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A white jade finger Citron, Qing Dynasty, 18th century, the 'Buddha's hand' fruit with six Co-joined fingers, attached to a leafy branch, a tiny cricket on one finger, the stone of good even tone apart from two tiny traces of skin, 9 cm long, f

A rare white jade flower-form washer, song Dynasty (960-1279), the six-lobed translucent vessel well worked with radiating lines from a central stamen to define the petals forming the rim, old silver repair to rim, 11.5 cm diameter (variable). Reference: s

Good Chinese carved jade tablet, of oval form, carved with bird figures, 6 cm x 4 cm approx

A small jade pot, 7 cm high, 9 cm wide. Provenance: The Connoisseurs Store. The Estate of Stanley Crawford Stevens.

Three archaic style carved jade bladed forms, restrained relief carved mask type highlights, mid-pale tone, two with pale oxidised type finish.

An archaic style green jade axe head, the curving blade form with soft edge, stylised restrained decoration including various piercings, mid-green tone with speckled tan highlights. Length 23.5 cm

A Chinese jade cabinet carving of a finger citron (Buddha's hand), the fruit standing with other fruits upon a pierced wooden stand. Overall height 22 cm

A Chinese jade cabinet carving of an ear of corn, the ear standing supported by other fruits including peaches. Raised on pierced wooden stand. Overall height 31.5 cm

A fine Chinese jade peony tree, with blooms, buds and foliage in various natural and enhanced colours wired to create a growing plant and housed in a rectangular green jade planter. Height 41 cm

A pair of Chinese jade lions and a smoky jade censer, the fantastic winged lions in an animated pose, in vigorously veined celadon jade with black and iron red inclusions, and a translucent smoky tri-footed censer bowl with ringed lion handles and a carved

A Chinese jade chicken vase with cover, in vividly striated and figured jade in near white, emerald and deep olive colours, the body in the form of conjoined chickens with ringed handles and a dual chicken head cover, upon a fitted base, as found. Height 2

A Mongolian style Chinese silver and jade ewer, second half 20th century, the ewer of pear shape with two carved jade medallions with dragon motifs to the body, a jade belt buckle to the handle and a zoomorphic spout, decorated with filigree, applied deco

An Chinese archaic jade carved as joined coiled dragons. Height 21 cm

Chinese carved Jade disc, on stand, 9 cm high approx.

Antique mottled grey jade twin handle lidded urn, ex Sydney antique shop C1960, height 15 cm approx

A Chinese celadon green jade washer, Republic period, 20th century, supported on the flat base, 9.6 cm diameter, fitted box

A spinach jade disc, late Qing-Republic period, 19-20th century, one side finely incised with a hut under a tree, a large pine branch on the other, both sides inscribed with a poem and a seal, standing on a carved boxwood 'prunus' stand. 10.6 cm a

A large Chinese jadeite boulder carving of a cockerel, hen and chicks, 20th century, the pale green stone very well carved with some russet brown inclusions to the combs and tails, supported on a carved hardwood base in the form of a basket, 18.8 cm high,

A white jade recumbent dog, Qing dynasty, 18th century, finely carved with the tail curled around between the back legs, nicely polished, 4.5 cm long

A rare fine Chinese jadeite washer, probably late Qing Dynasty, late 19th- 20th century, the semi-translucent pale green stone with darker inclusions, covered with good polish, 4.5 x 12.1 cm, fitted wood stand. Provenance: A New Zealand private collection,

A Chinese carved white jade 'chi-dragon' disk, Qing dynasty, 5.3 cm diam. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, the collection assembled in the 1970s in HK and Singapore, and hence by descent.

A Mughal-style carved celadon jade bowl, 14 cm wide. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, the collection assembled in the 1970s in HK and Singapore, and hence by descent

A Chinese carved archaic style jade 'Taotie' bell, Qing dynasty, 22 cm long (suspended), 255g. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, the collection assembled in the 1970s in HK and Singapore, and hence by descent

A set of four Chinese archers ring, of pottery, jade, amber, and agate, with a fitted box,, approx. 3.3 cm diam (4)

An archaistic jade ewer 17th/18th century, with rounded sides springing from a short foot carved in low relief with horizontal bands of rope twist and overlapping leaf motifs with finely incised detailing, set on one side with a dragon loop handle opposite

Two jade carvings, 19th/20th century, (2), comprising a small celadon jade cup carved in the form of a segment of bamboo, with a branch bearing slender leaves forming a handle and two bats in relief to one side, the pale stone with russet suffusions, and a

A white jade seal, (2), of square form surmounted by a seated figure of a Buddhist lion holding a large ball beneath its raised right forepaw, with head turned to the side and jaws open, the curly mane extending down the spine to a bushy tail, the whitish

A pale celadon jade 'chilong' belthook Qing dynasty, 19th century, carved with a dragon head terminal facing an undercut chilong on the arched stem, the reverse with a flat circular button for attachment, 13.5 cm long

A pale celadon jade 'dragon' belthook Qing dynasty, 19th century, the slightly curved shaft with dragon's head hook, surmounted by an undercut chilong holding a lingzhi frond in its mouth, the underside with an oval knop for attachment carved w

A signed Chinese Straits silver and jade box, early 20th century, the squared box with a slightly shaped lid with a celadon jade bi inset with a silver button, with four finely embossed and chased roundels to the body each bearing symbolic creatures, drago

A Chinese pale green jade belt hook, of sinuous shape carved and pierced with a qilin to the upper surface and with the hook formed as a dragon's head. Length 9 cm

A Chinese spinach Translucent jade bowl, the rounded body with a flared mouth, on a low flat foot, condition: a fine hairline, diameter 13 cm