Learn about Basting Spoons

A long handled spoon, usually 30 to 35 cm long, for scooping up the meat juices in the bottom of the roasting vessel, and pouring them over the meat, to ensure the meat browned as it cooked. Basting spoons date from the 17th century, and the early examples had a tubular tapering handle (to facilitate cooling of the handle) and a spherical end cap. However few early examples survive, as the handles easily dented or fractured and were difficult to repair. Later examples from about 1770 to 1860 had a conventional flat handle as seen on other types of spoons of this period.

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Georgian sterling silver basting spoon, marked SG EW, London, 1792, approx 30 cm long, 102g

A fine pair of George III sterling silver basting spoons, 1817 London, with maker's marks for Thomas Wilkes Barker, elegant Old English spoons with pointed tips, with engraved griffins to the terminals & Hallmarked underside. Silver weight 174gr. L

A matching mixed pair of sterling silver basting spoons, 1895, 1897 London, with maker's marks for George Myers, and Charles Boyton, Old English spoons, crisply hallmarked to finials. Silver weight 305gr. Length 30 cm

Two Georgian sterling silver basting spoons, 1768 and 1818 London, with maker's mark for William & Thomas Chawner, and; John & Henry Lias, respectively, an Old English spoon and a later large fiddle pattern spoon, hallmarked underside to both.

A pair of Victorian sterling silver basting spoons by John Henry Lias, London 1839, in fiddle thread and shell design, 314 grams

Scottish hallmarked sterling silver George IV pair of basting spoons in the King's Husk pattern, monogrammed 'Rr'. Glasgow, 1824, maker Mitchell & Sons. Condition: excellent to good, minor age related wear. Length 31 cm. Weight 382g

Georgian sterling silver basting spoon, hallmarked London 1801, maker P, A & W Bateman, 31.5 cm approx.

5pcs Georgian sterling silver serving spoons c.1,800 - 1830. Various makers and date marks, comprising of 1 basting spoon, 1 ladle and 3 table spoons basting spoon. Length 30 cm. Total. Weight 413gms

A long Georgian sterling silver basting spoon, fiddle and thread pattern with hallmarks London 1798. Makers Ely & Fearn. Length 30.5 cm

A fine pair of George III sterling silver basting spoons, 1785 London, with rare incuse mark, and maker's mark for William Sutton, in Old English design, crisply hallmarked to stems; provenance: purchased from Kevin Murray silver for $2200, silver weight 1

Victorian sterling silver basting spoon, hallmarked Exeter 1848, 30 cm long approx.

A fiddle pattern silver basting spoon, monogram MW on handle, maker: Mary Sumner, London, 1808, 124gm.

An English silver basting spoon, by George Jackson & David Fullerton 1911, with fiddle back and engraved eagle crested handle, 157 grams

A pair Georgian sterling silver basting spoons, 1795 London, by Thomas Hatton, Old English shell pattern, length 31 cm. Total weight 281gms

A pair of Georgian sterling silver basting spoons, London 1787/8, with maker's mark for probably Richard Crossley, the Old English pattern spoons of elegant long stemmed form with armorials to the finials; crisply hallmarked underside, silver weight 22

Sterling silver Old English pattern basting spoon, London 1808

English hallmarked sterling silver Victorian basting spoon in the fiddle pattern, monogrammed 'C'. London, 1846, maker John James Whiting. Condition good, minor dents & age expected wear. Length 31 cm. Weight 145g

English hallmarked sterling silver Hanovarian basting spoon designed in the rats tail pattern, with a double drop back. Marks rubbed. Condition good, age related wear. Length 35.5 cm. Weight 190g

English hallmarked sterling silver Edward VIII basting spoon in the Kings pattern. Birmingham, 1907, maker Elkington & Co Ltd. Condition good, minor age related Ware. Length 34.5 cm. Weight 211g

Sterling silver fiddle thread and shell basting spoon, London 1857

Georgian sterling silver basting spoon, hallmarked London 1809, 112ms approx., 29 cm long approx.

Victorian sterling silver basting spoon, hallmarked London 1842, 141gms approx.

A George III sterling silver basting spoon, fiddle pattern with period script initials of exceptional gauge. Maker: William Eley and William Fearn. London, 1,800

A stunning very early Victorian Queen's (or Rosette) pattern basting spoon of exceptional quality with period engraved armorial. Maker: William Bateman. London, 1838

A Scottish pair of George IV sterling silver fancy King’s pattern basting spoons by Mitchell & Sons, Glasgow 1826

Victorian sterling silver basting spoon hallmarked London 1852, with armorial to handle, 174 grams approx,

Sterling basting spoon, London 1829-30, maker CO

Sterling basting spoon, London 1828-29 maker T Cox Savory

A George IV sterling silver Feather Edge basting spoon by J. McKay, Edinburgh and a George III cream ladle by Hester Bateman, London 1782 (2)

A Victorian silver basting spoon; fiddle and thread pattern; Mary Chawner, London, 1840. Length 30.5 cm. Weight 160g.

A pair of William IV silver basting spoons; fiddle pattern; Mary Chawner, London, 1835. Length 30 cms. Weight 270g.

Pair of Georgian sterling silver basting spoons C.1796 30.5 cm approx 269g approx(2)

A William IV sterling silver basting spoon. Maker Morris Brothers 1825. 192gms.

A sterling silver basting spoon. Maker William Eley and William Chawner 1814. 102gms.

A large Queen Anne/George I Britannia standard basting spoon. Maker Samuel Hitchcock. London 1714. 180gms.

A George III provincial silver basting spoon, fiddle pattern, monogrammed; Joseph Hicks, Exeter 1799. Length 30 cm. Weight approx 100g.