These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Australia 1988 silver holey dollar and dump, together with an Australian 1982 $10 silver coin

Six Fun Ho 52 Sand Dump Trailers four mint in box, two play worn.

Australia: four Holey dollar and Dump replicas. (folders)(4)

Pair early Victorian J Kilner, Wakefield glass Dumps. Internal silvered floral design. Marked to base. Height 8 cm (each)

Six U.S. Model mint models, including 1937 Studebaker Coupe; 1950 Studebaker semi Tractor; 1947 international 'Stake Truck'; 1950 Studebaker Wrecker-truck; 1947 international Dump truck; and 1947 Fruehauf semi trailer (E-M boxes E-M) (6)

A Victorian green glass Dump, circa 1880 ovoid with a flat base, internally decorated in powder and air bubbles with a design of flowers in a pot. Height 11 cm

A collection of three Victorian green glass dumps, of graduated size, each decorative with an internal pattern, the largest 12 cm high.

A collection of green glass dumps, early 19th century, of various shapes five with internal floral motifs and one more restrained in design (6) the tallest 20 cm high