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A Chinese Neolithic red pottery jar, Machang period, C.2000BC, 10.8 cm high, wood stand

A Chinese blue and white jar, 20th century, painted with peonies, inscribed on the shoulder 'Fu Gui Mian Kui Mo Nian Chi Dong Qun Fei Zuo Yu Jing De Zhen' and one seal of the artist, 25 cm high, 16.8 cm diameter (at the mouth), with wood stand. Pro

A small Chinese turquoise glazed square jar and a dish, Kangxi period (1662-1722), seal mark to the base of the dish, 15 cm diameter (dish), 13 cm high. Provenance: B. de Lavergne Gallery, Paris (label)

A Chinese blue and white cylindrical brush pot, Shunzhi period (1644-1661), decorated with 'Qiling', banana tree and grasses, iron brown rim and flat base, 15.2 cm high' 10.4 cm diameter

A Chinese olive-green celadon glazed jar, a garlic dome sitting above the bulbous body that has a continuous incised floral decoration, height 25 cm

A large Chinese porcelain lidded jar, painted in a Bold design of Aquatic plants, height 47 cm, diameter 20 cm

A Chinese porcelain lidded jar painted with iron red lion dogs & a Poem on reverse, a Tongzhi mark, height 16 cm, diameter 13 cm

A Chinese huanghuali brush pot with inlays of hardstones and mother-of-pearl, 18th century. the embellishment probably later,, 12 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Japan in the 1960s, hence by descent (by repute)

A Chinese cocoon jar and a vase, Han dynasty, 23 cm high, 22.5 cm high (2). Provenance: NSW private collection

A Chinese early yue-ware storage jar, hu, Han dynasty, 42.3 cm high. Provenance: NSW private collection. Exhibited: Asian Arts Institute of Australia, 2009, lot G1 3/09

An impressive blue and white 'Three Friends' jar Wanli mark and period, of baluster form, the sides painted in deep cobalt blue with pine, prunus and bamboo rising from the base with birds in flight among trailing clouds above, all between a band of lappet

A large Ming-style blue and white jar, of ovoid form, painted on the exterior with a continuous scene of pheasants among rockwork and flowering plants, between lappet and vignette diaper borders, the short waisted mouth inscribed in underglaze blue with an

A blue and white Swatow 'dragon' jar late Ming dynasty, stoutly potted of baluster form, painted with a dragon encircling the sides above a band of waves, with a frieze of rocks and flowers at the base, the shoulders with a ruyi scroll and set with

Chinese blue and white hawthorn lidded ginger jar (four character mark to base)

A Chinese enamel decorated porcelain storage jar, the cylindrical jar with a domed lid with spider finial and lug handles, decorated with a continuous traditional landscape scene, with red painted mark underside. Height 16.5 cm

A Chinese Yixing style teapot with enamel decoration, 20th century, the compressed pumpkin shaped pot decorated with light and dark blue enamel flowers and butterflies on an unglazed terracotta ground, impressed marks underside. Height 10.5 cm. Width 18.5

Large Chinese yellow pottery garden pot, 39 cm high approx

A Neolithic pottery jar with lug handles, painted in purple pigment, Chinese, Gansu-Yangshao Culture, 2000-1500 BC, of compressed globular shape, with bands of lines, dots & a key fret pattern, the handles with broad bands in black, height 9 cm

Antique Chinese blue & white ginger jar, approx 18 cm high, 17 cm Dia.

A Chinese porcelain green tea-dust glazed jar, ovoid shape with small lug handles issuing from the rim, incised two-character mark under the base

A Chinese jar with lug handles, probably song dynasty, with poured olive green glaze, height 16.5 cm

A large Chinese porcelain jar with original lid, the knop of a sitting lion dog, Qing dynasty, all in underglaze blue, a band of scrolling foliate leaves between ruyi & applied lion dogs on the shoulder & a stylized border above the foot, height 45

Chinese porcelain covered jar. Floral decoration. Character marks to base. Height 32 cm

Chinese porcelain incense pot. Blue and white decoration. Height 20 cm diameter 22 cm

A Chinese Qing period blue and white jar, painted with alternating stylised sprays and fish, between ruyi head and double ring border. Kangxi period 18th century. 18 cm high

Antique Chinese blue & white lidded ginger jar, 19 cm high

A Chinese copper-red glazed pot, Qianlong seal mark, early 20th century, with inverted mouth, all under a good even bubble-suffused rich liver red glaze stopping neatly around the foot, box and fitted stand, 12.3 x 20.5 cm

A Chinese celadon glazed jar with cover, 19th century, with under-glaze blue decoration, 31.5 cm high

A Chinese apple-shaped water pot, Guangxu mark to base, 20th century, designed as ornamental and functional for the scholar's table, a channel around the short neck for dripping water, a good even glaze, D 9 cm, H 7.5 cm

A Chinese brush pot with central removable Bung, with a concave body, the red wood with dark blemish under a clear lacquer finish. Height 14, D 13.8 cm

A Chinese blue and white censer pot. the straight-sided circular box with a single horizontal flute decoration near the rim, decorated in the Kangxi manner with a narrative comprising three figures in a fenced landscape setting, the underglaze blue with he

A fine Chinese export ware famille rose ginger jar, Qing Dynasty, 19th century. the jar with a flush lid and ball knop, well decorated in enamel colours to the body with auspicious Buddhist objects, furniture and vases of symbolic flowers and fruits upon a

A famille rose Kamcheng. the ovoid lidded pot with four elephant lug handles to the upper body, the domed lid with a vegetal finial, decorated with green chevron borders and figural narratives to cloud shaped reserves, various flora and auspicious Buddhist

Fine Chinese porcelain water pot Guangxu mark gilded with pair of rust dragons chasing the flaming pearl reign mark to base 9.6 cm x 6.5 cm

A Chinese porcelain brush pot, cylindrical shape, decorated with two panels of Precious Objects in blue and white, bands of chocolate brown glaze decorate the mouth and foot, each incised with square fret and wave pattern. Height 15.5 cm

A flambe-glazed jar seal mark of Yongzheng, of squat globular form, the hexagonally lobed sides rising to a narrow lipped mouth, covered on the exterior with a crimson glaze streaked in milky lavender-blue thinning to a buff tone, the base impressed with a

Sawankhalok celadon jar, incised decoration, lobed handles, 13th-15th Century Provenance Ex Bluett London, ht 13cm