 20th century, the red clay teapot in the form of a rough cast pod entwined with leaves, tendrils and seed heads, the handle in the form of a twisted branch, the lid conforming and with a monkey finial; incised signature underside.

A Chinese marbled teapot and bowl in the Tang manner, the earthenware globular teapot with a hand modelled spout and semi circular handle, the lid with a figural finial, and a low tapering bowl both decorated throughout with a cream and brown marbled glaze

A late Qing table teapot decorated in famille rose marks to base

Chinese Yixing teapot with Chinese script decoration, height 14 cm approx

A Chinese Yixing teapot, in deep olive tonings and in the form of a squat lobed gourd or pumpkin, with a branch style handle and having a similarly shaped lid with a vegetal finial; with impressed seal marks to the lid and also underside. Height 7.5 cm. Wi

Chinese Yixing tea set, comprising teapot, 6 cups, jug & tray

Chinese hand painted export ware tea pot, with floral decoration, retains two Christie's paper labels to base,12 cm high approx.

A small Chinese tea set with dragon and flaming pearl motif tea pot and six cups pot: 6.5 cm diameter, 7 cm high; cups: 5.5 cm diameter, 3.5 cm high

A Chinese Wucai enamelled figurative porcelain teapot dragon formed spout and handle, with blue underglazed dragon to body, six character blue underglazed Yongzheng mark to base within a double circle, 15 cm high