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Dinky 30A Chrysler Airflow. Mid green, smooth white tyres, unboxed (G-VG)

Dinky 24C Prewar Town Sedan. Blue body with dark bue chassis, spare wheel, smooth white tyres, windscreen frame and headlights missing, unboxed (F-G)

Two Dinky 24C Town Sedans, including one repaint cream body with mid blue chassis, spare wheel, smooth white tyres, windscreen frame and headlights missing ; and cream with black chassis, blue hubs, smooth white tyres, modern grille, unboxed, both a/f (F-G

Four Dinky series 23 racing cars. 2 x 23B Hotchkiss racing cars including one green with yellow flashing; one red with silver flashing; 23C Mercedes-Benz racing car, red with yellow number '8' and driver; and 23E speed of the wind, green with drive

Two Dinky 22G pre war Streamline Tourers. one light blue/turquoise, smooth white tyres and black hubs; and one red, possible repaint, with break to one rear wheel axel cover, smooth white tyres, both unboxed (G-VG) (2)

Dinky 60K Percival Gull boxed aeroplane and another an unboxed Leopard Moth(2)

Dinky 151 Royal Tank Corp Medium Tank Unit play work and broken.

Meccano a 1036 Dinky Toys no.50G/50K Submarines box with. Naive label to lid, containing 23 Destroyer ships (VG-E box)

Two sets of Dinky Pavement Sections; one boxed and one unboxed A/F (G-M box VG-E) ( a Lot)

Two Dinky models, including 164 Vauxhall Cresta saloon, twotone maroon lower, cream upper, correct colour spot to box; and 176 Austin A105 saloon light grey with red flashing and hubs, box missing some end flaps and Repair to one end (G-VG boxes F-G) (2)

Two Dinky 191 Dodge Royal Sedans. Both mint green with black flashing, 4 x Endflaps missing and Repairs to box; other box 5 x end flaps missing (F-G boxes P-F) (2)

Two Dinky models, including 132 Packard Convertible salmon pink-brown, red interior, driver, two Endflaps detached, one endflap missing; 133 Cunninghamc-5R road Racer, white with blue Speed stripes, touch-ups to Speed stripes, racing number 31, light blue

Dinky 481 Bedford 10CWT van 'Ovaltine'. Box with detached endflap (E box P-F)

Dinky 522 Big Bedford lorry. Dark blue cab with yellow lorry, touch ups in 922 box (F-G box F)

Dinky 930 Bedford Pallet Jekta van. Twotone light yellow upper, dark yellow lower, two pallets (F-G box G)

Dinky 308 Leyland 384 tractor, metallic red; and. French Dinky 594 coloured Traffic lights (E-M boxes VG-E) (2)

Five Dinky Die-cast models along with five Days Gone Die-cast models

Four unboxed Dinky models, including 38E Armstrong Siddeley Coupe in rare colour variation, Sunbeam Talbot; Lagonda; and Alvis with broken windscreen (4)

Three Dinky models, including French Dinky 596 road Sweeper; English Dinky 796 Healey sports boat on trailer; and 962 Muir-Hill Dumper truck (G-M boxes P-G) (3)

A Dinky Toys no 42B police motor cycle patrol and two no 37B police motor cyclists. Provenance: Phillips London

A Dinky Toys no 42B Police motor cycle patrol and a no 37B police motor cyclist plus box for model 44B AA Motorcyle patrol. Provenance: Phillips London

A Dinky Toys no 42B police motor cycle patrol and a no 37B police motor cyclist. Provenance: Phillips London

A Dinky Toys model 43B RAC Motorcycle patrol, model 37A civilian motorcyclist plus police box and two policeman figures. Provenance: Philips London

A Dinky Toys no 734 Super marine swift with no 736 Hawker hunter

A French Dinky Toys no 1413 Citroen Dyane ivory body made in Spain, boxed

Three boxed Dinky Toys no 188 Jensen FF, no 131 Jaguar E-type 2+2 and no 208 VW Porsche 914 all boxed

A Dinky Toys no 112 'The New Avengers' 'Purdey's' Triumph TR7 boxed