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Among the most popular of the English porcelain factories among collectors is Royal Worcester. The Worcester porcelain company was founded in 1751.

The First Period of Worcester (1751-76) is sometimes called the Dr. Wall period after John Wall, one of the founders and major shareholders. During this period, Worcester was using the formula for soft paste porcelain which was obtained when they took over Lund's Bristol Porcelain works in 1752.

Worcester also introduced the use of transfer printing on porcelain in 1757, which reduced the need for hand painting which was time consuming and expensive.

In 1783 Thomas Flight purchased the factory for his sons Joseph & John. This period led to a change in the porcelain paste used, achieving a much better, whiter body. The style of decoration during this period became much more neoclassical in style.

In 1793 Martin Barr became a partner in the firm. As the partnership changed so did the names, Barr, Flight, Barr (1807-13), Flight Barr, Barr (1813-40).

In 1840 Worcester amalgamated with the Chamberlains' factory, also located at Worcester, but still producing from both works. more...

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Three Royal Worcester Sabrina ware vases, circa 1913, comprising a vase painted with highland cattle and signed Jack Southall, other vase and bowl with floral decoration, the vase signed Walter Sedgley, stamped Royal Worcester England Made in England, tall

An eghty one piece Royal Worcester dinner service, 1994-2009, production era, 'Prince Regent' pattern, an unused and elegant place setting for twelve with cobalt and burgundy borders with gold flowers including: dinner, entrée, bread and butter plates, rim

Royal Worcester blush ivory bowl, with raised leaf decoration and pierced rim, 17.5 cm diameter, 8 cm high

Royal Worcester handpainted dish, peach, grape & gilt decoration, signed, 11 cm diameter approx.

An Eighty eight piece Royal Worcester fine bone china 'Woodlands' dinner service, 1958-1971, production period, a complete setting for eight, comprising: dinner, entree, side plates, soup bowls, soup coupes, tea cups and coffee cans all with associ

Royal Worcester hand painted signed dish, by Plant, decorated with fruit, 9 cm diameter approx.

Royal Worcester small dish hand painted with fruit, signed H. Aryton

Royal Worcester shallow table bowl transfer and painted pink and red roses, circa 1919, 30 cm diameter

A Royal Worcester hand painted fruit bowl, painted by Harry Ayrton with apples and blackberries on a mossy ground, lobed square shape, black mark, c.1956. 24.5 x 24.5 cm

A pair of small signed Royal Worcester flower bowls 1936, both with signature of Millie Hunt. Of gently spiral lobed rose bowl form with gilt trimmed wavy rims, softly decorated to each with full blown deep pink roses and foliage upon a suffused pastel and

A Royal Worcester dessert service, six plates and a dish 1912, pattern W9090. The service with striking wide coffee coloured leather look borders with embossed and three dimensional scroll work ,stylised flowers and oriental knot borders, the rims in gold;

A Royal Worcester rose decorated bowl. 12.5 cm high, 23 cm diameter.

Royal Worcester fish footed shell dish, height 11.5 cm approx

Victorian Royal Worcester 'Vitreous' dinner set, #3277, circa 1899, comprising of 4 platters, 3 tureens (1 with under tray), large open bowl, gravy boat, 11 bowls and 7 plates, handles are in the form of elephant heads

Royal Worcester hand painted signed dish, 11 cm diameter approx

Royal Worcester 'Kitty Blake' bowl, with handpainted berries decoration & gilt rim, signed 'K. Blake', 23 cm diameter approx.

A Royal Worcester bowl with hand painted rose decoration to the interior and exterior. Signed E. Spilsbury and dated 1926. Diameter 12.5 cm

A Royal Worcester pin dish signed by A. Shuck and dated 1912

A Royal Worcester bon bon dish gilt encrusted and with hand painted rose decoration date approx. 1912 probaby hand painted by Harry Stinson. 254H 15-54. Length 25 cm

Royal Worcester 'The Mayflower' bowl commemorating 'The three hundred and Fifieth Anniversary of the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers to America'. Numbered 336/500. Set in a silk lined box, with a framed certificate. condition good, some wear

A Royal Worcester Art Deco collection 'Swallows at Dusk' footed bowl, limited edition 207/250. Diameter 40 cm

A Royal Worcester blanc de chine oval footed bowl with winged lion handles, 20 x 35 cm

Royal Worcester footed dish painted with fruit by Horace Price of oval form painted with peaches & grapes with gilded edging, on a footed pedestal base painted with peaches & berries with gilt beaded edging, stamped to the base, dated 1921. Conditi

Royal Worcester signed octagonal dish hand painted with fruit design, circa 1939, 9 cm wide

A Royal Worcester bowl. 1922, the scallop edged bowl with a full blown rose motif inside and out upon a blush ground and embellished with shot gold colours; puce backstamp underside. Height 7 cm. Diameter 18 cm.

A boxed limited edition Royal Worcester Mayflower bowl. No. 336, with certificate

Royal Worcester hand painted dish signed Freeman, 10 cm wide approx.

Royal Worcester open pedestal centrepiece bowl with pink and ivory ground, hand painted floral design and trefoil mystical beast mask headed cornucopia to base, 22.5 cm high approx, circa 1896

A Royal Worcester porcelain bowl on gilded legs decorated with swans in flight. 8 cm high, 20 cm diameter

A Royal Worcester porcelain and sterling silver dish, 1912 Birmingham, with maker's marks for Sanders & Mackenzie, and signature of Harry Stinton to plaque, a small circular plaque of highland cattle in a landscape set within a silver frame with a reticula

A small Royal Worcester dish, 1950, with signature of David Bowkett, the dish with a scrolling moulded border well decorated with richly coloured summer fruits and berries, signed to image; black mark underside. Height 11 cm

A Royal Worcester porcelain top silver and crystal bowl, 1902 Birmingham, with rubbed maker's marks, and signature of Ernest Barker, specialist sheep painter at Royal Worcester who decorated plaques for mounting in silver, a dressing table cut crystal bowl

A Royal Worcester circular box painted with fruit and berries by William Bee, 1926, 10 cm diameter and 5 wildflower saucers, one signed by Miss Hilda Everett, and 8 small dishes

A Royal Worcester demi tasse coffee set for si, together with a Royal Worcester pin dish, (13) hand painted with summer fruits, (13), cups 5.3 cm high, saucers 10.4 cm in diameter, dish 11 cm in length

A Royal Worcester porcelain bowl, hand painted with summer fruits, by and signed Thomas Lockyer bearing puce 'Royal Worcester' marks, date marks for 1927, shape number '2577', 30 cm in diameter

A small Royal Worcester comport, 1926, with signature of Harry Ayrton, the lozenge shaped pedestal bowl with upward sweeping bracket handles, burnished gold to the interior and base, the interior well decorated with pears and summer berries, signed near ri

An Eighty nine piece Royal Worcester dinner service, 1958-2001 period of manufacture, 'Viceroy gold' pattern, the white service for eight simply embellished with a gold rim and borders, comprising: dinner, entree, side plates, sweet bowls, bouillon and tea

A Ninety six piece Royal Worcester dinner service. Later 20th century, 'Gold Chantilly' pattern. A setting for twelve comprising dinner, entree and side plates, bouillon bowls and associated saucers, dessert bowls, cups and saucers, in white with gold bord

Victorian Royal Worcester 'Royal Lily' dinner set circa 1878, comprising of 3 platters, 2 tureens, a sauce tureen with under plate, large bowl, 14 plates & 6 shallow bowls