These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A pond yacht, huon pine with painted metal keel, 19th century, 130 cm

A pond yacht, huon pine with painted metal keel, 19th century, 130 cm long

An Australian model pond yacht on stand, Australian red cedar with hand made brass fittings and riggings, most likely made by reknown boat builder Fred Daley. 48 cm long, 153 cm high

Balmain Bug kauri pine pond yacht on a timber stand. Height including stand 110 cm

Balmain Bug burr timber pond yacht with sails, on a timber stand. Height including stand 90 cm

Balmain Bug 'Tiger II' pond yacht on a timber stand. Height including stand 97 cm

An early West Australian pond yacht. The yacht was made in the suburb of Bayswater from circa 1896, and took four years to complete. Of cedar and oak planked ribbed construction, with original finish, double masted (unrigged) with original fittings. Length

Balmain cedar racing pond yacht 'Bliss' with New Zealand kauri mast, spars & fittings, restored Japara cotton sails comprising a mainsail, jib & spinnaker. a two foot St George design, open water Sydney harbour model racing skiff, circa 1920. Height 256 cm

Solid hull pond yacht. Painted long keel hull, pine deck and fully rigged. Length 77 cm. Height 94 cm (including Stand)

Solid hulled pond yacht. Cutter rigged with hoop pine deck. Length 98 cm

Part Balmain Bug pond yacht. Hollow formed cedar hull with fittings. No mast, keel or rigging. Length 30 cm

Balmain Bug nine inch 'Fly' pond yacht circa 1930s with new rigging on stand. Height including stand 94 cm

Early pond yacht on stand with highly decorative timber Hull and Keel

A good pond yacht on stand, with full sail, green and black hull. Height 1080 mm

Model pond yacht 'Spooky Ca 1937 36' Restricted Class yacht, 93 cm

An early Australian large mounted oak and veneered pond yacht

A vintage large pond yacht, the hull and masts of wood construction and original distressed paint finish. Note: sails absent. Length 176 cm. Height 42 cm (excluding masts)

A fine vintage pond model of a sloop the hull painted white and the varnished wood deck rigged with sails. Presented on a cradle stand. Height 125 cm. Length 121 cm

A cedar pond yacht on stand with two spare sails Australian 124 x 100 cm

A large wooden pond yacht, late 19th /early 20th century ketch rigged with masts and rigging and lead lined keel, raised on an oak stand. Length 154 cm. Height 188 cm

An early 20th century pond yacht, with solid timber hull, polished timber deck and brass fittings including boom collar and travellers, mounted on a cradle, with later sails, 200 cm long, 44 cm deep, 251 cm high

Pond yacht 'Bluebird', polished wood deck complete with sails and rigging

Large vintage hand made wooden pond yacht, on stand, 117 cm high

A small pond yacht on stand, of wood construction on a metal keel and rigged with two sails, the main sail with some distress. Height 67.5 cm including stand