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A Meiji period large Japanese bronze fire pot, made in the lost wax process, the exterior profusely decorated with foliage and floral decoration with six panels each decorated with various birds and/or animals in relief, the side handles in the form of sty

A fine Tibetan bronze Dorje, circa 14th century, the four-pronged double-Vajra finely cast, with traces of gilt overall, 18 cm long. Provenance: R. & V. Tregaskis. From the Collection of Robert Bleakley, former Chairman of Sotheby's Australia

A Tibetan bronze Kadam Stupa (Chorten), 13th-15th century, the reliquary with a lotus bud finial with an even dark brown-black patina., 20.8 cm high. Reference: see Barbara Lipton, Treasures of Tibetan Art: Collections of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tib

A rare small gilt-bronze seal/weight, late Ming Dynasty, 16th-17th century, heavily cast in the form of a snarling Buddhist lion wearing a bell, one paw resting on a ball, atop a square recessed platform, each side with a dorje in low relief between Buddhi

A bronze weight-water dropper, late Ming to early Qing Dynasty, 17th century, in the form of a recumbent hound, comfortable but alert, his tail curled up, original patina, 9.5 cm long. Provenance: Estate of John Hilliard, UK, 1997

A rare Chinese polychrome wood sculpture of a Bodhisattva, song Dynasty, 11th century, seated in vajrasana (lotus posture) with the head slightly tilted to one side and the eyes downcast, the hair in curls and trusses around the ushnisha, the right hand or

A Tibetan gilt-bronze and iron ritual Cutter, circa 19th century, 15 cm long. Provenance: Alex Biancardi Collection, Mossgreen, 17/11/2009

A very fine and rare Nepalese bronze parcel-gilt figure of Tara, 9th-10th century, the heavily bejeweled figure standing in tribhanga on a round lotus pedestal with a ring for attachment to a shrine, the right hand in varada mudra, the left in kataka mudra

A Thai bronze figure of Buddha, Sukhothai period, 15th century, seated in vajrasana on a simple raised platform, the hands in vajrasana (bringing the earth to witness), the eyes downcast, the hair in tight curls surmounted by a flaming ushnisha, covered in

A very fine Nepalese gilt-bronze Attendant figure of a Bodhisattva, 14th-15th century, the jewel-encrusted figure standing elegantly on a lotus throne, 18.5 cm high, References, for similar example please see Ulrich Von Shroeder Indo-Tibetan Bronzes, 1981,

A gilt-bronze four-Pronged cup stand, Western Han Dynasty (206BCE-24CE), supported on a horizontal ribbed column and a widely splayed base, made as a support for an 'Ear-cup', probably Hebei province, 11.6 cm high, 15 cm wide. Reference: for an ide

A small Khmer bronze head of Buddha, Angkor Wat, Bayon period, 12th-13th century, very finely cast, the face with a benign smile, his hair combed straight back, long ear lobes, covered in a very good even dark green patina, 8.5 cm high, metal stand

An Indian bronze Hindu standing figure of Ganesh, 16th century or earlier, the four-headed elephant god standing before a flaming nimbus on a lion and a mongoose, supported on a semi-ovoid platform with a floral decorated apron, the head pujared to a gold

A rare Nepalese bronze standing figure of Avalokitesvara, 10th-11th century, finely cast in tribhanga with a sensuous curved body, the hair in a high chignon behind the three-point Crown, a mandorla behind the head, very well patinated, 26.5 cm high. Refer

Pair of antique Chinese Gu bronze square form flared rim vases, cast with ancient symbols, fitted with pierced scrolling bases, Ex Private collection France, approx 43 cm high, 18 cm sq (2)

Antique cast bronze seated Buddha statue, approx 54 cm high, 34 cm wide

Pair of Cambodian bronze lions, height 12 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Bill Lobban

Two Vietnamese bronze kettles, possibly Le/Mac Dynasty, 15th-16th century, with four lugs, decorated with a border of lotus petals, one with cane handle and dragon form spout (2), height 23 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Bill Lobban

An antique gilt bronze Buddha from Thailand, 18th century, Bangkok or Ratanakosin school, a serene and refined figure of Buddha Maravijaya in patterned draped clothing and a studded belt across the shoulder, with tightly curled hair and ushnisha and pendul

A bronze figure of the Buddha of Wisdom and Compassion, the serene figure of the Buddha seated in dhyanasana, hands crossed and bearing auspicious attributes of the bell and dorje, symbols of wisdom and compassion, the Buddha with draped clothing, lightly

Unknown Artist, warrior, bronze on stone base, 20 x 9 x 8 cm (including base), unknown Artist, deity, bronze, 13 x 7 x 3 cm, Transfield foundry stamp to base, (4)

A south East Asian bronze alloy group figure of Krishna playing the flute, Thai first half of the 20th century, 69 cm high

A Thai bronze Hong bird, Bangkok period, cast with outspread wings, 97 cm high

A bronze Burmese Buddha head on square wood stand, the young face with a Monobrow and long ears, the hair piled high and held back with a pierced tiara. Height 36 cm

An Indian bronze octagonal box with domed lid, each panel incised with Mughal, Persian pattern, 19th century. Height 12 cm. Diameter 13 cm

A large Northern Indian water vessel, the mixed metal of brass, copper and bronze, 19th century, the bulbous body with a waisted neck, with peacocks holding the large ring handles. Height 55 cm. Diameter 50 cm

A Chinese Gui, bronze ritual food vessel, Shang style with double Loop handles with pendant Tabs, Ming / Qing Dynasty, cast in low relief with bands of alternating design centred on two sides with a Taotie masks, the deep basin raised on a pedestal foot wi

Two Chinese mythical beast bronze statues, 56 cm x 25.5 cm, 36 cm high approx.

A Japanese bronze spherical bird cage, Meiji period, circa 1900, cast as bamboo with a hinged door and cricket handle, 30 cm diameter

A small Indian bronze Krishna, Vijayanagara period, circa 15th century, together with a bone plaque, 7.4 cm high (bronze), 4.3 cm diameter (plaque)

A Chinese archaic bronze halberd (blade), Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), 22.8 cm long, 10 cm high, with stand

A Japanese bronze model of an owl, Meiji period (1868-1912), naturalistically cast, standing on both legs, two seal marks including one artist mark 'Atsu Yoshi' under the tail, 8.8 cm high

A Chinese bronze weight, 17th century, in the form of a recumbent 'Qilin', the body slightly twisted and the head raised, supported on his front paws, 8.8 cm long

A Nepalese/Tibetan gilt bronze Kapala (skullcup), 19th century, heavily cast, with five syllables on the cup, representing the five nectars being consumed or visualized by tantric practitioners. The base of the cup with five Sanskrit syllables in RaƱjan sc

A Tibetan gilt-bronze standing figure of a monk, 17th century, the edges of the robes finely chaised, 15.5 cm high

A Tibetan gilt-bronze butter lamp, 18th century or earlier, the cup and stem decorated with a band of lotus petals, 13.1 cm high, 7.9 cm diameter

Pair of bronze & onyx bookends by H W Whyte the bronze figures depicting Chinese children, each signed on the base

A Chinese cast bronze brushpot, finely cast with a double skin, a gnarled ancient pine tree issuing from rocks, height 13.5 cm, diameter 11 cm