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Benin (African) bronze cat statue, with a good character face and raised spot decoration Height 43 cm approx

A collection of Ashanti bronze figures-gold. Weights, circa, post World War II. Heights: 4.5 cm-8 cm

Central African Malady mask. Carved wood, with peripheral tassel holes. Label from Sidewalk gallery attrib. Republic of Congo origin. Wood. Height 31 cm

African carved wood figure pole. Tall figure tenon base. Remnants of lime & leaf decoration, with stand. Losses to top knot. Height 79 cm

African carved male with child. Dense wood carving, undecorated. Ivory Coast. Height 104 cm

Kusu Figure. Carved wooden male figure with arms resting on abdomen. Heart-shaped facial plane, raised features and scarification to cheeks. Democratic Republic of Congo. Height 20.5 cm. Width 7 cm

Luba Figure. Carved wooden figure with arms resting gently to the breasts. The ovoid head with raised facial features and carved coiffure, base fragmented. Height 13 cm. Width 6 cm

Hemba Figure. Kabeja a Janus statue representing a male and female figure, hands resting on abdomens, the raised coiffure hollowed at the top, coffee bean shaped eyes under raised eyebrows. Rich patina. Dem Republic of Congo. Height 28.5 cm. Width 9 cm

Ituri Mask. A fine and rare hollowed mask. Pierced half-moon shaped eyes, raised elongated nose and rectangular mouth. Pierced rim for attached fibre surround. Traces of white, black and red pigment. Good early patina. Published in Marc. Length Felix, 'Itu

Southern African Club. with a round head and long shaft. Length 69 cm. Width 8 cm. Provenance: T. Clemence Collection, NZ

Sithole, Freeman (b, 1960). Zimbabwean school. A fine naturalistic carved bust of an African man in richly marbled green and amber verdite stone; signed to the lower part of the figure and mounted upon a timber base. Height 30.5 cm

A pair of west African painted and carved Ere Ibeji figures, 20th century, 31 cm high (2)

A west African carved and pigmented male Ere Ibeji figure, 20th century, 30 cm high. Provenance: Christies London 1976, lot 103

A West African carved wooden tribal figure, 20th century, 36 cm high

Two west African carved and pigmented Ere Ibeji figures, 20th century, the tallest 29.5 cm high (2)

Two west African carved and pigmented Ere Ibeji femail figures, 20th century, the tallest 27.5 cm high (2)

Two west African carved Ere Ibeji figures, 20th century, the tallest 31 cm high (2)

A West African carved and pigmented Ere Ibeji figure, 20th century, 25 cm high. Provenance: Christies, London 1976

Two Fertility Figures (akan akua'ba), Ashanti Tribe, South Ghana, West Africa, (early twentieth century), carved wood, beads and coins, 20 cm; 25.5 cm high (2). Provenance: Christie's, London 1976. Acquired from above by Dr Peter Elliott

A pair of ancestor figures, Mumuye, South East Nigeria, West Africa, (twentieth century), carved wood and pigment, 82 cm; 97.7 cm (2). Provenance: Galleries Primitif, Sydney. Acquired from above by Dr Peter Elliott, in 1974

A Standing Male Figure, Baule, Ivory Coast, West Africa, (nineteenth century), carved hardwood, 39.7 cm high. Provenance: Christie's, London 1976. Acquired from above by Dr Peter Elliott

An old war shield, Simbai. Provenance: Allan D Christensen collection no CC60612 Collected by Philip Goldman, Allen D. And Carmen M. Christensen founded the Christensen Fund as a private foundation in California in 1957. Allen, who was a civil and mining e

West African (Ghana) Ashanti stained wood stool (dwa). C. First half 20th century. Reference Le Monde l'Art tribal, IV March, 1998, p.33. Provenance: Hotel Drouot Auction house Paris,1975; Art Mayer gallery, 1975; Art Mayer gallery, 1983; Millard & Dekker

A pair of carved African ivory tusks, purchased in Zimbabwe 1970 a carved procession of elephants and a crocodile, each on a timber stand 34 cm

Three naive spoons, made from African one shilling coins, c. 1940

A collection of four African tribal body ornaments, including Chamba tribe pendant, Nkole tribe sandals, Tuareg tribe padlock and silver amulet

A collection of African objects, including Masai tribe calabash, Tanzanian woodcut print, Senufo tribe percussion instrument, Turkana tribe neckrest, Baule tribe carved legionnaire figure and Ethiopian neckrest, the latter, 12 cm high

An unusual large African ancestor head, comprising of smaller ancestors

A pair of African figures and one other, a Makonde tribe fire god figure and a pair of Royal Family figures. The fire god figure, 57 cm high

Old African elephant stool/head rest, approx 17 cm high, 32 cm wide, 12 cm deep