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A rare escape map of China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Shanghai, printed in 1942 on rayon, 100 x 78 cmS (E - M)

Six 1942 USA escape maps covering south East Asia, printed on both sides on rayon, issued to all Allied Forces (E - M) (6)

Double Hemisphere World Map: 'Der Gantze Welt Kreis in Seinen, Zwey Grossen Begriffen' by Bodenehr [Augsburg, c1704-15], window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 33 x 38 cm. Shows California as an island & west coast of America.

Maps: 'Een Schets van de Algemeene Passaad-Winden in de Atlantische en Indiansche Zeen' by Dampier [1698], 'L'Asie' by Macquart [1739] & 'East Indies' by Jeffreys [1778], all framed, various sizes.

India Map: 'Tabula Asiae X' by Sebastian Munster [Basle, c1561], window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 54 x 48 cm.

Set of Five World War II escape maps of different areas of South East Asian. All mint condition, unopened

TASMANIA' 1883 large folding map in 30 sectors laid down on linen and contained in a slip-case from the supplier: Edward Stanford Ordnance Maps, Charing Cross. Published by authority of the Honorable N.J.Brown, Minister of Land & Works. Litho: R.Bennett, D

Framed print of 1792 map of Sydney Cove, 65 cm x 54 cm (frame) approx.

Map, 'The Kingdome of England,' John Speed 1610. Described by Christopher Saxon, augmented by John Speed; with costumed figures vignettes to each side. Hand coloured engraving. 38.5 x 51 cm

Map, the world, 1748. 'Essay d' Une Carte Reduite Contenant les Partes Connuees du globe Terrestre,' by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin. Coloured copper engraving. 48 x 64 cm

Album 19th century photographs etc. Carte de visite, famous figures incl. Lincoln & HRH the Prince of Wales; some explorer & town views, children & animals. Mostly English.

'N.Z. Lighthouse Chart' the principal harbour lights, 1909, printed in colours by the Marine Department, framed and glazed. 30 cm x 23 cm

Mappemonde map, Robert de Vaugondy (1688-1766), France, circa 1752, hand coloured world map in two hemispheres, the map 47 x 70.5 cm. Provenance: purchased from the Parker gallery, London, 1979

Tabula Selenographica, Johann Gabriel Doppelmair (1671-1750), Nuremberg, circa 1742, hand coloured engraved double-hemisphere of the lunar surface, vertical seam to centre, the map, 47.5 x 59 cm. Provenance: purchased from Baynton- Williams, London in the

Ebenezer Ward 'The South-Eastern District of South Australia' 1869 with 1867 map

Framed Paterson map, along with unframed Dungog, Newcastle, lake Macquarie and singleton

A group of 9 framed Italian flag & map prints, various sizes. Largest frame: 79 x 64 cm.

1777 French Chart of Van Diemens Land (Adventure Bay)

Hand coloured antique map of Caernarvon-Shire by John Spede, 38 x 51 cm

The Imperial Gazetteer of India. Volume XXVI Atlas. 1932. Hardcover. Many detailed maps together with all sorts of information concerning the pre Independence pricey states etc.

3 silk Maps. These maps were issued to Z special Unit for use behind Japanese lines Whilst many silk maps were used during World War II, these ones were unique to Z special Unit in that they were passed on to Jack by fellow Z man Jack Bickford

Facsimile edition - Peron, The Atlas only 1824 (2008) bound in half leather no. 18 of 150

Allan A. Davidson - Journal of Explorations in central Australia 1905 (2004 facsimile edition) no. 18 of 99, bound in quarter leather with separate facsimile edition of the maps (two)

Modern foil print of a map of the world, approx 53 cm x 63 cm

Two framed antique hand coloured maps of the British Isles & the Province of Munster. Frames approximately 182 cm x 67 cm

Map: 'Chart of the Pacific Ocean' circa 1820 showing New Holland with incomplete northern and southern coastlines and only the east coast of Van Diemen's Land; Papua or New Guinea largely incomplete; Japan, Philippines, eastern China and the north and sout

Map: 'Imperii Romani Pars Occidentalis. Hispania. L'Espagne' engraved map published by Moithey [Paris, c1780], size 44 x 28 cm.

Map: A French hand coloured map 'Hemisphere Oriental', circa 1768, attributed to Brion de la Tour, pre Captain Cook with undefined east coast of Australia. 42 x 36 cm

Royal Geographic Society sterling silver world map circa 1976, marked 925/1000, 51 cm x 70 cm (frame)

Book, 1832, sketch of the History of van Diemens Land, James Bischoff, including Arrowsmith map, separately mounted

Charles Edwin Woodrow bean (C.E.W. Bean) 1879 - 1968. The story of Anzac; 12 volumes with original covers 'From the outbreak of war to the end of the first phase of the Gallipoli campaign, May 4, 1915', with 111 maps and 56 illustrations Ninth edition, pub

i) A 'Johnson's Australia' framed map, c.1864, by Johnson & Ward hand coloured engraved print. 32 x 40 cm (image); ii) 'The world on Mercator's Projection' framed map Published 1816 London, by C.S. Smith hand coloured engraved print note: showing Capt. Coo

Thomes Bowen (?-1790) A new and Accurate map of Asia, drawn from the most modern Maps and Charts, 1799 Handcoloured & engraved, for Middletons complete System of Geography 32.5 x 42.5 cm

Map, New & Correct Map of the Whole World. Made or published by Herman Moll, London, 1719. Four joined sheets, hand coloured. Various repaired tears & small losses to the margins. 73 x 123 cm

Hawthorn - Prahran circa 1887. Two canvas backed maps scale 400 feet to an inch, stone engraved by Clarence Woodhouse [printed by John Batton 79 Queen St], housed in original black cloth covered boards with gilt lettering.

City of Prahran. Compiled by T. B. Muntz, City Surveyor, 1882, fold-up map in 16 sections on linen-backing, with many properties added in red ink, overall 83x90 cm.

Geological Map of Gipps Land (Sheet No.1), Surveyed by R. A. F. Murray under the direction of the Mining department, Melbourne [c1875], linen-backed roll-up map, size 97x110 cm.