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Chinese carved ivory figure group circa 1930, depicting a warrior on horseback, 7.5 cm high. NB. This item cannot be exported.

Vintage Oriental carved ivory face, circa 1920s, in gilt frame, ex Edith Elizabeth Antiques, 9 cm high approx. NB. This item cannot be exported.

A carved ivory Oriental figure of a warrior early 20th century, height: 16 cm (including stand)

A Japanese carved ivory okimono figure early 20th century depicting an old man with boy on shoulders and rabbit lower signed character marks to base, height: 15.5 cm

Japanese ivory and bronze figure of a woman, early 20th century, signed, mounted on a naturalistic wooden base, height 25 cm

Chinese carved ivory tusk, mid-20th century, depicting a village scene, length 35.5 cm

An fine ivory carving of the Shishi Fukijin on the Takarabune, Meiji period 1868-1912, finely carved, an elaborate vessel in full sail engraved and inked to represent woodgrain, decorated with patterns, motifs and mother-of-pearl studs and a large chicken

A fine large pair of antique Shibayama ivory vases, Meiji period, 1865-1912, Utilising the natural curvature of the tusk, exquisitely decorated in gold, coral, mother-of-pearl and depicting various birds including fowl and auspicious red crested cranes ami

A fine Chinese carved ivory gourd, Qing Dynasty to early 20th century, a fine elongated gourd fruit with trailing vine leaves, in two halves, each exquisitely carved to the interior in high relief with military figures on horseback engaged in fierce battl

A fine signed antique ivory netsuke of a Stork, Meiji period, 1865-1912, exquisitely carved, the figure of a recumbent stork with finely delineated feathers, its legs and feet curled underneath, with an integral cartouche, width 5.5 cm

A fine signed Japanese ivory okimono of a bear and cubs, Meiji period, 1865-1912, finely and naturalistically carved with a mother bear and her two play fighting cubs, with inscribed signature underside. Provenance: purchased Sotheby's 2003. Height 5.5 cm

An antique signed Chinese ivory pagoda vase, a finely carved and inked vase in two sections, the upper tiered pagoda elaborately pierced and hung with bells, the lower section in the form of a tripod censer with ornate dragon handles and richly relief carv

A fine antique Chinese ivory caparisoned horse, early 20th century, the animated semi-recumbent horse, beautifully decorated with a peacock eye saddlecloth and decorative regalia over its haunches, polished and tan coloured, and supported in a fitted rosew

A signed ivory okimono of a Bijin, Meiji period, 1865-1912, the serene figure of a kimono attired bijin, with immaculately coiffed hair, carrying a fan in her left hand and a lotus bloom in her right; with a black bordered red cartouche underside. Height 1

A small two door rosewood Chinese cabinet, the small slightly angled cabinet with an extended top with raised edges and relief carved spandrels, a shaped apron with ebonised panels to the top, sides and cupboards, the doors with floral motifs and applied f

A Chinese Qing export ivory tusk carving, late 19th early 20th century, depicting birds and blossom branches, on stand, 28 cm high

Two Japanese carved and lacquered ivory figures, Ono no Komanchi and a Shinto Priest, seated on stand inlaid with silver wire, Komanchi is famed for her beauty and poetry. Height 4 and 5 cm

An Indian ivory tusk carved with tigers chasing large elephants. Height 29 cm

A Japanese finely carved ivory lidded box on four low legs, Hiding inside the lid a mother of pearl insect, Meiji period, the lower half carved as a threaded bamboo basket the top half as a profusion of flowers. Height 9 cm

Pair of Chinese ivory table screens circa 1900, incomplete, dismantle into several parts, 24 cm wide, 17 cm high approx

Chinese 19th century carved ivory and silk fan, 40 cm long approx

Pair of antique Chinese carved ivory Foo Dogs, circa 1920s, 5 cm high approx.

Antique carved ivory signed inro, with etched scene, height 4.5 cm approx

Japanese antique carved Okimono, C:1920, gentleman with a animal, height 4 cm approx

Japanese antique carved ivory netsuke, C:1920, seated fishing gentleman, height 4 cm approx

Good Asian antique carved ivory village scene, on a carved timber stand, length 25 cm approx

Antique carved ivory fan, with rose and leaf decoration,C1920s, length 36 cm approx

Antique carved ivory scent bottle, with turquoise and coral inset stones, signed to base, height 8 cm approx

Antique Indian carved ivory Vaishnavism figure, with engraved figure to base, height 17.5 cm approx

Antique Chinese ivory paint brush, with carved calligraphy and floral decoration, length 23 cm approx

Good antique Japanese ivory figural figurine, depicting a gentleman and a child seated on a turtles back, on a timber stand, height 10 cm approx

A Japanese ivory carving of an peasant carting woven baskets signed to base, 20th century, 17.2 cm high

A Japanese carved ivory figure of a girl dressed in a kimono and carrying daikon on her back, signed, Meiji period, 16 cm high

A carved ivory elephant, late 19th century, 12 cm high

A Chinese ivory carved card holder, early 20th century, 9.6 x 5.6 cm

A carved ivory mounted rosewood walking stick, 19th century, 87 cm

A Malacca walking cane with carved ivory top, 19th century, 96 cm