Learn about Royal Doulton History

The Doulton factory was established in 1815 in Lambeth, South London by John Doulton (1793 - 1873), who had previously been employed at the nearby Fulham Pottery. He initially had two partners, Martha Jones and John Watts, the former of who left the company in 1820, and the latter in 1854.

He began by producing practical and decorative stoneware, such as bottles and sewer pipes from his small pottery

John's son Henry (1820 - 1897) joined the company in 1835 and the production of stoneware items was expanded to include laboratory articles, sanitary ware and drainpipes, which were sold worldwide.

In the mid 1850s John Doulton began experimenting with a more decorative pottery items. Many glazes and decorative effects were developed including faience, impasto, silicon, carrara, marqueterie, chine, and rouge flambe.

From about 1860, Doulton began to revive earlier types of stoneware, such as copies of 18th-century vessels. The famous salt-glazed wares with blue decoration first appeared in 1862.

Through Henry Doulton, the pottery became associated with the Lambeth School of Art directed by John Sparkes from about 1866. more...

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Two Royal Worcester Sabrina ware 'Fish' decorated vases, circa 1926 and 1929, one signed W.H. Austin, stamped and incised Royal Worcester, Made in England, Sabrina Ware Porcelain numbered G932, tallest 20.5cm high

A Royal Worcester Sabrina ware 'Fish' decorated vase, circa 1925, painted by W. H. Austin, impressed and inscribed Royal Worcester Made in England, Sabrina Ware, shape 2195, 20.5cm high

Keith Murray cut crystal vase, circa 1935, etched stamp Keith Murray S.W.Brierley, 25.5 cm high

Two Wedgwood brown glazed fruit bowls, 20th century, by Norman Wilson, stamped Wedgwood N.W., largest 27 cm diameter

A pair of Wedgwood parian ware portrait busts of Robert Burns and Walter Scott, circa 1848, by Edward William Wyon, stamped Burns and Scott Wedgwood, E.W. Wyon. F, 36 cm and 37 cm high

An Australian pottery McCredie jug, signed McCredie N.S.W, Ht. 20 cm

Vintage German porcelain twin handled cup, with hand painted classical figures & gilt decoration, signed W. Rossler, 13.5 cm high approx.

Doulton Burslem long stem vase plain cylindrical painted with blackberry vine signed W Slater 29 cm

Rare William Moorcroft ‘;Claremont toadstool’ vase, hand tube-lined, coloured and glazed with mushrooms, signed in green with W Moorcroft to base, 8 cm high

A W.C. Bennett pottery bud vase, blue and green glaze decorated, 13.5 cm high

A Royal Doulton Slater patent vase, with cobalt foot and interior, light green neck, the central part ornamented of turquoise, orange, gold floral frieze, circa 1894-1896. Stamped at base 'Doulton Lambeth England', 'Doulton & Slaters patent

An early twentieth century Australian pottery shallow bowl, signed McCredie N.S.W, Dia. 22, 5 cm d.

Pair of Royal Doulton stoneware vases, circa 1900, signed E W ,marks to base, 33 cm high apprx

A Martin Brothers glazed stoneware teapot, circa 1894, incised R. W. Martin, London, Southall, 16 cm high

A signed Locke & Co Worcester pheasant vase, circa 1900-1904, with signature of W. Stinton (Walter). the Persian style vase of tapering and compressed form with a moulded collar and scalloped everted rim, decorated with a pheasant in a naturalistic set

Carlton ware 'New Mikado' vase, baluster form with a waisted neck decorated with flowering trees and pavilions upon a mottled blue ground, W & R mark stamp underside and painted pattern number 2729

Harvey School pottery lidded bowl, incised monogram 'S.E.B.W.Q, 1928', 11 cm high, 14 cm across

A Royal Doulton figure 'Proposal lady' potted by Doulton & Co. HN715. Signed to base N.W. C.1925. Height 16 cm

William Moorcroft, large flambe vase, 1939, 'Orchid' pattern, decorated with a band of large flower heads and spring flowers, signed in blue 'W. Moorcroft' and dated '1939', with impressed facsimile signature and 'Potter to H.M. the Queen, Made in England,

