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A Japanese bronze lantern in the form of a pagoda, Meiji period, complete with bells & fire finial, later electrified, height 33 cm

A rare graduated set of seven Burmese bronze, opium weights, in the form of a Mon duck, 17th-19th century, cast on an octagonal base, thought to be a reliable judge of the purity or impurity of silver alloys. Provenance: Collection of a former diplomat, he

Antique Japanese bronze tigers attacking elephant, with maker mark to base, 30 cm wide, on carved timber base 36 cm wide, elephant tail cracked, one tiger detached from elephant

Early Chinese bronze wine vessel. Bird beak spout. Tri-footed. As inspected. Height 22 cm

A Japanese Meiji period bronze vase of baluster form with applied pair of Shi Shi chasing a foliated tasselled ball, the applied pieces achieved by a second firing, 48 cm high.

A Japanese Meiji period bronze eagle, perched on a rocky outcrop with wings out, and well moulded in four pieces 73 cm high

Pair of Chinese bronze and enamel twin handled vases, seal mark to base, each; 39 cm high (2)

Impressive bronze standing Buddha, age unknown, 63 cm high

A Chinese gilt bronze censer and cover, having six panels depicting animal and floral motifs, with two mythical lion mask handles, the lid is decorated with pierced scrolling fret-work and, central mythical lion finial. Height 12.5 cm

A Burmese bronze reclining Buddha, early 20th century, crowned and bejewelled Buddha entering parinirvana, metal plinth, 100 x 36 cm (Buddha)

A Japanese bronze figure of a Budai monk, 20th century, signed to the base, hardwood stand, 27 x 14.5 cm. Provenance: Collection of Ken Lawrence Foundation

A Chinese bronze seated figure of Amitbha Buddha, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, circa 1780, seating in a square throne in front of a flaming mandorla with Dhyana-mudra, the front bottom of the throne inscribed 'Da Qing Qian Long Kang Zi Nian Jing Zao&

A Japanese bronze vase, Meiji period (1868-1912), in the archaistic style, with two elephant head shaped handles, 31.5 x 29 cm

A Chinese bronze paper weight in the form of a ram, Length 8.5 cm

A Chinese bronze Votive plaque, with a seated Buddha in the centre & several disciples, on the reverse eleven lines of calligraphy, the mirror shape of domed top & square base. Height 19.5, W14.5 cm

A rare complete graduated set of eight Burmese bronze opium weights, in the form of mythical bird, 17th-19th century, comprising the tongue and mane of a lion, the horns of a deer, the feet of an elephant, and the tail of a horse, on a tapering square base

A good Chinese bronze mirror, late Ming-early Qing dynasty, 17th century, the stand heavily cast in the form of a mysterious animal, possibly a 'Xiezhi' in a resting position with the front left leg kneeling, head turning back, two 'ruyi' s

A signed Japanese bronze tsuba, 20th century. the circular pierced tsuba with a relief moulded male figure holding a fan upon a scroll patterned ground, inlaid with silver and brass alloys or shakudo, with Buddhist symbols, and script, diameter 8 cm

A Chinese gilded bronze dragon brush rest. the cast animated stylised dragon with distressed gilding throughout. Height 6 cm. Width 8.5 cm

A gilt bronze figure of Buddha Qianlong mark and period, the figure of Shakyamuni Buddha seated in meditative dhyanasana, the right arm lowered in bhumisparsamudra the left in dhyanamudra, wearing a loosely draped robe, the face with gentle expression and

Bronze Buddha cast in traditional pose on double plinth base, 39 cm height

A bronze figure of eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara, having eight arms and eleven heads, the principle hands clasped in front, standing on a lotus flower base, wearing beaded chains and flowing drapery, set on stand, 58 cm high (excluding stand)

Antique Japanese bronze vase with applied decoration, approx 15 cm high

Chinese bronze censer with a dog of fo finial, approx 42 cm high, 30 cm wide

A Thai gilt bronze Hong bird, Bangkok period, standing gracefully with wings spread, this auspicious figure promises miracles. Height 51 cm

A Thai gilt bronze seated Buddha on a double lotus throne. Height 48 cm

A seated Burmese bronze Buddha, with an Inscription on the front, the robes pooling around the rounded, plain base above the inscription. Height 55 cm

A Chinese bronze vase, baluster shape, decorated in low relief with two sinuous five-clawed dragons amongst fiery clouds above an ocean of tumultuous waves, four character Qianlong seal mark under the base. Height 25 cm

An old Chinese large bronze 'Hu' vase, baluster form, stylised encircling bands including Taotie masks and scrolls, stylised animal form open handles, good dark patina, seal mark to base. Height 36 cm

A Chinese bronze archaic type vessel, squat ovoid form with lug handles, a raised relief geometric band encircles the shoulder with two mask highlights, spreading circular short foot. Green patina, ink hand drawn calligraphy to old label on base. Height 16

Japanese bronze lobster figure on timber stand, 21 cm wide, 12 cm high approx.

Japanese bronze figure of a warrior on timber stand, 29 cm high approx.

Japanese bronze figure of a scholar on timber stand, 19 cm high approx.

Japanese bronze water bird figure 10 cm wide, 8.5 cm high approx.