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A Chinese celadon jade libation cup, Qing Dynasty,18th-19th century, finely carved with a fisherman on a boat in a river landscape, 9.1 cm long, 8.5 cm high. Provenance: A private Queensland collection

A pale-greenish white jade mountain, Qing dynasty, 19th century, carved in relief, one side with a boy on a water buffalo playing a flute below a scholar holding an umbrella standing beside a pavilion on a path, the reverse with a pine tree with russet-bro

A large Chinese celadon jade boulder, 20th century, finely worked with two figures in a grotto, the stone of good even celadon colour, the back with a large area of russet skin, 12.2 x 14.5 cm. Provenance: Mossgreen, 14-15 June 2011, lot 471 (sold for: $7,

A Chinese white jade round pendent, Qing Dynasty 18th-19th century, 6.4 cm diameter

A Chinese white jade double gourd shaped lidded vase, 20th century, the exterior finely carved in relief with two squirrels climbing a branch of calabashes, 14.9 cm high. Provenance: A private Queensland collection

A white Chinese Hetian jade pendent of a parrot, late Qing to Republic period, early 20th century, finely carved in a form of a parrot, also known as 'Ying Wu, 6.7 cm long. Provenance: A Melbourne private collection

A Chinese carved pale-celadon jade 'magpies and prunus branches' scholar's object, with a fitted stand, 11 cm long, 175g

A Chinese carved pale-celadon jade libation cup, 10.3 cm high, 515g

A carved Chinese jadeite peacock-feather holder, 6.1 cm long

Jade carved figure group of bears under a pine tree with detail to both sides, on a carved timber stand. Height of jade 33 cm

A Chinese jade brush washer, carved with young boy, his arms stretched out encircling the bowl, diameter 5 cm

A Chinese jade belt hook carved with dragon head & Cicada, with rust striation, length 12 cm

A Chinese carved jade figure of the God of wealth, riding on the back of a Galloping horse, height 15 cm

A jade disc, carved with eight-Triagram, the centre revolves, Dia. 5.5 cm

A nephrite jade carving of a Ginseng root, the base carved with a line of Poetry, a nephrite jade tiger, length 4 - 8.5 cm

Chinese carved green jade elephant, approx 19 cm high, 25 cm including stand

Pair of spinach jade twin handled vases on bases, each approx 27 cm high including base (2)

Chinese Jade panels on wooden stands, each approx 20 cm high, 14 cm wide including stand (2)

Two Chinese carved jade panels, approx 3 cm long and smaller (2)

A Chinese white jade brush pot, of traditional straight sided form carved with a pine branch motif, height 15.5 cm

Jade Pillow. Reclining boy figure, on carved bed, length 32 cm

Jade tree. Early 20th century Bonsai plant, of coloured jade & coral, in matching pot, height 30 cm

Tea caddy, late 19th century, silver gilt lidded canister, extensively decorated with blossoms & birds, in enamel turquoise, with jade collar mounted on the shoulder, height 18 cm

A Chinese jade palace floor piece. Substantial & highly decorative two tone jade carved display piece, the main work features eight Daoist immortals, He Xiangu Cao Guojiu Li Tieguai Lan Caihe Lu Dongbin Han Xiangzi Zhang Guolao and Zhongli Quan., surmounti

Green jade glazed 'Dragon' footed bowl finely incised with two mythical dragons, Jiaqing six character seal mark

A pair of Chinese spinach jade bowls, tapering ogee bowls in figured translucent light green jade, with timber display stands, height 6 cm, diameter 12.5 cm

A large cream and tan Chinese jade figural group, in modulating hues of rich cream with splashes of tan and depicting two baby figures playing amidst lotus, gourds and a fish, on a fitted carved timber stand, height 19 cm, width 26.5 cm, depth 14 cm

A white jade finger Citron, Qing Dynasty, 18th century, the 'Buddha's hand' fruit with six Co-joined fingers, attached to a leafy branch, a tiny cricket on one finger, the stone of good even tone apart from two tiny traces of skin, 9 cm long, f

A rare white jade flower-form washer, song Dynasty (960-1279), the six-lobed translucent vessel well worked with radiating lines from a central stamen to define the petals forming the rim, old silver repair to rim, 11.5 cm diameter (variable). Reference: s

Good Chinese carved jade tablet, of oval form, carved with bird figures, 6 cm x 4 cm approx