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A ninety two piece American sterling silver cutlery service, 1895, with marks for Gorham, the 'Chantilly' pattern service for ten, comprising: dinner knives and forks, fish knives and forks, bread and butter knives, dessert spoons and forks, soup spoons, s

Rare extensive vintage Canteen of Georg Jensen Acorn (konig) pattern of sterling silver cutlery. To include 12 dinner knife & forks, 12 dessert spoons, 16 lunch fork, 10 lunch knife, 5 mocha spoons, 12 butter knives, 12 soup spoons, 12 fish knife &

A collection of Australian silver 'Wildflower' serving sets by Linton, comprising, pair of salad servers, cake slice, two pairs of sauce and condiment ladles, butter knife and a serving spoon, (9)

American Gorham silver 'Poppy' pattern flatware, 52 pieces, comprising 4 each:- grapefruit, iced teaspoon, butter knife, teaspoon, coffee, sugar spoon, soup spoon, bouillon soup spoon, salad fork, oyster fork, knife, and 8 main forks. 1510 grams ap

106 piece sterling silver cutlery suite double struck Kings pattern, comprising, soup ladle, pair of basting spoons, 3 sauce ladles, 4 butter knives, 12 table forks, 12 tablespoons, 12 soup spoons, 12 dessert forks, 12 dessert spoons, 12 teaspoons, 12 tabl

A Georg Jensen 'Acorn' pattern flatware service designed by Johan Rhode, post 1945 marks, (190), comprising, eight dinner knives, eight luncheon knives, eight fruit knives, eight dinner forks, eight luncheon forks, eight pastry forks, eight soup spoons, ei

A sterling silver jam spoon, sifter and butter knife trio, and a set of sterling silver novelty cocktail Picks, both boxed, 1900 Birmingham, with maker's marks for Levi & Salaman, a rococo revival trio, and; 1929 Birmingham, with maker's marks

A Georg Jensen sterling Acorn cutlery set, comprising, 8 x fork, knife starter, main & dessert spoons, 9 x soup spoons, 6 x tea spoon, 1 x slice bread knife, butter knife, serving spoon and a scope (60 pieces)

A comprehensive suite of Hanoverian pattern silver flatware, mostly by C.J Vander, circa 1978-1992, comprising twelve main forks, twelve entree forks, eleven pistol grip main knives, thirteen pistol grip entree knives, twelve pistol grip fish knives and fo

A 48pce Georgian/Victorian sterling silver part flatware set with 24pcs later stainless knives Silvet early to late 19th century, various makers and dates knives, early 20th century, Sheffield makers, comprising of 6 soup spoons, 5 tablespoons, 12 teaspoon

A Georg Jensen sterling silver 'Acorn' pattern cutlery service with settings for ten comprising table knives, table forks, entree knives, entree forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, steak knives, fish knives, tea spoons and coffee spoons, and servin

A set of six. 800 silver spoons, with butter & pate knives, early 20th century, German, with maker's marks to spoons for Koch & Bergfeld. the spoons with gilt washed bowls and delicate pendant floral motifs to the shaped finials; the tapering h

127 piece Birks Chantilly pattern sterling silver cutlery suite including 3 piece carving set, cake knife, cake fork, 15 dinner knives, 11 dessert knives, 6 fish forks, 6 fish knives, 12 teaspoons, 6 coffee spoons, 9 butter knives, cheese knife, 12 salad f

A German silver set comprising a sugar spoon and a butter knife. The handle shaped as roses. Stamped 'Silver 835 Germany'

An American International Silver Co. sterling silver six place 66 piece 'Trianon' cutlery service, comprising: six silver handled table knives, eight table forks, six entree knives, four serving spoons, six dessert spoons, six parfait spoons, six o

An 800 Continental silver (setting for 12) 156pcs, flatware service, early 20th century, silver pieces comprising of 12 soup spoons. 12 dinner, forks. 12 fish forks. 12 tea spoons. 12 coffee spoons, 12 dessert spoons. 13 various serving pieces, total silve

J. A. Linton, 4pcs sterling silver serving flatware, comprising of two small ladles, jam spoon and butter, knife, in the arts & crafts style. Finials with various motifs inc, Galleon ships and mythical dolphin, stamped with JAL' & Gumnut marks,

22 piece silver cutlery. Including 6 sweet spoons, Sheffield 1963, James Dixon; 14 pce coffee set marked 800, incl. 6 each spoons & forks, jam spoon & butter knife; & two various souvenir spoons, for Hong Kong & Athens. Wt. 311g

An Canadian sterling silver flatware service for six, circa 1925-32 period, with maker's marks for S.Kirk & Son, the thirty eight piece setting, comprising a three piece serving set, knives, forks, fish forks, five dessert spoons, coffee spoons, an

Sterling silver 'Kings pattern' cutlery set, hallmarked Sheffield 1937, comprising of 6 each dinner knifes and forks, entree knifes and forks, dessert spoons, serving spoons, plus 5 teaspoons, 2 ladles, mustard spoon, together with a butter knife (43)

