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Royal Doulton, military bust, for 'Army club Cigarettes', together with a toby jug of Sherlock Holmes, and a Dewar's whisky bottle with Britannia transfer decoration, Royal Doulton marks to undersides (3). Provenance: the collection of Hugh Fra

Grant's 25 Year Old very rare blended scotch whisky, William Grant character jug, specially commissioned from Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton 'Nelsen' Kingsware Dewar's whiskey decanter with original stopper

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, Admiral, of the fleet. Dewars on reverse.

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, Nelson, with original stopper and tartan ribbon.

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, Mr Micawber, paper label on back for Dickens Whisky

Doulton Kingsware whisky flask, His Majesty, 'Here's to the health unto his majesty'

Royal Doulton series ware jug, C:1930, 11 cm at high, together with Bunnykins mug and a Haig whisky water jug.

Royal Doulton Dewar's Whisky flasks, 'The Watchman', 18.5 cm high approx. together with another Dewar's flask of the Piper, 20 cm high approx.

Rare Royal Doulton Dewar's Whisky flask, Watchman, 26.5 cm high approx.

Royal Doulton Kingsware Dewars scotch whiskey flask, measures 20 cm high

Royal Doulton Kingsware Nelson Dewars whiskey flask with stopper, measures 23.5 cm high

A rare Royal Doulton Hunting scene white bone china whisky barrel, on fixed stand complete with silver plated mounts, spigot and bucket. Height 22.5 cm

Early Royal Doulton Stoneware jardiniere 23 cm wide, 19.5 cm height approx., together with a Royal Doulton Dewars whisky jug (hairline crack to top rim)

Four Royal Doulton Dewars whisky flasks, tallest 25 cm, a/f

Doulton Kingsware Bonnie Price Charlie flask for Dewars Imperial Whisky. With original stopper. Height approx 20.3 cm. Issued 1910-1914

A Royal Doulton Kingsware Whisky jug, circa 1920s, a Dewar's Whisky jug with original stopper, featuring 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', original label to body and marks underside. Height 20 cm

Royal Doulton Kingsware Dewars Whisky flask 'The Scotsman' and 'Flagstaff' stamped Royal Doulton (2). Height 23 cm height 21 cm

A Royal Doulton 'Captain Phillip 1788-1938', commemorative flagon, for the 150th anniversary of the settlement of NSW, for Dewar's Whisky, 23.5 cm high

A Royal Doulton St Edward's Crown commemorative flask, 1937 for Dewar's Whisky, 19 cm high

Doulton Lambeth: John Dewar & Sons, Perth Nb, whisky jug with portraits of Robbie Burns & Scottish scenes plus stopper. Impressed '966' or '996' on base. minor chip at base. Plus Horatio Nelson decanter. (2)

Doulton Lambeth: John Dewar & Sons, Perth Nb, Corinthian Queen Whisky Jug with stopper. Impressed 'Silicon' at base

Three Royal Doulton 'Dewar's' whisky jugs. One titled Here's to the Health of His Majesty, another titled Captain Phillip