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Lladro figure of girl with books & flowers on a stump, approx 28 cm high and smaller

Lladro, 'Flowers Chest' porcelain figure #1572, approx 11.5 cm high, 15.5 cm wide, 9 cm deep

Lladro, 'On The Town' porcelain figure group #1452, approx 37 cm high

Lladro 'A Barrow of Fun' porcelain figure #5460 approx 21 cm x 22 cm

Lladro 'Scooting' porcelain figure no 5143, approx 27 cm high

A Lladro figurine, a woman in Victorian riding habit side saddle on a white horse. Impressed mark to base. 34 cm x 44 cm

A Lladro figurine of a woman with a parasol and small dog, Issued 1971 and retired in 1993, pattern 4761designed by Vincente Martinez, a typically elongated figure in muted mushroom, cream and dove blue hues; backstamps underside. Height 35.5 cm

A Lladro figure of a You boy and girl and Friendly Goose, Ht. 25 cm

Lladro 'A girl at the pond' porcelain figure 4918, approx 24 cm high

Lladro Flooring standing figure 'Knowledge' sculptured by Antonio Ruiz C1970 89 cm height

Lladro figure 'Don Quixote' 01001030. Issue year: 1970. Sculptor: Salvador Furió. Size: 40x48 cm. Base included

Lladro fisherman & boy in boat, with wooden base & cane fishing rod.

Lladro shepherd figure, including ceramic crook.

Lladro sage with lotus figure. Stamped to base & 'Daisa 1976.'

Lladro Chinese sage figure. Stamped to base and 'Daisa 1977.'

Lladro Chinese sage figure. Stamped to base and 'Daisa 1982.'

Lladro woman & rickshaw man figure. On felt topped wooden stand. (Thumb of woman's hand broken & piece available for restoration).

Lladro figure of a lady with a scarf stamped to the base, dated 1983. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 31 cm

Lladro figure 'Wheelbarrow with Flowers' 01001283, issue year 1974, Sculptor Francisco Catalá. Condition good to fair, some expected losses to the flowers. Dimensions 23 x 14 cm

Lladro figure 'Pretty Pickings' 01005222, issue year 1984, Sculptor Jose Puche. Condition good, expected losses to one petal. Dimensions 18 x 10 cm

Lladro figure 'Girl with Lillies Sitting' 01014972, issue year 1977, Retirement year 1992, Sculptor Vicente Martínez. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Dimensions 24 x 10 cm

Lladro bust 'Little Girl' 01012024, issue year 1971, Retirement year 1985, Sculptor Fulgencio García. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 37 cm

Lladro lady feeding a duck figurine, height 24 cm approx

Lladro figure of a Windswept lady mounted on a tree form base, dated 1977. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 35.2 cm

Lladro figure of a seated dancer dated 1984. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 30 cm