A Birks sterling Chantilly pattern, 63pcs part flatware set, mid 20th century, manufactured U.S.A.. i) sterling silver flatware: 7 dessert forks; weight 467grams 4 serving spoons; weight 285grams 5 table spoons; weight 261grams 8 dessert spoons; weight 253

i) A J. A. Linton, sterling silver, Arts & Crafts style ladle, with mythical dolphin finial. Stamped marks: 'JAL, SILVER' and 'Gumnut'. Length 12.2m. ii) A J A Linton, sterling silver, Arts & Crafts style. Butter knife, with kangaroo paw finial. Stamped ma

A Christofle 'Commodore' pattern sterling silver flatware set housed in a Christofle 'Regency' mahogany chest, circa 1990, (114) comprising ten dinner knives, ten dinner forks, ten table spoons, ten dessert knives, ten dessert forks, ten dessert spoons, te

Sterling silver butter knife and ladle Butter knife hallmarked 1834,75grams approx, together with ladle hallmarked Sheffield 1895, 66 grams approx

A mid 20th century American silver 'Romance of the Sea' cutlery service by Wallace, circa 1930, comprising of ; 8 x main knives and forks, 8 x fish forks and 1 x knife, 10 x dessert spoons, 9 x butter knives, 6 x pickle forks and 1 x pierced serving spoon

A Reed and Barton American silver cutlery canteen Francis pattern, comprising approximately four straining spoons two tablespoons nine dinner knives twenty six steak knives twelve dinner forks two bread forks two fish forks one butter knife one serving fo

Christofle silver cutlery set including, ten dinner knives, ten entree knives, ten fish knives, ten entree forks, ten dinner forks, ten fish forks, ten soup spoons, ten dessert spoons, ten coffee spoons, butter knife, cake knife and fork, serving knife and

A canteen of Georg Jensen silver 'Cypress' pattern flatware, designed by Tias Eckhoff in 1954, together with cruets (127). A canteen of Georg Jensen silver 'Cypress' pattern flatware, designed by Tias Eckhoff in 1954, together with cruets comprising: eight

A Danish silver flatware service designed by Georg Jensen in 1906, mark of Georg Jensen, 1910-1925 and 1915-1927, Denmark (193). A Danish silver flatware service designed by Georg Jensen in 1906, mark of Georg Jensen, 1910-1925 and 1915-1927, Denmark Conti

Sterling silver berry spoon & 3 butter knives with various hallmarks including London 1773 & 1862, 205 grams

Boxed set of six sterling silver spoons with matching jam spoon and butter knife

An impressive 184 piece set of American silver cutlery in a large fitted mahogany canteen, 'Old French' pattern; comprising 12 each: dinner knives and forks, luncheon knives and forks, salad forks, cocktail forks, bouillon spoons, teaspoons, citrus or oran

Sterling silver sauce ladle Hardy Brothers Sheffield 1919 weighs 80gms with Hardy Brothers sterling silver butter knife Sheffield 1928 weighs 41gms

An American silver cutlery service, 'Old mirror' pattern by Towle: settings for six: table and dessert knives, table and dessert forks, dessert & soup spoons, cake fork, tea and coffee spoons, butter knife, pair of serving forks, two small spoons, carving

A superb Georg Jensen Sterling Silver, cutlery setting. Acorn Design comprising: 10 dinner knives, 10 entree knives, 10 steak knives, 10 fish knives,10 dinner forks, 10 entree forks, 10 soup spoons,10 dessert spoons,10 teaspoons,10 coffee spoons, two pairs

A Georg Jensen sterling silver 'Acorn' cutlery service for eight, with accessories, 1945 onwards, pattern number 62, designed by Johan Rohde, 1915, comprising one hundred and thirteen pieces including: soup, tea, dessert and bouillon spoons, long handled a

Georg Jensen, 'Acorn' pattern part flatware service, comprising six dinner forks, six soup spoons, four demi tasse teaspoons, five butter knives, six luncheon knives, four with serrated blades, all knives with stainless steel blades, each stamped 'GJ sterl

43 piece Royal Danish sterling canteen. Matching setting for 6 each entree & dinner knives & desert forks, desert spoons & forks, & soup spoons. Plus one matching butter knife. All forks & spoons marked Royal Danish international sterling. Wt. 1,695g (tota

10 various hallmarked sterling silver tableware items, including tealeaf strainer, Sheffield 1959; three various butter knives, London 1805, 1832 etc. three small butter knives, Birmingham 1908 etc. sugar nips, Birmingham 1801; and 2 other spoons. Wt. 252g

Eight various hallmarked sterling silver tableware items, including 2 various butter knives, London 1845; and 1817; dinner fork, London 1825; 2 various dessert spoons, London 1830 & Sheffield 1927; and jam spoon; dessert spoon & fork. Wt. 313g 9total)

Georg Jensen silver Bernadotte pattern flatware service for eight places, comprising teaspoons, dessert spoons, soup spoons, table spoons, fish knives, fish forks, butter knives, dinner knives, dinner forks luncheon knives, luncheon forks, fruit knives, fr