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Three Lladro/Nao figurines, 'My Precious Bundle' and two birds, 1982, year of release of 'My Precious Bundle', designed by Salvador Debon; stork and goose of similar vintage, the female figurine of a chinese woman carrying her child upon he

Lladro gardener girl along with a Nao girl holding a candle figures, approx 21 cm high and shorter (2)

Lladro cat and mouse figurine together with a Nao long haired cat figurine

A large Nao (Lladro) 'Country Woman' figure, she bends slightly forward as if into the wind, her large scarf billowing behind, a basket under her right arm, matt glaze finish. Designed by the artist Vincente Martinez in 1992. Height 47 cm

Three Nao figurines comprising of 2 lady and animals, together with a boy and dog

Lladro figure group and Nao figurine Lladro figure group 20 cm wide approx

Nao figure of a boy in nightdress 29 cm high approx. together with a Nao dove

Four various Lladro bird figures plus Nao. Pair swans; pair ducks; & small duck (Nao). Height 14 cm (average Lladro)

Two Lladro girl figurines together with a Nao standing lady leaning on a basket

Lladro girl picking flower figurine together with a Nao yawning child figurine, 20.5 cm high (tallest)

Nao dove and a Royal Copenhagen mouse figures, AF to ear, approx 13 cm long, 14 cm wide

Two porcelain figurines, Lladro and Nao, later 20th century, in the typical Lladro and Nao palette of muted blue greys and mushroom, both figurines depicting young women in long skirts and headscarfs each accompanied by a goose; backstamps to both undersid

Nao seated girl figurine, holding a pot, 25 cm high approx together with another Nao lady figure

Two Nao figures, girl holding puppy & boy with puppy, 18.5 cm high (tallest) approx.

Lladro pigeon figurine and Nao duck figurine, 13 cm high (tallest)

Two various Lladro figures, including girl; & Nao boy in nightgown. Height 21 cm (average)

One Lladro & 2 Nao bird figurines, 11.5 cm high (tallest)

Two Spanish porcelain figurines, including Nao, 32 cm high (tallest)

Two Spanish porcelain figurines, comprising of Nao girl with fan 25.5 cm high and a Marco Giner lady with flowers

Large Nao figure of a girl in her nightie, bathing her feet, approx 29 cm high

Nao puppies at play & boy with teddy. Approx 20 cm high & shorter (2)