Celadon. Celadon is the colour of a glaze applied to stoneware and porcelain, that in turn, has given its name to the wares to which it has been applied.

The technique can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC - 1046 BC) in Southern China. The technique spread other areas of China in the 3rd and 4th century, and later to South Korea, Northern Thailand and Japan.

Celadon glazes can be produced in a variety of colors, including white, grey, blue and yellow, depending on the thickness of the applied glaze, the type of clay to which it is applied, and the exact makeup of the glaze.

However, the most famous shades range in color from a very pale green to deep intense green, often meaning to mimic the green shades of jade.

The color is produced by iron oxide in the glaze recipe or clay body.

European potters found it very difficult to attain the sea green colour until the 19th century, following advances in knowledge of chemistry and several factories including Sevres, Copenhagen and Rockwood produced Western versions of the Chinese celadon.

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Chinese celadon and famille rose pomegranate vase. Six character mark to base. Height 13 cm

Giovanni Gariboldi figure. Hand modelled, with cream and pale celadon glaze. Marked to underside 'Richard-Ginori.', circa 1930s. Height 22 cm

Pair Chinese celadon boy and girl figures. Glazed with blue clothing. Republic period. Height 13 cm (each )

A late Qing Chinese porcelain baluster two handled vase with grey green celadon glaze. Carved wooden stand. Height 34 cm

A Chinese float bowl, of typical low form with an inverted rim, the whole with a crackle glaze in pale celadon blue green with a umber rim, firing grit and blemish underside and with incised maker's mark. Height 5.5 cm. Diameter 28 cm

A Chinese Longquan celadon dish, having fluted cavetto and carved central floral motif, Qing Dynasty, 34 cm across, 35 cm

Chinese celadon twin-fish dish with olive brown celadon glaze Qing Dynasty, 20 cm diameter 20.5 cm

A Chinese bowl decorated in famille rose enamels on celadon ground, 17 cm

Celadon vase. Pale green glaze with 6 character mark underneath, along with Sotheby's label. 29 cm

A Chinese porcelain side plate, decorated in canton famille rose on a celadon glaze. Decorated with birds, butterflies and flowers. Shop mark underneath. Diameter 18 cm

A magnificent Chinese ceramic charger, decorated with incised designs within a foliate rimmed border, covered with a rich olive green celadon glaze apart from an iron red unlgazed section from the stacking ring inside the base rim. Ming Dynasty (1368 to 16

A magnificent heart shaped Chinese porcelain serving dish, decorated in famille rose enamels with birds, butterflies, and flowers all on a rich celadon ground. The base celadon glazed. Early 19th century Daoguang period. Width 29 cm

A pair of Qing style dishes, decorated with two fish in relief under a celadon glaze. Fitted box. Diameter 14 cm each

A Ming style Chinese porcelain celadon glaze censor, on three raised legs. Diameter 26 cm

A Chinese porcelain plate, decorated with plain celadon glaze. Underneath reign mark of Jia Qing. Minor faults to rim. Incised owners mark to lower bowl. Diameter 26 cm

A Chinese porcelain figure of a resting dog, covered in a pale celadon glaze. Fitted box. Length 18 cm

A Chinese pottery tall vase of unusual shape, decorated with geometric designs. A crackled long Quan celadon glaze. Iron red foot. Evidence of salt water immersion with oyster shells attached. Height 32 cm

An unusual Chinese porcelain vase, with a panel of calligraphy and a seated figure in famille rose. The panels with an incised celadon ground, two frits to foot rim. Height 19 cm

A Ming style Chinese long Quan crazed celadon figure, of a seated Guan Lin with bird and monkey on base. Height 24 cm

Celadon bowl, with Crazing, crack (5 cm) to rim. Diameter 18 cm

Large celadon plate, with raised white glaze flower and leaf pattern to underside and rim, slight wear and light scratch to underside rim, firing flaws. Diameter 27 cm

Celadon plate, incised underglaze pattern. Light wear and firing flaws. Diameter 25 cm

Celadon tripod censer, with leaf and bud pattern and geometric border around rim. Extensive crazing. Height 10 cm

Celadon bowl, red wax seal on bottom. Firing cracks and frits. Diameter 15.5 cm

Brown celadon tripod censer, with incised pattern. Crack to length of side. Firing flaws. Diameter 12 cm

Small celadon lotus bowl, faintly ribbed exterior. No obvious flaws. Diameter 10 cm

Small celadon bowl, with single incised flower to centre, good condition. Diameter 12 cm

Highly glazed celadon dish, deep green with incised floral pattern. Diameter 12 cm

Circular celadon lidded ink box, with dragon and wave relief decoration. Diameter 8 cm

Small celadon lidded jar, with floral pattern to lid. No obvious flaws, some small firing flaws. Height 6 cm

Celadon water pot, with incised floral decoration, one small firing flaw to spout. Height 10 cm

Celadon vase, with high relief dragon and tiger at neck and incised leaf pattern. No obvious faults. Height 16 cm

Celadon jar/vase, pale green, with two small s-shaped handles. Incised crescent to bottom. Some firing flaws to underside. Height 18 cm

Celadon jar, with very faint incised spiral decoration. Mild natural crazing. Height 18 cm

Celadon Fu-So vase, pale green and decorated with Chinese characters. Firing flaw to one handle. Height 15 cm

Small celadon jarlet with lugs, olive green with incised dragon and wave pattern. Firing imperfections at rim. Height 9 cm

Small celadon jar with crackle glaze, chips to rim and base. Height 9 cm

Small celadon jar, olive green with ribbed pattern. Firing flaws. Height 6.5 cm

Two celadon jarlets with lugs, one olive green with ribbed plantain design to base; one dark brown. Major firing flaws to base of brown. Height (both) 6 cm

Miniature Longquan celadon arrow vase, burnt iron red foot. Firing defect to shoulder. Height 15 cm

Chinese provincial crackled glaze celadon dish, with foliate rim. Diameter 16 cm. Provenance: Dr. John A. and Louise Gray 'Mark and Period' Collection.

Large Chinese monochrome blue glazed vase, 18th century, with elephant head shaped handles to the shoulder, the interior and the base covered with a pale celadon glaze. Height 39.5 cm. Provenance: Purchased from Riverside Auction House, Bangkok, Thailand,

A pair of 19th century cups finely painted with Springtime poetry. Together with a celadon plate and bowl with painted clouds. Cups 8.5 cm high.

A set of 19th century celadon tea ware, comprising teapot, cup and saucer and a jug, together with oval plate each with Chrysanthemum decoration. Teapot 20 cm high.

Pair of 20th century Chinese celadon bowls, each with incised decoration. 30 cm wide.

A celadon vase and a 18th century plum flower pottery vase the vase with moulded elephant handles together with vase and cover. 33 cm high, 22 cm high.

Celadon bowl on moulded feet. Decorated with incised Chrysanthemums, together with a Sung style sky green tall vase of bulbous form. 16 cm high, 39 cm high.