These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Rare boxed Parker pen presentation set comprising fountain pen & biro, inscribed to 'R.H. Brewer' with a plaque 'In Appreciation Hugh Parker',

Vintage Parker 61 insignia 12k rolled gold pen set comprising of a fountain pen with jewel ends and engraved initials, together with matching ballpoint with no initials and jewel top missing

Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen, with black and gold tiger stripe

A Parker pen set, ball point and fountain pen, ribbed white metal with small circle detail. Boxed.

Sheaffer fountain pen, with 14K nib together with a Parker gold filled propelling pencil

Two Parker Pens, a fountain pen and a felt tipped pen. (2)

Parker pen set comprising a fountain pen & ball point pen in original box

A selection of four vintage fountain pens, to include a wyvern14ct nib pen, a conway stewart 14ct nib pen, a parker and mentore.

A Parker 51 Mk1 aeromatic pen and pencil boxed set ( mid 1950's)

Two fountain pens, Sheaffer and Parker. (2)

Two Parker pens, 'Duofold' propelling pencil and another. (2)

A Parker '51' pen with 12ct rolled gold top in original box

Four various Parker pens, including Parker 51 fountain pen, lid marked 14ct gold

Four various fountain pens, consisting of Mentmore, Parker 51, Conway & Faber, wih 14k nibs

Parker 9ct gold fountain pen. #15 English 14ct nib. Width 24.9g (total)

Five various fountain Pens. Conklin; Onoto; Parker Vacumatic; Melbi, 14ct. Nib; and Onoto 22, with grey barrel

The Conway Stewart no.58 fountain pen & pencil set in original box with 14ct gold nib, together with Parker & Platignum fountain pens

Parker Jour, gilt sterling pen in box (4)

A Parker 51 fountain pen, press fit lid. In original box, Mazzucchellis label