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Ten Dinky Toys cars, including 'Ford Taunus 559', and 'Ford Cortina 159'. (10)

Ten Dinky Toys cars, including 'Austin Healey' and 'Peugeot 404 Pininfarina, 528'. (10)

Ten Dinky Toys cars, including 'Renault Dauphine 24E', and 'Mercedes-Benz 300 Se, 533'. (10)

Nine Dinky Toys cars, including 'Ford Sedan 170', and 'Simca-Aronde 544', and a Corgi 'Austin Cambridge'. (10)

Five Dinky Toys Trucks, including 'Austin 30s' and 'Fordson'. (5)

Ten Dinky Toys model cars, including 'Mercedes-Benz 220SE' and 'Ford Corsair' (10)

Ten Dinky Toys model cars, including 'Renault R16' and 'Austin Sommerset', (10)

Six Dinky Toys, 'Rolls Royce silver Wraith', 150, five boxed. (6)

Three Dinky models, including 321 Massey-Harris Manure Spreader; 342 Motocart; and 428 Trailer (E boxes G-VG) (3)

Dinky 512 Guy flat truck, repainted, red cab and chassis, mid-blue back and Supertoy hubs, in 432 numbered illustrated yellow box (E box G)

Dinky 431 Guy Warrior 4-ton lorry, light tan cab and chassis, dark green back, no windows, mid-green Supertoy hubs, knobbly black tyres (E box G)

French Dinky 833 transformer, loose pieces still in sealed plastic (E-M box VG-E)

Collection of unboxed Dinky and Britains models/figures, A/F (P-G) (A lot)

Two Dinky cardboard shop signs, including 'Collecting Dinky Toys'; and 'Dinky Toys', with orange overpaint (F-VG) (2)

Dinky Toys and Super Toys shop display banner, paper, yellow background with boy holding car, tears to right and left sides, some creases and small tears (G)

Unboxed club Dinky France models, including CDF17 cheval Mecanique Plm; CDF34 Conges Payes; CDF27 Aronde grand large; CDF28 2CV Sahara; CDFH1 Vehicle rail Route; and Corresponding print Outs of boxes for, each (E-M) (10)

Collection of Dinky models, including 170 Lincoln Continental; 148 Ford Fairlane, mint green; 341 Land-Rover trailer, Orange; 342 Austin Mini-Moke; 436 Atlas Copco Compressor lorry; and 796 Healey sports boat on trailer (G-M boxes G-E) (6)

Collection of Dinky models, including 127 Rolls Royce silver Cloud mark III, metallic turquoise; 263 Superior Criterion Ambulance with patient on stretcher; 251 U.S. Police car; 250 streamlined fire engine; and 281 Luxury coach, blue with cream flashing (E

Collection of Dinky models, including 622 10-ton army truck; 1402 Ford Galaxie 500; French Dinky 820; and French Dinky 824 'Gazelle' Berliet (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

A Meccano factory-built electrically-operated retail display model, two-tower suspension bridge, advertisement 'Meccano Insist on Dinky Toys Meccano' to front, silver and yellow metal with corrosion, wooden oval moving roadway for display of Dinky

Collection of mostly Dinky military models, including tanks, aircrafts, zepplins and canons, A/F, unboxed (F-E) (30+)

Dinky Toys British aeroplane set No. 60, 2nd issue, box type III, includes 60A Imperial Airways four engined air liner; 60B D.H. Leopard Moth; 60C Percival Gull; 60D low wing Monoplane; 60E General Monospar; and 60F Cierva Autogiro, lid to box missing, all

Collection of Dinky models, including Dinky 305 David Brown tractor; unboxed Dinky 905 Foden flat truck with chains and metal hubs; French Dinky 50 Grue 'Salev'; French Dinky 827 Engin Blinde de Reconnaissance Panhard; French Dinky 823 Cuisine Roul

French Dinky no.561 Camionnette Citroen 1,200K 'Cibie' van, blue, yellow hubs, red and yellow 'Cibie' decal to sides (E box G)

Model Cars: collection model cars, mainly European, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes etc. Noted (2) Dinky boxed, Solido etc. G/VG condition

Club Dinky France CDF42 Camion Petrolier Saharien 'T100' Berliet (M box E-M)

Six Dinky models, including 492 Election Mini van; 405 Universal Jeep; 239 Vanwall racing car; 811 French Dinky Caravan; and two others (VG-E boxes P-E) (6)

Five Dinky models, including 145 Singer Vogue; 198 Rolls-Royce Phantom V; 151 Triumph saloon and two others (E boxes P-E) (5)

Dinky 57/006 Rambler classic made in Hong Kong; French Dinky 597 Chariot a Fourche; Dinky Supertoys 962 Muir-Hill Dumper truck; and club Dinky France CDF22 Camion Fourgon 70 Ans Des Dinky toys (VG-M boxes G-E) (4)

Dinky Toys: 1950-80s Dinky Toy cars, vans, truck & tank. Fair/Good condition (none boxed). (15 items)

Five French Dinky models, including 802 Canon de 155; 828 Jeep Porte-Fusees; 829 Jeep Aveccanon de 106 S.R, missing canon; and 823 Cuisine Roulante, missing chimney; and one other (VG-E boxes F-VG) (5)

Dinky pre-war 42 Police set and 44 A.A. Set, both in blue boxes with inner pictorial display, both lids missing (G-VG boxes G) (2)

Dinky 908 Mighty Antar transporter, yellow tractor, grey trailer, red rear ramps and plastic hubs, dark grey plastic transformer with plastic parts still in illustrated yellow box with internal packaging (G box G-VG)

Two Dinky models, including 264 R.C.M.P. patrol car, missing antenna; and 300 Massey-Ferguson tractor (VG-E boxes G-VG) (2)

Dinky 987 ABC TV control room, light blue and grey body with central red stripe, including camera operator, camera and yellow cable, grey plastic hubs, in illustrated yellow Supertoy box (G box VG)

French Dinky 36B Willeme tractor and closed trailer, red-orange cab, orange trailer and hubs, green plastic tilt, some touch ups, unboxed (G-VG)

Rare promotional Dinky 274 Mini Van Joseph Mason Paints, maroon body, red interior, with 'Paints' roof sign and 'Joseph Mason Paints' decals to sides, spun hubs, rear Bumper slightly warped, in maroon box with green advertising card (E box G-VG)

Two Dublo Dinky 064 Austin Lorries, one green, Bpw; one green, GPW; and Dublo Dinky 062 Singer Roadster, dark yellow, GPW, all in illustrated yellow boxes (E boxes G) (3)