Learn about Wedgwood Jasperware

A fine hard stoneware introduced by Wedgwood in 1744. It was made in various colours by staining with metallic oxides, the most common being blue, but also including black, lilac, olive, pink, sage or yellow and decorated with relief ornamentation usually in white, and in the classical style. Rarer pieces have three or more colours used in their manufacture. As well as the larger and more common vases, plates, bowls and urns the technique was also used in the manufacture of plaques buttons cameos, portrait medallions and furniture ornaments.

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Two mounted jasperware Wedgwood plaques, on gilded frame, each frames approx 31 cm square (2)

A Wedgwood Jasperware sage green tray, lidded box and bud vase and a Wedgwood Jasperware black & white vase (4)

Three early Wedgwood Jasper items Incl large candlestick

Two Wedgwood Jasperware inkwells, together with other Wedgwood ceramics (10), including two pin dishes, a Captain Arthur Phillip commemorative pin dish and five Zodiac compotiers (Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces). Most in original boxes.

A blue jasperware cheese dish and cover by Brownhill Pottery & Co. English, 19th century, together with a small Wedgwood blue jasperware teapot, English, 19th century, the cheese dish, 19 cm high, 24 cm diameter

A Wedgwood green jasperware two-lidded urn vase decorated with classical figures in white slip, the side handles with satyr masks, the cover with ball finial, height 27.5 cm impressed mark.

A Wedgewood Jasperware Medallion, a portrait of Captain James Cook in profile, framed under glass with velvet mount and gilt frame.

Boxed Wedgwood 9ct gold cameo pendant, featuring small jasper cameo in bezel setting and trace link chain, weight approx 3.13 grams

Wedgwood Jasperware twin handled vase 21.5 cm high approx

Wedgwood Jasperware pedestal bowl 22 cm diameter, 12.5 cm high

Collection of Wedgwood jasperware thimbles 'Kings & Queens of England, 43 in total, with timber display stand

A Wedgwood Japserware vase and a collectors' club plate, second half 20th century, the blue jasperware plate with a floral slip design to the rim and centred with a winged female figure; and a neoclassical style footed urn with lug handles and a fluted

A Wedgwood jasperware plate and pin dish, together with a Wedgwood 'Hathaway rose' pin dish and a Wedgwood miniature vase, in original packaging

A Wedgwood jasperware lidded trinket box and two lidded bowls

Three Wedgwood jasperware commemorative plates and four Wedgwood jasperware small dishes

Good Wedgwood jasper ware lidded bottle 14.5 cm high approx

Three good Wedgwood jasper ware lidded boxes 17.5 cm wide (largest)

A fine full size Wedgwood Portland vase, Undraped Version. 1902, released as one of a limited range of prestige items from the 'Classical collection', in rich teal green solid jasper, depicting a continuous figural classical scene in white relief,

A Wedgwood cabinet plate, 'Infant Academy', circa 1970, in solid steel blue jasper, with a central a group of children in applied white slip, one painting while others watch, after a painting of the same subject by Sir Joshua Reynolds and an outer

Seven Wedgwood jasperware commemorative plates, including the Apollo 1969, the opening of the opera house

A set of eleven Wedgwood jasperware mother's day plates 1972-1981 in various colours

Rare Wedgwood Admiral Lord Richard Howe plaque, in pale green jasperware, modelled by John de Vaere, circa mid-19thC, 11 cm high, 8.8 cm wide

A Wedgwood sage green Jasper Ware tea pot, sugar and creamer

Two Wedgwood 'Jasperware' vases. Height 18.5 cm approx (tallest)

A nineteenth century Wedgwood blue Jasper Ware match box with striker to inside of lid.

Wedgwood jasperware biscuit barrel with silver plated lid and handle, 23 cm high