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Eight Corgi vintage Glory of steam models, including 80101 Fowler B6 Showmans locomotive (the lion) Anderton & Rowland; two 80103 Fowler B6 'Super Lion' Showmans engine (King Carnival 11); two 80104 Fowler B6 road locomotive 'Atlas'- Norman E Box Ltd; 8010

Five Corgi Guinness Lorries, 20902 Leyland Ergomatic platform lorry with bottle crates; 22503 Bedford Tk articulated platform trailer with crates; 22704 Bedford Tk box van; 230201 Bedford Tk platform lorry with Barrels and 24901 Leyland Beaver platform lor

Six Corgi Guinness Lorries, two 20902 Leyland Ergomatic 8 wheel platform lorry with bottle crates; 22503 Bedford Tk articulated platform trailer with crates; two 23201 Bedford Tk platform lorry with Barrels and 97950 Foden Guinness tanker (M boxes M) (6)

Six Archive Corgi models, including 11101 ERF Kv box lorry 'Moorhouses Jam'; two 13602 Foden S21 Mickey Mouse box lorry 'Cws'; 19304 Bedford S box van 'Walls'; 20202 Bedford S tanker 'Milk'; and 30306 Thames Trader box van 'Lucozade' (M boxes M) (6)

Twelve Corgi golden Oldies, including two 19301 Bedford S 'Lyons Swiss Rolls'; two 19302 Bedford S 'Weetabix'; two 19303 Thames Trader 'Heinz 57 Varieties' two 30301 Thames Trader 'Slumberland'; two 30302 Thames Trader 'Ever Ready' and two 30303 Bedford S

Six Corgi Showmans collection limited edition (1 of 2000)) circus models; two 16602 'Jennings' Scammell Highwayman Ballast & Dodgem trailer; two 55609 'John Thurston & Son Ltd' diamond T Ballast; two 07413 'John Biddall Funfair' Land Rover (M boxes M) (6)

Corgi 'Gift Set 21' Chipperfields circus crane and menagerie trailer, including 1144 crane and cage (elephant) and 1139 menagerie trailer with 6 animals (VG box G)

Three Corgi Chipperfields models, including boxed 1121 international crane truck; unboxed 487 circus Landrover Parade Vehicle with clown and Chimpanzee; and boxed 97303 Bedford articulated truck C1994 (VG-M boxes VG-M) (3)

Two Corgi Chipperfields models, including 487 circus Land Rover Parade Vehicle with clown and Chimpanzee complete with internal card packing; and 1123 circus animal cage with 2 bears and 2 lions in Stapled bag (E-M boxes E) (2)

Corgi gift set 23 Chipperfield's set, 1st issue with 1121 crane truck; two 1123 animal cages; 438 Land Rover, 607 elephant cage and 426 Booking office (VG box VG)

Corgi 511 Chipperfield's Poodle truck, blue red Chevrolet Impala pick-up with Trainer (Mary Chipperfield), 4 white and 2 black poodles still on Sprue complete with plastic dome, in window face box (E-M box VG)

Corgi Major pack 1130 Chipperfield's horse transporter Bedford Tk truck complete with 6 grey horses(complete with individual packing) with card display plinth and inner packing piece (M box E) (1)

Corgi Gift Set 21 Chipperfield's circus set includes 1144 crane and cage (elephant) and 1139 menagerie transporter complete with all animals (6) (E box E)

Corgi gift set 48 Jean Richaud Pinder circus set contains 3 vehicles and 2 trailers plus figures, animals and cardboard cut out of Big top (E box VG window box lid faded G)

Corgi 513 Citroen Safari 'Alpine Rescue Car', roof rack with skis and sled, St Bernard dog and male figure (E box VG)

Two Corgi models, including 476 Citroen Safari 'Olympic Winter Sports' white with 4 Skiers and 2 Ski poles; and 436 Citroen Safari ID19 orange with male driver and female passenger, roof Luggage with red water cans (E boxes E) (2)

Two Corgi models, including 359 army field kitchen; and 109 Pennyburn workmen's trailer with all the tools plus Broom, pick and shovel But missing the plastic Towing eye (E boxes G-E) (2)

Corgi 499 Citroen Safari 1968 Winter Olympics with male Tobogganist and female Skier, instructions Included in window box with 'Grenoble Olympiade 1968' Header card (E box VG)

Corgi 1502 Silverstone Spectators, including six figures still on Sprue; 3 Empty Corgi boxes for 208S Jaguar 2.4 saloon, 348 Ford Mustang 'Pop Art' and 475 Citroen Safari 'Corgi Ski Club'; Corgi model club enamelled badge; and three Timpo Scottish Terrier

