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Chinese black-lacquer coromandel twelve panel screen, 19th/20th century, decorated with figures in landscape within a floral frame, the reverse decorated with flowers, titled, height 209 cm width 420 cm. Provenance: Property of a Lady, Sarah J. Conger Nee

Chinese lacquered decorative screen, depicting 2 cranes, 90 cm x 90 cm

Important large early Chinese hardwood screen, with finely carved design and dragon ends, the panel featuring numerous carved dragon figures, 192.5 cm wide, 74 cm deep, 179 cm high, the panel lifts out from the base and 4 carved hardwood dragons detach for

A Chinese gold and black lacquer eight panel screen, late Qing Dynasty, late 19th-early 20th century, the front painted with officials and court ladies in the palace, the back decorated with rocks and trees, each panel 244 x 55.5 cm. Provenance: Melbourne

A Chinese four panel screen, inlaid with bone & raised enamel, figures in a Pavilion garden, early 20th century, boys at play in the lacquer red fenced garden, idyllic with ducks in ponds, sheep grazing & cranes wandering, condition: the decoration

A Chinese carved ten-fold hongmu and embroidered screen, Qing dynasty, 183 cm high, 36.5 cm wide (each panel). Provenance: NSW private collection, in Australia since late 19th century

Important large early Chinese hardwood screen, with finely carved design and dragon ends, the panel featuring numerous carved dragon figures, 192.5 cm wide, 74 cm deep, 179 cm high, the panel lifts out from the base and 4 carved hardwood dragons detach for

Chinese black lacquer four fold floor screen, each panel approx 182 cm x 45 cm

Chinese black lacquered dividing screen with gilt highlight decoration, 183 cm high

Chinese lacquer four panel screen carved & inlaid with stone figures, in a landscape, the reverse painted with bamboo on a black ground, condition: loss to inlay & lacquer lifting, H

Chinese decorative four panel timber screen, with mother of pearl carved bird and flower decoration, 91.5 x 30 cm (each panel)

Early Chinese hand painted 5 panel screen. Court and landscape scenes with engraved birds and blossoms. 138 x 138 cm (complete)

A Chinese lacquer screen, 20th century, 169 x 160 cm

A Chinese carved hardstone and lacquer four-panel screen, circa 1900, 200 cm high, 54 cm wide (each panel)

A fine eight leaf double-sided Chinese coromandel screen, late Qing Dynasty, late 19th century. the richly carved lacquer screen depicting red crested cranes, phoenix, water fowl and others amidst auspicious peony, magnolia and bamboo in a lotus water gard

Chinese six panel lacquer room screen, with figures of people on horses in landscapes with gilt flowers to other side of panels, measures 183 cm high x 243 cm

A Chinese lacquered four leaf folding floor screen 20th century, each leaf decorated in relief in colours emulating semi precious stones and depicting vases on stands holding arrangements of auspicious flowers surrounded by various Buddhist symbols, gold p

A Chinese red lacquer scholar’s screen and cabinet, late 20th century. Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, Melbourne

An antique Chinese six leaf Spruce wood and glass floor screen or room Divider, late Qing Dynasty to early 20th century, the folding screen with a lacquered frame and original brass hinges, with central semi-opaque pressed glass panels with quatrefoil moti

A Chinese four panel porcelain screen. People's Republic of China era, later 20th century, the timber framed porcelain panels each decorated with enamel colours and depicting young women engaged in recreational pursuits in pavilions and fenced garden s

A Chinese brown lacquer eight panels screen, 19th/20th century. Carved polychrome figures in a garden pavilion. Height 214 cm, panels width 40 cm

An exceptional rosewood, ivory and silk Cantonese screen. Qing Dynasty, mid 19th century, a four leaf silk screen exquisitely embroidered with myriad birds of varied species within trees and auspicious flowers, the reticulated arched crests, bases and bord

A Chinese carved stone 'camellia' desk screen with stand, Late Qing dynasty 21 cm high, 13 cm wide, . Provenance: South Australia Private Collection, acquired from a local estate in the early 2000s

A large Chinese eight panel, double sided, gold leaf screen, each panel 214 cm high, 40 cm wide

A polychrome lacquer six-fold screen of the Yihe Yuan (Summer Palace) depicting a continuous panorama of the scenic places of the Summer Palace including Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake and the Kuoru Pavilion, with open walkways on the shores of the lake, and

Old Chinese six fold floor screen painted with a town on a river, 214 cm high, 250 cm wide

Chinese famille rose porcelain five-panelled screen, Republic period (1912 - 1949), painted in the central panel with three scholars at leisure in a garden with attendants, the side panels with portraits of famous scholars, each panel inscribed and with se

A Chinese Qing Dynasty, 18th century, four - panel lacquered hardwood folding screen, each panel inlaid with well - carved polychrome bone figures of Daoist immortals and their attendants. the reverse side painted in coloured lacquer with birds, shrubs

A miniature Chinese folding screen, the four panel lacquered screen decorated with applied and painted relief images of women in a pavilion garden setting. Height 33 cm. Width 42 cm

A two panel Chinese screen, 20th century, one side decorated with coloured shell showing matching outdoor female figural scene, the reverse hand painted one panel depicting ducks on a pond, and the other birds on a tree, the two panels are connected by two

A Chinese textile Suxiu screen depicting a cat & mantis, 20th century, 24.8 x 17.5 cm

A small Chinese screen depicting a lady & two attendants. 20th century. 22 cm x 15.5 cm

Chinese 4 panel screen decorated with mountain landscape scene, each panel with brass corners and fitting to top, 89.5 cm high

Chinese 4 panel screen, with gilt decoration, 183 cm high

Chinese panel screen with stand, decorated with gentleman, child and duck scene, signed upper left. Height 67 cm approx

An interesting Chinese four fold screen having painted landscape and figured decoration panels. Qing Dynasty. 110 cm high, 121 cm long

A rosewood and silk ornately carved Chinese spark screen. 84 cm high, 84 cm ling, 16 cm deep

An unusual Chinese carved wooden four panel screen of circular shape, deeply carved in high relief with scenes of equestrian warriors and soldiers in landscapes with pavilions, bridged rivers, temples, etc. the whole framed by an encircling band of square

A six panel Chinese finely carved screen depicting Chinese fable. Purchased Taylor's Chin Hua Galleries, Sydney, 199 cm x 45 cm

A Chinese carved, lacquered and painted six panel screen depicting figures in a garden within stylized phoenix borders, each panel 183 x 41 cm

A Chinese carved, painted and lacquered twelve panel screen, each panel forming part of a continuous scene depicting warriors on horseback in a landscape setting, each panel 275 x 50 cm