William Moorcroft, flambe vase, c. 1930, 'Fish' pattern, decorated with fish swimming amongst aquatic plants, signed in blue 'W. Moorcroft', impressed 'Moorcroft Made in England, height 18 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Mary Smart

William Moorcroft, large vase, c. 1925, 'Moonlit Blue' pattern, decorated with trees in a landscape in tones of blue and green, signed in blue 'W. Moorcroft', impressed 'Moorcroft Made in England, height 31.5 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Mary Smart

William Moorcroft for Liberty & Co., Twin-handled vase, c. 1911, 'Pomegranate' pattern, decorated with pomegranates, grapes and leaves on a mottled green ground, signed in green 'W. Moorcroft' and dated '1911, 'printed 'Made for Liberty & Co., height 19.5

William Moorcroft, vase, c. 1916, 'Claremont' pattern, of baluster form, decorated with yellow and red toadstools against a green and blue ground, signed in green 'W. Moorcroft', impressed 'Moorcroft Burslem England, height 26.5 cm. Provenance: The Estate

A Royal Worcester 'Hadley Ware' fluted vase, Walter Sedgley, circa 1905, the bulbous body hand painted with a pheasant scene, green factory mark to base, signed W.J. Sedgley, 20 cm high

A Doulton Slater stone Ware vase, no damage., 27 x 16 cm

A Royal Doulton Slater patent vase, with central painted gold floral frieze. C.1928 - 1931. Height 24.5 cm

Gouda 'Regina Darla' two handled vase painted with a matte finish black ground & decorated with colourful floral tones. Signed to the base 'Regina 57 Carla W.B. Gouda Holland'. condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 16.5 cm

A signed Royal Worcester bottle vase, 1918, with signature of W.H Austin, the vase with a slender ringed neck and gently flared rim raised on a waisted base, delicately painted to the body with soft toned pink roses with foliage against a suffused ground i

Extensive Wedgwood gold Florentine china dinner service, setting for twelve, W 4219. 115 pieces approx

Antique Edwardian Sheraton style inlaid satinwood & mahogany Bijouterie/display table, standing on fine slender tapering legs, shaped stretcher to base with inlaid conch shell decoration, has key, W. Ex Henry Charles 'Inky' Stephens (February 1

Doulton Lambeth vase, decorated by Hannah Barlow, incised with cows, donkey & horse, approx 19 cm high, W. Ex Henry Charles 'Inky' Stephens (February 1841 – July 1918)

Doulton Lambeth jardinere, by Frank Butler, cast in high relief with trees & leaves, approx 15 cm high, 27 cm deep, W. Ex Henry Charles 'Inky' Stephens (February 1841 – July 1918)

Mashman pottery bowl, modelled by Thomas Stevens. Impressed leaf pattern, stippled slip, olive & cobalt glaze. Impressed to base 'Mashman Bros Willoughby N.S.W.' c.1890s, height 16 cm

Royal Worcester plate hand painted with flamingo, signed W Powell, 23 cm dia (slight scratch to glaze at feet of flamingo)

A William Moorcroft for MacIntyre fruit bowl, in a Florian Blue Poppy design on pale celadon ground, silver plated rim. W.M. initials in green and MacIntyre mark to base. Diameter 26 cm

A fine Hadley's Worcester pedestal vase. 1902-1905, with signature of W. Powell (William), a slender ovoid vase in shades of green with decorative scroll arm handles, a moulded collar and lappet border with a slender fluted neck and a conforming base,

Royal Worcester signed W. Powell jardiniere hand painted with water bird design, raised decoration to body and pierced upper rim, circa 1911, 17.5 cm high approx

Royal Worcester signed William Harbron pot pouri jardiniere, with 2 handles and 4 botanical form feet, hand painted roses design, signed W. Harbron, small chip to one foot, circa 1912, 19.5 cm high

Royal Worcester twin handled lidded vase C1918, with handpainted floral and gilt decoration, signed W Hart, height 32 cm approx