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A detailed static model of a sailing ship with wooden body, the deck of painted wood, with detailed deck fittings, and rigging. 140 cm long

A model ship of 'The Lady Nelson', in a huon pine and glass display cabinet, late 19th century. 49 cm high, 62 cm wide, 30 cm deep

Vintage French glass cased model of a two mast schooner, titled Lu Lu ?, approx 87 cm long

A planked Hull, scale miniature model, of H.M.S. Victory. Fine detail construction, complete with rigging, canons, sails and with stand. Height 45 cm. Length 58 cm

A large model hallmarked sterling Royal naval ship of the line (frigate), approx 108 cm long

Two large hand built model ships, approx 63 cm high and shorter, approx 70 cm wide and smaller

A model schooner in glass cabinet. Hand made, 20th century. Boat 45 x 28 cm

A detailed static model boat with detailed rigging, raised on an oak stand, 185 x 153 cm

A scale model of the clipper ship 'Great Australia', Australian, late 19th century, within a glazed cedar case, the case 56 cm high, 90 cm wide, 36 cm deep

A cedar cased scale model of a steam clipper, Australian, 19th century, 46 cm high, 128 cm wide, 25 cm deep

A carved cedar scale model of a steam barge, Australian, late 19th century, Within a glazed cedar case, 26 cm high, 66.5 cm wide, 17 cm deep

A cased scale model of a clipper ship, 19th century, 40 cm high, 43.5 cm wide, 20.5 cm deep

A cedar and huon pine boat hull model, Australian, late 19th/20th century, 24 cm high, 114 cm wide, 14 cm deep

A small carved cedar boat hull model, 19th century, the reverse inscribed with a partly damaged label, J. Lewin Bass Strait...1 Feb 1897, 14 cm high, 29.5 wide

Model of a two mast English ship, approx 58 cm high, 73 cm wide

A large and impressive wooden model ship "Captain Cooks Endeavour"

World War II US Submarine group USS Blueback, including Original Captains Serving Flag, copy of its Battle flag, also a large scale model of the Blueback Submarine

Late 19th century half-hull model of a sailing ship in a cedar case

Antique English glass cased model of a four mast ship, approx 54 cm high, 82 cm wide, 27 cm deep

Model ship in glass bottle, approx 12 cm high, 20 cm long

Hallmarked sterling King George V Battleship model. Painted cedar; purportedly made by apprentices garden Island c.1940s/50s. Damage & losses. Length 127 cm

Pair Georgian silver sugar tongs, silver model boat & metal container (3)

An important live steam model of the 'Charlotte Dundas' circa 1870s, approximately 1:24 scale model, of the paddlewheel steamboat, constructed, according to family history, from timbers taken from the actual Charlotte Dundas which was scrapped in 1861, cen

An early 20th century alabaster Kotuku ship model in a glazed display case. Height 40 cm. Width 53 cm. Depth 22 cm

A vintage scale model fishing trawler of the ship Northern Isles. Height 20 cm. Width 60 cm. Depth 12.5 cm

A detailed static model of Thermopylae clipper ship Built 1868 a mid-19th century sailing ship, the body of moulded wood, painted green. The planked deck with three masks and rigging raised on a wooden base. 48 cm high, 122 cm long, 49 cm deep.

A painted wood and coral model of a ship, English, 19th century, case 57 cm high, 84 cm wide and 37 cm deep. Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney

Small ship builders model of the sail ship 'Thermopylae' in display case measuring 36 x 49 cm

Small ship builders model of the sail ship ‘Westland’ built in 1878 for the Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Ltd together with book entitled Westland by J H Hillary, in display case measuring 35 x 48 cm