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William Moorcroft was employed by Staffordshire pottery manufacturers James Macintyre & Co. Ltd. as a designer in 1897, and after a year he was responsible for the company's art pottery studio.

William Moorcroft created designs for the Macintyre's Aurelian Ware range of high-Victorian pottery, which had transfer-printed and enamelled decoration in bold red, blue and gold colours. He also developed the art nouveau-influenced Florian Ware which was decorated entirely by hand, with the design outlined in trailed slip using a technique known as tubelining. William Moorcroft's designs won him a gold medal at the St. Louis International Exhibition in 1904.

Each piece of pottery produced was personalised with Moorcroft's own signature or initials.

William Moorcroft and James Macintyre & Co. Ltd. split up in 1913 and Moorcroft founded his own factory nearby. Some finance came from the famous London store Liberty, and Liberty continued to exercise control over Moorcroft until 1962.

Moorcroft's reputation was further enhanced with the appointment of the Moorcroft company as Potter to HM The Queen in 1928. more...

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Moorcroft 'Peaches & Grapes' bowl painted over a cobalt blue ground, signed & impressed marks to the base. Condition good, minor wear to the base, slight crazing. Diameter 22 cm

A William Moorcroft pottery, Eventide bowl c.1918 - 1926 with blue painted signature to base and impressed factory mark. Height 8 cm, diameter 25.5 cm

Moorcroft powder bowl, Hibiscus pattern, 18 cm diameter approx.

Moorcroft anemone bowl. On blue ground. Diameter 12 cm

Walter Moorcroft Magnolia bowl. On blue ground. Signed to base. Diameter 18 cm

Walter Moorcroft, Footed Bowl, c. 1960, 'Hibiscus' pattern, decorated to the interior with a hibiscus on a dark blue ground, signed in blue 'W. M.', impressed 'Moorcroft, Made in England, height 7 cm diameter 15.7 cm. Provenance: The Es

William Moorcroft, footed bowl, c. 1920, 'Wisteria' pattern, decorated with fruits amongst foliage against a navy blue ground, with silver plate mount, signed in green 'W. M.', impressed 'Moorcroft, Made in England, height 10 cm diamete

William Moorcroft, Footed Bowl, c. 1920, 'Pomegranate' pattern, decorated with pomegranates and berries against a blue ground, with hammered pewter foot, signed in blue 'W. Moorcroft', impressed 'Moorcroft, Made in England, height 12.3

William Moorcroft, Florian Ware Low Bowl, c. 1900, 'Cornflower' pattern, decorated with flowers outlined in white slip against a green and blue ground, signed in green 'W. M. des, height 7 cm diameter 25 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Mary Smart

William Moorcroft, Flamminian Ware Fruit Bowl, c. 1910, 'in green glaze, decorated with Celtic foliage roundels, signed in green 'W. Moorcroft', with printed registered design number '452777', hairline crack to underside, height 12 cm d

Moorcroft 'Clematis' bowl on a blue ground, the base with painted initials & impressed 'Moorcroft made in England'. Condition: good, minor wear to the base. Diameter 16 cm

A William Moorcroft comport bowl, Pomegranate pattern. 10 cm high, 17 cm diameter.

A Walter Moorcroft bowl, Hibiscus pattern. 14 cm diameter.

A William Moorcroft 'Flamminian' green bowl, circa 1930, for Liberty & Co. Diameter 20 cm. Signed and numbered 452777 to base

A Moorcroft 'Orchid' cabinet plate, circa 1949-1986 period, the shallow bowl form plate decorated centrally with a tube lined decoration of orchids and other blooms in rich tones under an autumnal flambe glaze; with Moorcroft and made in England st

Moorcroft pansy on white bowl with green signature & impressed factory mark to base, 18 cm diameter approx.

Small Moorcroft 'Anemone' dish D12 cm approx, together with box

A William Moorcroft for MacIntyre fruit bowl, in a Florian Blue Poppy design on pale celadon ground, silver plated rim. W.M. initials in green and MacIntyre mark to base. Diameter 26 cm

Moorcroft floral bowl painted on each side with flowers, painted stamp 'Moorcroft', impressed ‘Made in England'. Condition good, expected crazing, minor wear to the base. Diameter 14.5 cm

Four Moorcroft wares, including two 'Anemone' Ashtrays, a small 'Orchid' bowl and an 'Orchid' covered box, mid to later 20th century. All pieces typically tubelined and upon teal green grounds; three pieces with impressed capital Moorcroft mark, the rectan

A Walter Moorcroft pomegranate bowl, with full. Script signature, signed full signature with impressed factory marks. Height 6 cm. Diameter 27 cm. Note: Walter Moorcroft's full script signature was only used on important pieces, on one off pieces for exhib

William Moorcroft 'Toadstool' twin handle bowl, C1930, impressed mark and signed to base,. Width 23.5 cm approx

Moorcroft duck egg blue glaze sugar bowl & creamer having a white interior, with impressed 'Moorcroft Made in England' stamp to the base. Condition good, some crazing. Height of jug 8.8 cm

Walter Moorcroft dish. Floral on blue ground. Signed to base. Diameter 22 cm

William Moorcroft 'Pomegranate' bowl. Signed to base, with impressed mark 'Moorcroft. Burslem. England'. Diameter 25 cm height 8.5 cm

William Moorcroft 'Pansies' bowl. Signed to base, with impressed mark 'Moorcroft. Made in England'. Diameter 23 cm height 10 cm

William Moorcroft 'Moonlit Blue' bowl, signed to base, with impressed mark 'Moorcroft. Made in England'. Diameter 25.5 cm height 11 cm

A William Moorcroft 'Anemone' pattern shallow dish. Diameter 18.5 cm