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Manchu Married Woman’;s skirt in red silk damask;four sewn panels falling from a plain cotton waistband with buttons and loops for fastening. Two small inscriptions in Chinese characters are printed on the waistband in blue. Red silk damask is woven w

A set of four framed Chinese paintings, early 20th century, ink and colour on silk, 27 x 20.5 cm

Two Chinese framed Scrolls on silk, painted with pheasants & Eagles, Republic period, each 105 x 29

A Chinese hanging scroll, on paper mounted on paper backed silk and depicting a delicate watercolour scene of three birds and bamboo, bearing signature and seals. Length 67.5 cm. Width 33 cm

A Chinese hanging scroll, on paper mounted on paper backed silk and depicting a traditional pavilion and pagoda scene within a sublime landscape in watercolours, with script, and bearing seals and signatures. Length 109 cm. Width 64 cm (both images)

Large 19th century Chinese ancestral painting three seated figures gouache and silk

Two old Chinese silk work scroll panels, one showing figures on a mountainous path with trees and buildings, the other showing a path with noble procession and banners, bridge & temple (2)

A framed Chinese painting of immortals, 19th century, ink and colour on silk, 157x84 cm. Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, New South Wales

A pair of framed Chinese flower and bird 'Gongbi' paintings, 20th century. Signed by Zhang Jianjun (1963-), ink and colour on paper, framed by silk, three seals of the artist, 51x50 cm (each), (1963-)

A Chinese scroll of a river building landscape 'Jiehua', attributed to Yuan Jiang, 18th century, ink and colour on silk, inscribed, signed and one seal of the artist, 46.5 x 101.5 cm

Four late 19th/20th century Chinese paintings on silk, each depicting a bird and flower scene. Approx. 26 x 28 cm each.

A Chinese hanging scroll. People's Republic of China era, circa 1972, the paper mounted scroll painted on silk in muted colours and depicting a traditional landscape and pavilion scene against a burgeoning modern harbour, with script and date upper rig

Chinese school. (20th century). In the Pleasure garden (4). Embroideries on silk. Each 72 x 38 cm

Chinese school. (early 20th century). Indoor flower garden. Embroidery on silk. 46 x 16 cm

Chinese school. (20th century). Six Beauties. Each watercolour on silk. Each signed. Each 25 x 30 cm

A large Chinese hanging scroll, ink and watercolour on silk, depicting a mountainous landscape, signed and sealed. 130 x 64.5 cm

A Chinese silk embroidered wall hanging of the God of Longevity, 20th century, and a painting of a Manchu war Lord [2], hanging 85 cm x 35 cm painting 30 cm x 25 cm

A Chinese silk scroll, depicting a landscape in fog. 81 x 58 cm (a/f)

A Chinese silk scroll, depicting a landscape with mountains. 97 x 53 cm. (a/f)

A Chinese silk scroll, depicting flowers. 68 x 45 cm. (a/f)

A Chinese silk scroll, depicting montains. 69 x 65 cm. (a/f)

A Chinese silk scroll, depicting mountains. 80 x 57 cm. (a/f)

A Chinese painting hand scroll of flowers and birds, ink and colour on silk, 19th-20th century. 226 x 38.5 cm

A Chinese painting scroll, ink and colour on silk, depicting a court lady with children, 20th century. 221 x 58 cm

A Chinese painting scroll, ink and colour on silk, depicting a royal garden scene, 19th-20th century, 201x51 cm

A Chinese framed watercolour scroll depicting Buddha, signed upper left, with worn silk brocade 51 x 151 cm (incl. frame)

A Chinese scroll of a mountain scene with silk brocade. Length 221 cm. Width 60 cm

A Chinese fan painting by Xu Liangbiao, depicting figures beneath a willow; signature, date (1821) and calligraphic inscription to the upper left. Ink and watercolour on woven silk. Framed and with translation and artist's details verso. 23.5 cm x 24 cm

Two framed Chinese silk paintings, late Qing dynasty, 42.5 cm x 33 cm (2)

A Nepalese Thangka hanging panel, c.19th/20th century, with Chinese silk brocade and cover flap, the painting itself has a central mandala and a bodhisattva Avalokeieshvara with multiple heads protruding from the top surrounded with flames, the mandala is

A Chinese hanging scroll, probably Republic era, early to mid 20th century, in muted autumnal and soft green tones on paper, and mounted on silk covered paper, depicting small figures engaged in a picnic in a sublime mountainous setting, with script and se

Wu Changshuo (1844 - 1927) watercolour scroll with silk brocade depicting flowers. Provenance: From the private collection of Ning Zhi Chao, author of many Chinese Art reference books. Wu Changshuo was a prominent painter, calligrapher and seal artist of t

Pair of Chinese dragon paintings on silk, 18th/19th century. 30 x 172 cm each

A Chinese hanging scroll people's Republic of China era, later 20th century, in monochrome on ochre coloured fabric, and mounted on patterned silk covered paper, and depicting a stand of bamboo, with script and seals to the lower right margin. Length 81 cm

A Chinese hanging scroll. People's Republic of China, later 20th century. On fine weave silk mounted on paper and framed in aubergine patterned fabric, an exquisite depiction of two small colourful birds amidst cream magnolia and pink prunus blossom, with

A Chinese hanging scroll, 20th century, Republic to people's Republic era, on paper and mounted on paper backed cream silk and depicting the finely painted image of a prancing horse within a pine tree and rocky landscape setting, in pigment colours and ink

A Chinese Horizontal scroll, Republic period, mid 20th century, printed on silk and depicting dozens of kittens admiring butterflies, with subtle hand colouring and mounted upon paper, with script to end. Provenance: acquired by an Australian academic in c

Pair of Chinese ancestor portrait paintings on silk, each 99 x 140 cm.

A Chinese painting, early 20th century, ink and colour on silk depicting figures in a river landscape framed and glazed. 71 cm high, 40 cm wide. Provenance: Bought 1949-51 by Major Henry Jacomb Foster, Australian Army

Four Chinese watercolour painting on silk late 19th/20th century. Provenance: From private collection, Sydney. Purchased in Hanoi 1982. 108 cm x 36 cm each (including frame)

A Chinese painting of Guanyin late 19th / 20th century, ink on silk Provenance: From a private collection, Sydney. Purchased in Hanoi 1982. 56.5 cm x 106 cm (including frame)