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A Japanese bronze spherical bird cage, Meiji period, circa 1900, cast as bamboo with a hinged door and cricket handle, 30 cm diameter

A Chinese archaic bronze halberd (blade), Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), 22.8 cm long, 10 cm high, with stand

A Japanese bronze model of an owl, Meiji period (1868-1912), naturalistically cast, standing on both legs, two seal marks including one artist mark 'Atsu Yoshi' under the tail, 8.8 cm high

A Chinese bronze weight, 17th century, in the form of a recumbent 'Qilin', the body slightly twisted and the head raised, supported on his front paws, 8.8 cm long

A Nepalese/Tibetan gilt bronze Kapala (skullcup), 19th century, heavily cast, with five syllables on the cup, representing the five nectars being consumed or visualized by tantric practitioners. The base of the cup with five Sanskrit syllables in RaƱjan sc

A Tibetan gilt-bronze standing figure of a monk, 17th century, the edges of the robes finely chaised, 15.5 cm high

A Tibetan gilt-bronze butter lamp, 18th century or earlier, the cup and stem decorated with a band of lotus petals, 13.1 cm high, 7.9 cm diameter

A Chinese cast bronze brushpot, finely cast with a double skin, a gnarled ancient pine tree issuing from rocks, height 13.5 cm, diameter 11 cm

A Chinese gilt-bronze figure of a seated Manjushri, 25 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Hong Kong in the 1980s, hence by descent (by repute)

A Chinese bronze figure of a seated Buddha, 17th century, 38 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired from Sotheby's on 21 May 1996 in Melbourne, lot 329, Sale AU601

A Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Amitayus, 18th century, 9.4 cm high

A Chinese gilt bronze figure of a seated Manjushri, 30 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Japan in the 1960s

A gilt bronze figure of Dipankara Buddha, Nepal, late 19th century, (2), standing on a lotus pedestal, the right arm raised in vitarkamudra and the left lowered in varadamudra, the removable figure supported on a stepped rectangular base backed with an ela

Bronze Hotei (Laughing Buddha) c.1920 (with traces of original gilding)

Early Chinese bronze jardiniere. Dual lion head handles. Embossed decoration of dragon & other animals.

A Chinese cloisonne and bronze tripod censer, the lobed ovoid censer with a conforming domed lid and a pierced top section with a cast and pierced finial, shaped and pierced bracket handles with lingzhi mushroom embellishments, similar mounts to the tripod

A large, gilt bronze seated Buddha, the Spiritual Serenity is merged with a youthful form, 18th/19th century, cojoined eyebrows arched above half closed eyes, inlaid with glass, the face framed by long pendulous ears, the ushnisha with a tall flame finial,

A rare pair of bronze boy monks, Rising on a lotus branch, Burma, 18th century, the solid young rounded form in a posture of adoration in a respectful manner, the legs folded over each other, they would have sat either side of a large Buddha, a smooth shin

A bronze Buddha seated on an unadorned throne, copper-black Patina, Laos, 19th century, an oval face framed with pendulous ears, tight curls rising to a flamed finial, wearing a modest off the should robe, the crossed legs showing the soles of the feet, he

A bronze Shan style Buddha seated on a high throne with simple bands of beading, Burma 18th/19th century, a young serene face with high arched eyebrows above partly opened eyes, the tight curls with a domed shape ushnisha, a smooth copper-brown patina, hei

A seated bronze Buddha with fine detailing, Indo-Tibetan, 18th/19th century, ushnisha, a tall top knot, decorated with garlands of beads over the closely plaited hair, the urna, eye of wisdom above a monobrow on a meditative face, height 11 cm

A Chinese bronze of a guardian holding a small Buddha, Ming Dynasty, depicted in robes with peacock headdress, holding Buddha in one hand and stem in the other, mounted on stand, remnants of polychrome paint in places, 34 cm high

Chinese Ming / Qing dynasty twin handled bronze vase, decorated in relief with bird on blossoming branches, fruit and flowers to the reverse, of baluster shape, Ex Jimmy the Skimmer UK, approx 14 cm high

A Chinese gilt bronze seated Buddha on double lotus throne. Height 12 cm

A pair of large bronze models of cranes, Japanese circa 1950, 87 cm and 72 cm high

A Chinese bronze wine vessel, the wine vessel in archaic form on narrow angled tripod, 15 x 12 cm

A Tibetan bronze Buddha on lotus throne, a full face framed with loose Curls & long ears, wearing a simple off-the-shoulder robe, seated in the lotus pose with soles of feet facing up, gesture of touching the earth, on a half lotus throne, Provenance:

19th century Japanese bronze wood-grain lidded container supported by two mythical figures, the cover with a rope entwined anchor finial and a signed stamp to the underside

A Chinese bronze censer, of circular shape with tri-lobed body raised on three elephant feet, sinuous dragons whose arched backs form handles issue from the sides and rise above the flattened everted rim. Six-character Xuande reign mark impressed under the

A large Japanese bronze singing bowl, with hammered finish, dark patina and stamped character marks to the rim, raised on a red and gold lacquered stand embellished with metal mounts and carved detail. The bowl of exceptional quality producing a good reson

A large and impressive Japanese Meiji period bronze sculpture of a young mother and child, she stands in traditional robe, her child seated to her back upon a bag, their attention drawn to her shoulder, raised on textured base, various impressed character

A large and impressive Japanese Meiji period bronze sculpture of a father and his son, the father stands in traditional multi-layered robes, his attention drawn to his son lying between his feet, circular base, original patina, applied tablet with double c

Two decorative buckles, one Art Nouveau inspired of large round form, detailed by a woman within floral garland, buckle fitting to reverse, the second of beaten bronze, Japanese inspired, presented as two vertical bars connecting three smaller bars with a

A Chinese cloisonne and bronze tripod censer, the bell shaped censer with an ogee profile domed lid and a pierced top section with cast finial, elephant head and trunk handles and similar tripod feet, the body profusely decorated with flora and tendrils in

A Chinese bronze covered censer, Republic Era, mid 20th century, the compressed cauldron style pot raised on three shaped legs with a wide collar and pierced dome lid with a lion dog finial, with bearded dragon handles and applied fantastic creatures to th

A Chinese Yixing teapot, gong Ju mark to the base, with highly polished surface, bronze handle, cover finial and bands around the rims, width 21.5 cm

A Japanese bronze lantern in the form of a pagoda, Meiji period, complete with bells & fire finial, later electrified, height 33 cm

A rare graduated set of seven Burmese bronze, opium weights, in the form of a Mon duck, 17th-19th century, cast on an octagonal base, thought to be a reliable judge of the purity or impurity of silver alloys. Provenance: Collection of a former diplomat, he

Antique Japanese bronze tigers attacking elephant, with maker mark to base, 30 cm wide, on carved timber base 36 cm wide, elephant tail cracked, one tiger detached from elephant