Learn about Barometer

The barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. The pressure indicated can aid in predicting short term weather.

There are two main types of barometer in use, the mercury barometer, which can either be in the form of a "stick" or a "wheel", and the aneroid barometer, a later invention and most commonly available.

Italian Evangelista Torricelli, an associate of Galileo, is generally credited with inventing the mercury barometer in 1643. Galileo suggested to Evangelista Torricelli that he use mercury in his vacuum experiments.

A mercury barometer has a glass tube with a height of at least 84 cm, closed at one end, with an open mercury-filled reservoir at the base. The weight of the mercury creates a vacuum in the top of the tube. Mercury in the tube adjusts until the weight of the mercury column balances the atmospheric force exerted on the reservoir. more...

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Antique oak cased barometer with thermometer 74.5 cm high

An oak aneroid wall barometer presentation Claremont yacht club W. Letchford trophy, with silver plaque engraved 'C.Y.C. W. Letchford, Trophy, 1948-9, Won By Vitesse, D. Morgan'. Height 46 cm

English mahogany banjo barometer by 'P. Corti, Exeter'. Corti of 5 Market Street, Exeter is listed as a manufacturer of barometers in 1850. Fully restored. 92 cm.

Antique French carved oak barometer, approx 80 cm high

English oak barometer with a working porcelain face fahrenheit & centigrade thermometer. Length - 81 cm

Victorian Flame Mahogany Wheel Barometer. Silvered hygrometer, thermometer and signed spirit level with a curved base. 98 cm high. 26 wide

Georgian banjo barometer, c. 1790, mahogany case with pearwood inlaid banding by 'Chas. Noseda, Wincanton', height 99 cm, width 25 cm

Vintage English carved oak cased aneroid barometer, approx 75 cm high

Thomas Armstrong & Brother Ltd oak barometer with barley twist columns & a brass dial. Length 80 cm

Edwardian inlaid mahogany banjo barometer with fahrenheit to centigrade thermometer and a gauge showing 'Changeable, Fair, Very Dry, Stormy & Rain' length 69 cm

An antique Short & Mason seven day Barograph in an oak case and stand with additional data sheets and ink. Height 22 cm. Width 36 cm. Depth 22.5 cm

A Negretti & Lambral brass cased barometer with carved oak stand

E. Rickard rosewood cased banjo barometer

Mahogany cased banjo barometer, W Cole Hobart Town and London

A Georgian banjo barometer. Maker: J Slutter 8 Symon Street Chelsea circa 1840. Shaped surround set with central circular glass topped barometer and ivory adjusting knop, below a thermometer and circular hydrometer. 94 cm high

An early Victorian mahogany banjo barometer, circa 1840s, with maker's mark for T. Pini, Princes Street, Redlion square, London, of double banjo form with a swan neck pediment and having an hydrometer, mercurial thermometer, a level, convex mirror and merc

C 1910 oak cased aneroid barometer. Large barometer and thermometer marked with retailer H. E. Finch, George St. Sydney. Functional. Height 80 cm

A Georgian inlaid mahogany Scottish banjo. Barometer, c.1820's, makers stamp: F. Vago, Glasgow, with silvered metal dial, central circular mirror, mercury thermometer. Height 99 cm

Large oak framed barometer by Drummond of Melbourne (dial A/F)

An antique circular brass English aneroid barometer with oak back board by John Barker 7 Co. Kensington. Width 28 cm

An English barograph in oak framed glass panelled case. Number 466 by Casella London. Length 37 cm

An oak framed wall barometer and thermometer, English, first half of the 20th century 81 cm high

A Victorian flame mahogany wheel barometer. Silvered hygrometer, thermometer and signed spirit level with a curved base, 105 cm, 32 cm wide

A good Sheraton Revival banjo barometer, the mahogany body with shell, star and fine border inlays, the silvered dials with Arabic numerals, named 'Harrison's Opticians, The Arcades, Birmingham'. Length 99 cm

A 19th century English oak aneroid Barometer, with ceramic dial