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Ming blue & white dragon jar having two mythical beast head handles & painted with various panels. The body decorated with a band of three clawed dragons & fireballs.

A Chinese porcelain jar with lion dog & scrolling Tendrils, Qing Dynasty, height 13 cm

A Chinese lidded bulbous jar with continuous sweet Pea design, late Qing Dynasty, height 32 cm

A Chinese bulbous jar with a Hundred Antiques pattern, Republic period, the sapphire blue glaze & design rendered in the Kangxi manner, height 19 cm

A Chinese blue and white porcelain brush pot four sided shape decorated with painted birds and foliage with six character mark to base, height: 16.8 cm, width 11.5 cm, depth 11.5 cm

A large Chinese porcelain jar, with an underglaze blue six character Jiajing, Ming Dynasty mark to shoulder, the red glaze with yellow continuous scrolling cloud pattern, including Chinese longevity characters, height 26 cm, diameter 33 cm

Horn carved brush pot decorated with cherry blossom trees, chrysanthemum & Chinese caligraphy. Condition good, minor age related wear to the base. Height 10 cm

Chinese blue & white salt glazed lidded ginger jar, 43 cm high

Large Chinese blue and white lidded ginger jar, on rosewood stand, 50 cm high

A Chinese pottery paint pot decorated with calligraphy, 14 cm high

A Chinese Straits porcelain jar with yellow glaze, decorated in overglaze enamel of a birds in flowering branches, height 28 cm

Chinese lidded porcelain pot, character marks to base, approx 20 cm high, 20 cm wide

Chinese blue and white porcelain brush pot, decorated with longevity calligraphy, 12 cm high

Antique Chinese blue and white lidded pot, diameter 11.5 cm approx

Antique Chinese blue and white lidded pot, diameter 10 cm approx (as inspected)

A Chinese porcelain water pot decorated with painted figures and crane with six character mark to base, height: 7.8 cm, diameter 10 cm

Chinese famille rose porcelain ginger jar, 19th/20th century, the rounded body decorated with figures in landscape, the lid decorated with two boys playing, height 24.5 cm

Chinese blue and white lidded jar, decorated with scrolling leaves and flowers, the lid surmounted with a frog, height 22 cm

Chinese blue and white porcelain ginger jar, Qing Dynasty, possibly Kangxi period, painted in inky tones of cobalt blue with flowering plants and butterflies, with Kangxi four character mark to base, missing cover, height 22 cm

Large Chinese blue and white porcelain covered jar, Qing Dynasty, possibly Kangxi period, densely painted all over with aster flowers in a tight leafy meander, with four character mark within double circle to base, height 45 cm

A Chinese Famile rose jar on stand with cover, Qing, circa 1900, painted with birds and blossom, 26 cm high

A Chinese porcelain water pot, Ming Dynasty. Provenance: The private collection of an Eastern suburbs gentleman. Height 4 cm. Diameter 9 cm

A Chinese porcelain lidded jar with Shi Shi knop with a continuous Sweet Pea design. Height 17 cm. Diameter 20 cm

Old Chinese baluster form blue and white lidded jar on rose wood base, approx 48 cm high (including stand)

A Chinese dark rosewood brush pot, cylindrical shape, the walls with multiple protrusions from twig bases, Height 16 cm

A Chinese boxwood brush pot with heavily carved decoration, the encircling scene depicts the ‘Eighteen Luohan’, the disciples of Buddha. Height 13.5 cm

An old Chinese blue and white lidded jar, tall ovoid form, the finely decorated blossom ground with two large vases being attended to by children, bird highlights, conforming domed cover, four character marks to the base. Height 26.5 cm

A Chinese Neolithic red pottery jar, Machang period, C.2000BC, 10.8 cm high, wood stand

A Chinese blue and white jar, 20th century, painted with peonies, inscribed on the shoulder 'Fu Gui Mian Kui Mo Nian Chi Dong Qun Fei Zuo Yu Jing De Zhen' and one seal of the artist, 25 cm high, 16.8 cm diameter (at the mouth), with wood stand. Pro

A small Chinese turquoise glazed square jar and a dish, Kangxi period (1662-1722), seal mark to the base of the dish, 15 cm diameter (dish), 13 cm high. Provenance: B. de Lavergne Gallery, Paris (label)

A Chinese blue and white cylindrical brush pot, Shunzhi period (1644-1661), decorated with 'Qiling', banana tree and grasses, iron brown rim and flat base, 15.2 cm high' 10.4 cm diameter

A Chinese olive-green celadon glazed jar, a garlic dome sitting above the bulbous body that has a continuous incised floral decoration, height 25 cm

A large Chinese porcelain lidded jar, painted in a Bold design of Aquatic plants, height 47 cm, diameter 20 cm

A Chinese porcelain lidded jar painted with iron red lion dogs & a Poem on reverse, a Tongzhi mark, height 16 cm, diameter 13 cm

A Chinese huanghuali brush pot with inlays of hardstones and mother-of-pearl, 18th century. the embellishment probably later,, 12 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Japan in the 1960s, hence by descent (by repute)

A Chinese cocoon jar and a vase, Han dynasty, 23 cm high, 22.5 cm high (2). Provenance: NSW private collection

A Chinese early yue-ware storage jar, hu, Han dynasty, 42.3 cm high. Provenance: NSW private collection. Exhibited: Asian Arts Institute of Australia, 2009, lot G1 3/09

An impressive blue and white 'Three Friends' jar Wanli mark and period, of baluster form, the sides painted in deep cobalt blue with pine, prunus and bamboo rising from the base with birds in flight among trailing clouds above, all between a band of lappet