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Corgi boxed 485-A1 Surfing with the B.M.C. Mini Countryman, turquoise and tan ( tiny paint chip to passenger door)

Corgi boxed 420-A3 Ford Thames 'Airborne' Caravan, bluish white and dark blue (showing general wear with chipping to body, box with taped end and staining)

Corgi boxed 464-A4 Commer Police van with flashing light, metallic medium blue with red light (paint rubbed, box showing wear with tear and creases to side and writing)

Corgi boxed 448-A1 B.M.C. Mini Police van with tracker dog, navy blue with dog and handler

Corgi boxed 419-A1 Ford Zephyr Motorway patrol, white (slight paint rubs, box showing age, tear to opening flap)

11 Corgi kits, including 4 x 601; 2 x 602; 2 x 608; 1 x 609; and 2 x 611, unchecked (E-M boxes VG-M) (11)

Three Corgi military models, including 357 Land Rover weapons carrier with lemon yellow interior; 1102 'Euclid' TC-12 tractor with dozer blade; and 350 'Thunderbird' guided missile, silver with red nose (E-M boxes F-M) (3)

Two Corgi models, including 403M Bedford van 'K.L.G Plugs' with friction motor; and 352 R.A.F. staff car standard Vanguard (E-M boxes P-G) (2)

Corgi 348 Ford Mustang stock racing car, flower power, light blue, jewelled headlights (M box E)

Corgi toys tinplate hanging shop sign in blue, red and yellow, with 'Corgi Toys' to 2 x sides and 'Jouef Marque Deposee' to other 2 x sides (G-VG)

Collection of Corgi signs, including 'The Avengers Gift Set'; 'Carrimore Car Transporter'; 'Tractor with Livestock Carrier'; and 'James Bond Aston Martin 007' (E-M) (4)

Corgi 1113 'Corporal' guided missile on erector vehicle, army green, missile white with red detail and red nose, with internal packaging (G box F-G)

Collection of unboxed and boxed Corgi models, including Jaguar Mark X saloon 238; 2 x Commer 3/4 ton Chassis Co-Op; Smiths Carrier Shop; 273 Rolls Royce; 491 Ford Consul Cortina; 426 Chipperfields Circus; and 1401 Elevating Service Ramp (VG-M boxes G-M) (8

Four Corgi models, including 486 Kennel service wagon, missing 1 x dog; 352 R.A.F. Staff car standard Vanguard and two others (VG-E boxes VG-E) (4)

Corgi models, including 435 Karrier 'Bantam' Dairy Produce van; 213S 2.4 Jaguar fire service car; 492 Volkswagen European Police car, repaint in reproduction box (VG-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Three Corgi models, including 508 holiday Camp special Commer Bus; 435 Karrier 'Bantam' Diary Produce van with cut to box and 406 Land Rover (VG-E boxes F-VG) (3)

Corgi tourist portable service station with roof Parking and Underground storage with stickers still in original wax paper (E-M)

Corgi 437 Superior ambulance on Cadillac chassis, red lower and cream upper (G box G-VG)

Three Corgi Emergency vehicles, including 448 BMC Mini Police van with tracker dog; 419 Ford Zephyr Motorway patrol; and 463 Commer ambulance (E boxes G) (3)

Corgi 1130 circus horse transporter with horses; Corgi 1121 Chipperfield's circus crane truck; and Corgi 609 shell filling station forecourt accessories, unchecked (VG-E boxes P-G) (3)

Corgi Golden Guinea gift set, with internal packaging (F-G box F-G)

Corgi 1142 Euclid Tc-12 tractor with dozer blade in box with two packing pieces (E box G)

Three Corgi models, including 626 military ambulance; 677 Armoured command Vehicle; 665 Honest John missile launcher with one tip of missile detached (G-E boxes VG) (3)

Three Corgi Land Rovers, including 2 x 357 Weapons Carriers, one with red interior, one with yellow interior; and 500 U.S. Army Land Rover (E boxes G-E) (3)

