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Harold Randalph Hughan was born in Mildura, Victoria, in 1893 and educated at Hamilton in the Western District of Victoria.

At the outbreak of World War I in 1914 he joined the Australian Infantry Forces as an apprentice engineer and spent from 1916 to 1918 with Australian troops in France. At the end of the war he pursued further training as an engineer in England and returned to Australia in 1920.

Previously interested in the crafts of weaving and woodworking, in the early 1940s Hughan became involved in his wife’s and son's attempts at pottery, his knowledge as an engineer enabling him to build and refine the kilns they used.

Hughan's early efforts were influenced by the advice of F. E. Cox (‘Jolliffe') another amateur Melbourne potter. Becoming fascinated by the collection of Chinese ceramics in the National Gallery of Victoria and guided by, among others, Bernard Leach‘s A Potters Book published in 1940, he soon began to use the wheel, making experiments in stoneware that were far in advance of any other Australian pottery of the time.

Hughan held his first exhibition in 1950 at the gallery in Georges, the Melbourne department store. more...
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A pair of Harold Hughan stoneware vases. 28 cm and 15 cm high

A Harold Hughan, stoneware jar and cover together with two bowls. 15 cm high

A Harold Hughan, stoneware lidded jar, of ribbed circular form with a speckled pale green glaze, signature and seal marks to base

A pair of Harold Hughan stoneware carafes of globular form, together with stoppers with ringed decoration

Fredrick Ernest Cox jug; and Harold Hughan jug (a/f), largest 12 cm high (2)

Harold Hughan (1893-1987), rare multi faceted bowl c1940, twelve sided, 'Cut By Eye', with iron speckles artist monogram painted signature on base at base. Height 9 cm. Diameter 21 cm

Harold Hughan (1893-1987), rare multi faceted jar c1940, stencil panel sided 'Cut By Eye' due to potter's engineering background impressed makers mark signed at base. Height 19 cm. Diameter 15 cm

Harold Hughan (1893-1987), cheese platter c1940, black and blue concentric circles on dome lid, together with another cheese platter c. 1950 dome top with brown graffito (2). Diameter 23 cm. Diameter 21 cm

Harold Hughan (1893-1987), coffee pot c1950, green and blue highlights on sides, impressed artist monogram with painted signature on underside. Height 20 cm. Diameter 23 cm

Harold Hughan, stoneware lidded jar, brown glazed, signed Hughan to base. Height 14 cm

Harold Hughan, stoneware lidded jar, green glazed, impressed artist's mark and signed to base. Height 22 cm

Harold Hughan, Victoria, facetted cylindrical stoneware vase, tan and cream glaze, inscribed Hughan with three incised mono grams 51 cm high.

Harold Hughan, Victoria, faceted stoneware lidded jar green celadon glaze inscribed Hughan 16 cm high.

Harold Hughan, Victoria, faceted stoneware lidded jar mottled brown and green glaze inscribed Hughan and incised monogram 14 cm high.

Australian Studio Pottery bread Crock with lid, signed and impressed, Harold Hughan, brown glazed. Height 31 cm

Harold Hughan, Australian, pottery lidded bowl, brown speckled glaze, signed to base

Harold Hughan ovoid earthenware vase decorated with circular motifs

Harold Hughan. Three (3) pieces including a green glazed plate, a Japanese style bowl and a canister. 27, 6.5 and12 cm

Harold Hughan. Broad baluster shaped vase with two tone grey glaze. Incised elongated hoop decoration. Monogrammed 'Hgi'. 16 cm