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A Japanese ivory carving of an peasant carting woven baskets signed to base, 20th century, 17.2 cm high

A Japanese carved ivory figure of a girl dressed in a kimono and carrying daikon on her back, signed, Meiji period, 16 cm high

A carved ivory elephant, late 19th century, 12 cm high

A Chinese ivory carved card holder, early 20th century, 9.6 x 5.6 cm

A carved ivory mounted rosewood walking stick, 19th century, 87 cm

A Malacca walking cane with carved ivory top, 19th century, 96 cm

A Cantonese folding fan, Qing dynasty, 19th century, with a group of figures in a pavilion, polychrome with ivory heads, and the sixteen black lacquer sticks with gilt decoration, in original box, the fan 28 cm, together with a second painted lacquer box,

A Japanese ivory figure of an old fisherman, Meiji period (1868-1912), signed to the base, 19 cm high

A large pair of Chinese ivory wrist rests, late Qing dynasty,19-early 20th century, one carved with a scene of figures in a mountainous retreat, the other with figures under a large tree beside rocks alongside a stream and a figure in a boat, fitted silver

A Chinese ivory and gilt silver filigree table screen, early 20th century, the ivory plaque incised and painted with a landscape, signed 'Zhang Fengru', marked 'Ya Meili Zu Wen', 'Gan' under the stand, 18.6 cm high

A Chinese carved ivory boat carrying the eight immortals on the high Seas, each of the figures seated or standing holding their various attributes, on fitted black wood stand, length 32 cm height 9 cm

A pair of embellished black lacquer plaques Qing dynasty, 19th century, (2), each of stepped rectangular form, inlaid in jade, polychrome painted bone and ivory on the black ground, one with a central vase of peony and other flowers, surrounded by archaist

An intricately carved ivory plaque, 19th/20th century, (2), of rectangular fan shape with shallow sides, carved in deep undercut relief on the interior with a dense array of flowering plants and trees in a garden setting, including blossoming prunus and ma

A Meiji Period (1868-1911) bronze tray with centre reserve with carved ivory figures, signed verso. 24 cm diameter

An ivory Okimono, Meiji Period (1868-1911). 20 cm high.

An Okimono of Geisha, Meiji Period (1868-1911). 21 cm high.

19th century carved ivory figures on stand. 6.5 cm high.

Japanese antique carved ivory netsuke, C:1920, signed to base, 5 cm high

Antique Japanese ivory figure of horse & riders, of small proportions. Extremely finely carved, signed to base, c:1920.5.5 cm high.

Antique Japanese ivory figure of fisherman, late Meiji period, C:1900, signed to base. 20 cm high.

Antique Japanese ivory figure man & children., 22 cm high, late 19th century.

An ivory snuff bottle & stopper, the square-rounded form, Qing Dynasty, sitting on a round foot, each panel carved with auspicious flowering branches and their metaphors: wintersweet a faithful friend, chrysanthemum a helpful friend & lotus a surfa

A Japanese carved ivory tusk, Meiji period (1868-1912), decorated with village scenes and pines, housed on a fitted wooden stand, signed Seigyoku, 30 cm long

A Japanese gold lacquer mounted ivory vase, Meiji period (1868-1912), depicting lively scenes of birds, insects and squirrel amongst grapes, bamboo and flowers decorated in Takamaki-e, unsigned, 17 cm high

Japanese ivory netsuke, of a rabbit standing on a drum, Meiji period, signed. Height 6.5 cm

Meiji period bronze signed Japanese elephant with attacking lions having ivory tusks & on a carved timber stand. Condition fair, some restorations. Length 27 cm

A set of eight Chinese carved ivory Wang Mu horses, each finely carved in a standing or prancing pose on individual wooden stand. Length approx. 6 cm

A set of eight Chinese carved ivory Wang Mu horses, each carved in a different position with ornate covers and saddles. Wooden stands. Approx length 7.5 cm

Japanese carved ivory and wood figure depicting an elderly man holding a parasol with a woven basket on his back, standing on a burr-wood base

Good antique Chinese carved ivory figural group red seal to base, height 18.5 cm approx

Antique Chinese carved ivory gentleman figurine, height 6 cm approx

Carved Ivory elephant stand & 12 cocktail sticks circa 1930's, each stick carved with assorted animals

C1920's Chinese ivory brush pot decorated with trees and birds, 13 cm high (including timber base)

Vintage carved ivory shell, village scene on carved timber stand, 15 cm wide approx

Chinese carved ivory tusk figure circa 1890 depicting a man wearing a robe carrying a basket of vegetables on his head and holding a bunch of grapes with his left hand, a boy at his feet reaching towards them, 34.5 cm high

An Art Deco carved ivory figure of a young girl, she stands on her toes, her skirt held out performing a curtsy, finely detailed, raised on alabaster block base. Height 12.3 cm

A pair of mid-20th century Chinese carved ivory panels, each of half tusk form, finely carved with a three-dimensional scene before the solid curved back panel, traditional scenes of birds, florals, bamboo and rocky outcrops, both with vivid staining in re

A c.1950 Chinese carved and stained ivory figure of a girl, finely detailed, she stands wearing a traditional soft red stained jacket and long trousers, long red sash tied in a bow, a fan held high in her right hand with some damage, rectangular flared har