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Jose Bribiesca, rare chess set, with 32 pieces in chromed steel with coloured and inset Perspex on glass chess board. Individual pieces of variable dimensions. Chessboard measures 40.5 cm x 40.5 cm

A travellers turned ivory, patent chess set, by Jaques London. Late 19th century, the playing board is constructed of mahogany with rosewood and boxwood inlaid tiles. Stamped 'Jaques London, in Statu Quo, Patent, Chess Board'. Board: 23 x 23 cm

A Victorian turned ivory chess set, mid 19th century. King height 8.8 cm

A fine Australian folding chess board, cedar and kauri pine with red pine secondary timber, mid 19th century. Together with a set of turned wooden Staunton shaped pieces in box. 37.5 cm x 37 cm

An alabaster chessboard together with at set of horn chess pieces

A Chinese carved white and stained ivory chess set in presentation box. Purchased in Hong Kong 1969.

A fine Vizagapatam games box, early 19th century of incised ivory and horn inlaid into sandalwood, the top of the box opening to form a chess board, opening to reveal an interior containing three inlaid sandalwood boxes with sliding lids for game accouterm

A Chinese carved and tinted ivory chess set in a fitted case opening to form the chess board, early 20th century, the largest piece 12 cm high

Australian silver chess pieces experimental pieces, modelled as Queen Victoria;. Height 15.3 cm weight 1994g. Ned Kelly, with removable head gear;. Height 15 cm weight 1202g. Corporal Sambo;. Height 10 cm weight 588g. Total weight 3784g

A Persian carved ivory chess set, early 20th century, carved as soldiers and generals on elephants, set upon integral timber stands, boxed

Vintage Chinese chess set, with ivory playing pieces circa 1940

Chinese ivory chess set in fitted silk lined games box. Mid 20th century

A chess set in a mahogany BOXthe box lid carved with a diamond pattern and a chess piece, 45 x 13 x 26.5 cm

A Bibliophile chess box two sectional, in the form of two books, 27 x 46 x 10 cm

Kotahi handmade crushed marble Maori chess set in original box

A Chinese carved and tinted ivory chess set, 19th century, the tallest piece 17 cm high

Vintage carved ivory chess set, with stained timber playing board box, 10 cm high (King) approx.

A satinwood and ebony travelling chess set comprising chessmen, folding board and mahogany box, the slide-action cover with ivory cartouche

Lennyson (Signed) The Chess Players oil on canvas 73 x 55 cm

A cased wooden chess set and a wooden box containing ebonised and red lacquer checkers pieces.

European lace work figure group, of man and lady playing chess, 28 cm wide approx

Boxed quality hand carved onyx chess set board, measures 30 cm in case

26 early stained ivory Chinese chess pieces. Some chips/losses etc, c.1930s. Wt. 240 (total)

Antique 19th century Chinese export carved ivory, complete chess set, circa 1870's

An Indian ivory chess set. Height of tallest: 8.5 cm (32)

A carved ivory chess set with a marble board, 19th century the 'white' pieces carved as European figures, and the 'black' pieces, tinted red, and carved as Asian figures, the board of green onyx and black marble, the pieces of 5.3 cm to 10.3 cm high, the b

Antique turned bone chess pieces along with an oak box, approx 26 cm x 20 cm

Two sets of wooden chess pieces, both in heavily carved boxes (2)

A cased wooden chess set and a bone and bamboo mahjong set in a mother-of-pearl inlaid box

Jose Bribiesca, rare chess set, 32 pieces in chromed steel with coloured and inset Perspex on glass chessboard, individual pieces of variable dimensions, height of tallest 7.3 cm; chessboard measures 40.5 cm x 40.5 cm