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A suite of George III cut crystal stem ware. Comprising of nine red wine Seven flutes eight sherry seven custard thirty-five various wine glass. Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, Melbourne

A Georgian cotton air twist stemmed wine glass, with fluted bell bowl raised on multiple helix decorated to the stem from a circular foot with snapped pontil. Height 15 cm

Five various Georgian wine and cordial glasses, mid 18th century, (5) the largest with airtwist stem, two with opaque twist stems and two with plain stems, bell and conical bowls, conical foot, (5), tallest 17.5 cm, 16.5 cm, 15.5 cm, 15.0 cm, 14.5 cm

A fine Newcastle wine glass, circa 1750 the pointed round funnel bowl with solid base, Dutch engraved with the motto ' Vaincre ou Mourir ', (Conquer or Perish) and depicting fighting cocks, supported on a cushioned annular shoulder knop above a teared drop

A Georgian wine glass, circa 1750 the bell form bowl engraved with roses, the composite multiple air twist stem with shoulder and basal knop, supported on a plain foot, 17 cm high

A set of six wine flutes, circa 1760, (6) each having a trumpet bowl, the mixed twist stem with pair of air spiral ribbons outside opaque gauze, on domed feet, (6), 18.5 cm high. Provenance: John Wilson Antiques, Melbourne

A Georgian wine glass together with a Georgian ale glass, circa 1750, (2) the wine glass having a flared drawn trumpet bowl with baroque engraving to the rim, supported on a multiple spiral air twist stem, supported on a folded foot, the ale glass with rou

Two Georgian wine glasses, circa 1765, (2) the first having a stepped 'Lynn' round funnel bowl, supported on a stem with six ply opaque twist outside a pair of opaque spiral tapes, terminating in a plain foot, the second having an ogee bowl, the stem with

Two Georgian wine glasses, circa 1765 and 1760 respectively, (2) the first having a pointed round funnel bowl, resting on a stem decorated with an opaque twist 12 ply spiral band outside a pair of tapes, terminating in a plain foot, the second having an en

A 19th century baluster wine glass, featuring a pan-top shaped plain bowl on a baluster shaped stem inside some air bubbles, domed and fluted foot, (minor chip to the stem), 15.6 cm high

A Kit-cat baluster wine glass, 18th century, a plain drawn trumpet formed bowl raised on a baluster shaped multiple knopped stem and conical foot, 17 cm high

Five 19th century wine or cordial glasses, comprising five slightly different glasses, plain drawn trumpet bowl, raised on plain stem and fluted or plain foot, four with air bubble stem, (one with chips) the tallest 18.2 cm high

Two Air twist wine glasses in the Georgian manner, a multi spiral white air twist wine glass with a bell bowl, and a funnel shaped glass with a clear air twist stem with a single knop, the latter with chip to rim, both with striations to the bowls and foot

A rare armorial Georgian wine glass, 18th century, bearing the Clifton family crest with a composite air twist stem over a clear baluster knop with a concave spreading foot bearing a sharp pontil scar, the bucket bowl with a fine foliate border and a clear

A matched pair of Georgian Bristol green wine glasses, together with Georgian Rummer, each with unground pontil mark (3)

Crystal & Glass Ware: Antique crystal decanters (4); lidded jars (2); Georgian Irish Crystal sweet meat comport; jug; wine glass & serving bowls (4). (13 items).

An 18th century Jacobite wine glass, with multi can opaque twist stem, the round funnel bowl engraved with rose,thistle and Fiat, 18 cm high

Five Georgian wine glasses with engraved decorations. One is on an air twist stem; another is on a facetted stem; the remaining three on tapering stems, and each is on a folded foot

A Georgian, single series, opaque twist wine glass with . A bell bowl

A George III wine glass. The bell bowl on a white twist, knopped stem on a folded foot

A Georgian wine glass with an ogee bowl, engraved with flowers, and a double-twist stem on a folded foot

A Georgian double series, opaque twist wine glass with a bell-shaped bowl on conical feet

A George III wine glass with an ogee shaped bowl, on a white-twist stem with a folded foot

George III tear drop wine glass, with a trumpet bowl on a folded foot

George III air twist wine glass, with a trumpet bowl on a folded foot

George III air twist wine glass, with a trumpet bowl and double series opaque double twist stem with a conical foot

George III air twist wine glass, with a trumpet bowl and air twist stem on a folded foot

George III Air twist wine glass, with ogee bowl engraved with wine and leaf decoration on a folded foot

A pair of Georgian wine glass rinsers, circa 1810, the waisted bowls with double pouring spouts, slice cut to the lower bowl, the circular footed base with a starburst design underside. Height 9.5 cm. Diameter 11 cm

A wrought iron wine and glass rack with plate-glass shelf top. Height 110 cm

An English wine glass, 18th century, 15 cm high

Pair of Bristol green glass cordial and five wine glasses (7)

A Georgian wine glass mid 18th century with a beaded and double opaque air twist stem, 17 cm high

Three plain stemmed wine glasses mid 18th century each of conforming design, the tallest 17 cm high

Two Georgian wine glasses mid 18th century the first with a multi spiral air twist stem, the second with single knopped and multiple spiral opaque twist stem, the first 16 cm high

Two English etched glasses mid 18th century including a small wine glass and a gin glass, the wine glass 10.5 cm high

Wine glass: English mid 19th century with etched fox hunting scene. Height 14.5 cm

Georgian wine glasses: group of three including a fine air twist stem wine glass with bell shaped bowl; faceted sherry glass c1830s & an early 19th century soda glass rummer.

A finely etched wine glass, English, 18th century, 15.5 cm high, 5.5 cm diameter