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A Corgi toy Lady Penelope FAB1 model 100 with box and inner pictorial stand

A Corgi toy Lady Penelope FAB1 model 100 1967/75 with pictorial inner stand no box

Two Corgi models, including gift set 2 Land-Rover with 'Rices' Pony trailer and Pony with Apricot canopy; and Major 1138 car transporter with Ford tilt cab 'H' Series tractor (E-M boxes G-E) (2)

Four diecast models, including Britains 9777 Land Rover; Dinky 255;and Corgi 508 and 435, significant Incision to one box (4)

Corgi Major 111 Massey-Ferguson; gift set 2 Unimog 40G ; Goose Dumper Priestman ;cub; shovel; Major 1153 Priestman Boom crane with Grab; 1138 car transporter- one side mirror missing; and 64 working Conveyor- man missing (VG-M boxes P-M) (5)

Five Corgi Toys, 'Chevrolet Corvair 229', 'Triumph TR3 sports car 305', 'Triumph TR2 sports car 301', 'M.G.A sports car 302', and an unboxed 'Fiat 2100' (5)

Two Corgi Toys, 'Chevrolet Impala Police car 481' and 'Chevrolet taxi cab 480' (2)

Two Corgi Toys, 'Jaguar Mark x saloon', light blue and dark blue with red interior, boxed. (2)

Four Corgi Toys, 'Chevrolet Ny taxi cab 221', 'Chevrolet state patrol 223', and two 'Chevrolet Impala 220' models, blue and pink, boxed (4)

Four Corgi Toys, 'Morris Cowley saloon 202', 'Rover 90 saloon 204', 'Mini-Countryman with Surfer 485', and 'Triumph Herald Coupe 231', boxed. (4)

Twelve Corgi Toys, including 'Citroen D.S. 19' and 'Hillman imp' (12)

Three Corgi Toys, two 'Land Rover's', and 'Rice's Pony trailer with Pony' (3)

Two Corgi 'Dodge Kew Fargo' toys, tipper and Livestock transporter (2)

Five Corgi Toys, including 'Jaguar Mark X' (238) and 'Plymouth - U.S. Mail' (443), all boxed (5)

A Corgi 'Ford tilt cab 'H' series with detachable trailer', with box (1137)

A Corgi 'Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter', with box (1126)

A Corgi 'Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter', with box (1126)

Three 'MGB' model cars, by Corgi, Autoart and Universal Hobbies (3)

A Corgi Toys 'Carrimore detachable Axle Machinery carrier' (1)

Ten Corgi models, including 'Buick Riviera', 'Jaguar Mark X' and 'Le Dandy Coupe', boxed (10)

Ten model cars, including Corgi 'Morris Minor' and Vanguards 'Ford 100E'. (10)

Nine Dinky Toys cars, including 'Ford Sedan 170', and 'Simca-Aronde 544', and a Corgi 'Austin Cambridge'. (10)

Ten Corgi Toys model cars, including 'Ford Zephyr' and 'Ford Mustang'. (10)

Corgi boxed 69-A1 Massey-Ferguson165 tractor with shovel, red (tiny chip to right front, box with slight creasing, tear to opening flap)

Corgi boxed 55-A1 Fordson 'Power Major' tractor, blue body light orange wheels (paint chipped seat)

Corgi boxed 154-A1 Ferrari Formula 1 grand Prix racing car, red with decals and driver

Corgi boxed 153-A2 Proteus - Campbell - 'Bluebird' record car, blue includes Corgi club application (paint rubbing to wheel arches)

Corgi boxed 152S-A3 B.R.M. Formula 1 grand Prix racing car, light green with decal and driver (tiny chip and paint rubs, box showing slight wear to openings and tape residue to side)

Corgi boxed 151A-A7 lotus mark eleven Le Mans racing car, bright blue with decals and driver includes Corgi club application (slight chipping to bonnet)

Corgi boxed 150-A3 Vanwall 'Formula 1 grand Prix', red with decals and racing driver (slight chipping to paint, box showing age, tiny tear to opening)

Corgi boxed 150-A1 Vanwall 'Formula 1 grand Prix', medium green (chip to top of car, box showing general wear, tear to side and creases)

Corgi boxed 237-A1 Oldsmoblie 'Sheriff' car, black and white (slight rubbing and pitting to body, slight wear to box opening)