Three Corgi military vehicles, including 1118 International 6X6 army truck; and 2 x 350 Thunderbird Guided Missiles on assembly trolley (VG-E boxes P-G) (3)

Two Corgi Commercial vehicles, including 1135 heavy equipment transporter; and 1142 Holmes Wrecker Recovery Vehicle, damage to box flap (VG-E boxes P-G) (2)

Three Corgi Fordson 'Power Major' with 'Roadless' half tracks, one with perished half tracks (VG-E boxes G) (3)

Six Corgi Agricultural models, including 3 x 74 Ford 5000 Super Major tractors; gift set No. 47 working Conveyor on trailer with Ford 5000; gift set No. 5 country farm set; and gift set No. 34 David brown 1412 tractor and tipper (E boxes P-G) (6)

Seven Corgi Agricultural models, including 67 Ford 5000 Super Major tractor; 53 Massey-Ferguson tractor with shovel; 51 Massey-Ferguson 30 Cwt trailer; 2 x 71 wheel controlled tandem disc Harrows; 58 beast carrier; and 61 four furrow plough; and unboxed 16

Four Corgi farming models, including 74 Ford 5000 Super Major tractor; Corgi gift set 1; Corgi gift set 15; and Corgi gift set 18 (E-M boxes VG-M) (4)

Three Corgi farming models, including 67 Ford 5000 Super Major tractor; 73 Massey-Ferguson '165' tractor; and 484 Dodge 'Kew Fargo' Livestock transporter (E-M boxes E-M) (3)

Four Corgi Co-Op Commercial vehicles, including articulated trailer; 2 x milk float (1 unboxed); and Commer van, in plain brown boxes (E-M boxes G) (3)

Three Corgi Bedford Vans, including 2 x 412 'Utilecon' Ambulances; and 408 road service van (E boxes G) (3)

Three Corgi Commercials, including 404M Bedford Dormobile Personnel carrier; 403 Bedford van Daily Express; and 407 Karrier Bantam Mobile shop (E boxes F-G) (3)

Three Corgi cars, including 240 Ghia-Fiat 600 Jolly; 246 Chrysler Imperial; and 424 Ford Zephyr Estate car (VG-E boxes G) (3)

Corgi 234 Ford Consul classic 315 salmon roof and pale beige body (E box E)

Three Corgi models, including 1103 Corgi Major Euclid Tc-12 twin crawler-tractor, lime green, possible touch ups; 109 Pennyburn workmen's trailer, with leaflet, missing pick axe; and 486 Kennel service wagon with 4 x dogs (G-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Three Corgi Chipperfields models, including 1123 Chipperfield's circus animal cage, including 3 x lions decals, 1 x polar bears decal, 1 x lion and lioness in original packaging, 2 x polar bears in original packaging and internal packaging; 503 circus gira

Three Corgi Commercial vehicles, including two 463 Commer Ambulances with internal packaging, including one cream with red interior and blue windows; and one white with red interior and blue windows; and 412 Bedford 'Utilecon' ambulance with touch ups (G-E

Three Corgi Land Rover models, including 406, mustard with black roof, internal packaging and leaflet; 438, green cab and chassis with lemon yellow interior and grey canopy; and 438, metallic green cab and chassis and army green canopy (E boxes E) (3)

Two Corgi models, including 262 Lincoln Continental, with leaflet, gold with black roof and red interior, missing TV film strip; and 275 Rover 2000 Tc (VG-E boxes G-E) (2)

Two Corgi models, including 470 forward control Jeep Fc-150 with detachable hood, pale blue with grey canopy; and 455 Karrier 'Bantam' two Tonner (E boxes F-G) (2)

Two Corgi military models, including 359 army field kitchen; and 1133 Troop transporter (G-E boxes G-VG) (2)

Two Corgi Commercial vehicles, including 213S 2.4 Jaguar fire service car, touched up Spots; and 223 Chevrolet Impala fire Chief car in 'State patrol' box, touch ups, with end flaps missing to box (VG-E boxes P-G) (2)