Two Corgi models, including 328 Hillman imp 1966 Monte Carlo Rally metallic dark blue/white with red/white Monte Carlo Rally decals and RN#107; and 312 E type Jaguar Competition model chrome plated body with driver and Spoke wheels (VG-E boxes VG) (2)

Three Corgi models, including 67 Ford 5000 Super Major tractor blue with grey plastic hubs and driver (one tyre needs Cleaning); 61 four furrow plough; and 62 farm tipper trailer (E boxes with inserts E) (3)

Corgi 436 Citroen ID19 Safari yellow body, driver and passenger, roof Luggage with silver water cans, wind up back seats (E box E)

Two Corgi models, including 208S Jaguar 2.4 Litre saloon lemon body with flat spun hubs; and 215 Ford Thunderbird Convertible white with blue interior (E boxes VG-E) (2)

Corgi Major toys 1110 Bedford S 'Mobilgas' petrol tanker, lift off lid box (E box VG)

Unboxed Corgi Major toys 1141 Bedford Tk articulated milk tanker blue/white (E)

Corgi Major toys 1129 Bedford S articulated milk tanker blue/white with packing piece, Texta Graffiti on one box panel (E box G)

Corgi 348 Ford Mustang Fastback 'Pop Art' flower power racing car, pale blue body with red/orange 'Flower Power' labels, RN#20 with Corgi club slip (M box M)

Six TV-Themed models, including Corgi 00101 the Avengers vintage Bentley with Steed figure; Corgi 05301 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; CORGI01803 Inspector Morse; Lleydo Only Fools and horses Del-boy's Reliant van; Lleydo the Darling Buds of May 1926 Rolls Royce

Corgi 497 the man from Uncle's Thrush Buster, metallic Purplish-blue Version with figures of Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuriakin complete with inner pictorial plinth, packing pieces and Waverly ring (M box M)

Corgi 96682 Inspector Morse Jaguar MK11 first issue (M box M)

Corgi 266 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, chrome brown and red body, red/yellow retractable wings, four figures, including Caractacus Potts and Truly Scrumptious, window box with white plastic Cloud (VG-E box G)

Three unboxed TV-Themed Corgi models, including 801 Noddy's car with Noddy Big ears and grey faced Golly; Corgi 804 Noddy's car with Noddy Only, no Dickey-seat or rear Bumper, windscreen missing; and Corgi D2031 Fozzie bear's car (G-VG) (3)

Corgi 336 James Bond Toyota 2000GT complete with 2 figures, unopened secret instructions and inner pictorial plinth, Comes with Additional original outer box (no display plinth); and a later Corgi Reissue Toyota 2000GT (VG box E) (2)

Six TV Themed models, including Corgi 00101 the Avengers vintage Bentley with Steed figure; Corgi 05301 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Corgi 01803 Inspector Morse; Lleydo Only Fools and horses Del-boy's Reliant van; Lleydo the Darling Buds of May 1926 Rolls Royc

Large collection Corgi 150 Team Surtees TS9; two 152 Ferrari 312 B2 Formula 1; 286 Jaguar XJ12C; two 323 Ferrari Daytona 365 Gtb/4; 324 Jcb Ferrari Daytona; 373 VW Police; 3745.3 Ltr V12 Jaguar E-type; and 380 Alfa-Romeo Pininfarina (E-M boxes VG-E) (10)

A collection of Corgi models unboxed, including no. 208 Jaguar 2.4 Litre; Aston-Martin DB4 Competition; no. 437 Cadillac Superior ambulance on Cadillac chassis; no. 412 Bedford Utilecon ambulance; B.R.M Formula 1 grand Prix racing car; Vanwall racing car;

Collection of Corgi Police models, including 461 Police 'Vigilant' Range Rover; 402 Ford Cortina Police car; 414 Coast guard Jaguar XJ12C (E-M boxes G-E) (3)

Six Corgi models, including 159 Cooper Maserati; 314 Ferrari Berlinetta 250LM; 506 Police Panda imp; 448 Austin Police Mini van in incorrect box, missing Police man and dog; and two 9001 Corgi Classics Bentley (VG-E boxes F-E) (6)

Corgi 190 J.P.S. Lotus Formula 1, Die-CAST18:1 scale model in original box with leaflet; Corgi 1902 state Landau - the Queen's silver Jubilee 1977 in original box; Corgi no. 156, Graham Hill's 'Embassy Shadow' in original box; and two Corgi John player spe

Corgi no. 431 Volkswagon pick-up, unboxed; Corgi no. 209 Riley Pathfinder 'Police' car, unboxed, paint loss to surface; Corgi Classics 1910 Daimler 38 unboxed; Corgi lotus mark II Le Mans racing car, no. 7, paint loss to surface and to bonnet stripe, unbox