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Two Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, including Ys-16 1929 Scammell 100 ton truck trailer and locomotive; and Y-16 1923 Scania post Bus; Matchbox YPP02 1999 Fourth Australian Mica Convention 1931 Morris Courier van; three Matchbox Kingsize buses, including Kr

Collection of unboxed Dinky models, including 340 Land Rover, green body and hubs, tan driver; 341 Land-Rover trailer; 30D Vauxhall with reproduction grille and headlights; Dinky 784 goods train set, comprising blue loco, yellow truck and red truck; and ma

A cast brass replica Canon on wood carriage mid 20th century maker unknown, probably locally made barrel. Length 53.5 cm

Two tinplate models, including Technofix 294 mechanically operated coalmine with loco and tender; and SSS international friction powered Cadillac (2)

Tomix: Ho Scale Japan Rail EF66 Electric locomotive plus Nagoya Railroad Type Mo-510 and 2 tankers #709 & #715. (4 items). Nib.

Kato Precision Railroad Models: Ho Scale: An EF58 Electric Locomotive [1-301], a Hiroshima Electric Railway Type 200 Hannover Tram train [1-421], plus rolling stock comprising 1-809, 1-811, 1-813, 1-816, 1-821, 1-822, 1-823 and 2 3-car kits [38-0103] & [38

Atlas: Rs-3 locomotive (Ontario Northland) plus rolling stock, comprising a Kaolin tank cars (Cyprus & Georgia Kaolin), 6 Bay cylindrical Hopper (Norfolk and Western), 36' wood Reefer car (Kahn's), 17,600 Gallon Corn Syrup tank car (Cargill), 3 Bay cylindr

A 1920's Fabricated metal train carriage, with wagon and tanker, as is (3).

A group of TTR model carriages and a locomotive, unboxed (10).

Eight various tins, and a tin train track, including three Dr Pat 'Norfolk Cavendish' deluxe pipe tobacco, and Edward Sharpe & Sons tin with train livery (9).

Six tin-plate model train carriages, unboxed, Af (6).

Nine TTR freight and carriage models, including 'Esso' fuel, with boxes (as is) (9).

Eleven various TTR model carriages and wagons, including two Derelict coach Hut, 551 (11).

A part train track set, 'Baiko Spare Parts', original box (as is).

A TTR part train set, with train, three carriages and coal freight, in original box (5).

Ten various TTR railway accessories, five yard lamps, three permanent switches and two lighted signal manual - home (10).

DeWitt Clinton loco with carriage and 3 additional carriages

Super Express SE - 1 bullet train, Japanese battery operated tinplate with track (OCB)

Mechanical Train Set, #3050 Japanese tinplate (Alps) in original carded box, loco and track

Dream Super Express bullet train, battery powered Japanese tinplate (Modern Toys) in original carded box

International Express Locomotive, MF 804, Chinese tinplate (OCB). Length 40 cm

Shuttling Freight Train, Japanese tinplate (Cragstan) battery powered toy (OCB). Complete with Loco, track and accessories including logs. Superb and rare example

Dream Super Express Bullet Train, Japanese tinplate toy (Daiya). Length 54 cm

Lincoln Toys Super-Size Sparking Train Engine, #2504 Rare NZ made tinplate friction toy in original carded box. Length 49 cm

Real Rail Level Crossing, O Gauge, in original worn box

Glendale Railway Station, c1950s, American in detailed lithographed tin plate O gauge in pristine condition 53 x 26 cm

Miscellaneous signs and accessories Including: a water tank tower, a signal, stop light and crossing sign together with a wooden railway platform. All unboxed.

Arnold small scale tinplate loco 670, friction drive, box with two endflaps missing (VG-E box P-F)

Collection of Wardie Product Master models OO gauge, including 2 unboxed models (G-E boxes F-VG)

A collection of 10 diecast model toys, in original boxes, Models of Yesteryear by Matchbox, including an Express Dairy tanker, Chivers & Sons Ltd van and a double decker bus. Made in England.

A collection of 10 diecast model toys, in original boxes, Models of Yesteryear by Matchbox, including a Harrods Express Delivery van, a Perrier truck and a special edition 1912 Model T Ford van to commemorate 25 years of Models of Yesteryear. Made in Engla

0 Gauge Ace 462 Loco & Tender Southern 21C108 Electric new in box.