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A cased Husun sextant no 54555. The following 14 lots were previously owned by Mr & Mrs Croix Grut, believed to be the first New Zealand couple to circumnavigate the world, in the late '60s.

A brass cased pocket sextant by A. Hobbs, the cylindrical case unscrewing to form the body of the sextant, complete with instructions engraved to the inside and with silvered Vernier scale. Diameter 8 cm

Antique English brass & ebony maritime sextant, signed Thomas Bassnett Liverpool

Japanese Tamaya & Co sextant, manufactured Tokyo, model number 632, model 1, with wooden fitted case

Henry Hughes & Son Limited sextant in a fitted campaign case together with three fitted eyepieces dimensions 25 x 22.5 x 13 cm

A cased brass sextant, 19th century, the index arm stamped with maker's mark indistinct, the frame with mahogany handle, mirrors and telescope, the index arm adjusted by tangent screw with silvered vernier fine read out, the brass top plate to the box

A good 19th century sextant in shaped mahogany case. The instrument made with ebony frame, ivory arc and gilt brass fittings by Watkins & Hill, Charing cross, London. Inscription reads 'Presented to James Boys by T Whitehead. Length 32 cm

A good early 19th century English brass sextant in fitted velvet lined mahogany case. Signed on the arc. Sewill. Maker to the Royal Navy, Liverpool. Width 28 cm.mmDiameter 28 cm

Circa 1910 Cook, Troughton and Simms sextant. Brass with silver index. Includes two other eyepieces. Boxed

German Plath, Hamburg sextant. Brass and wood construction. Cased

1930s English sextant. Brass and Bakelite construction. Cased

19th century brass sextant in a mahogany case by Hughes of London

A Victorian Simpson & Roberts brass sextant with various coloured filters, lenses, etc., the dial with an inlaid silver scale and engraved maker's name and address '31 Strand St., Liverpool', shaped ebonised handle, the fitted case with retailer's label to

A Henry Hughes & Son boxed sextant 1944 with original certificate and accessories

A rare cased German World War II marine sextant, made by C. Plath, Hamburg serial no: M21697. Engraved with eagle and swastika. Complete with cleaning accessories

A late 19th century boxed sextant, 6.5 inch radius. Signed L. S. E. Llewellyn. Silvered scale divided to 140 degrees. Additional lenses

A cased brass sextant, 20th century, by N.V. Observator, Rotterdam, the brass body with carved wooden handle and multiple lenses, length 26 cm

Flying boat 'Bubble' sextant, A. M. Heath & Co. New Eltham, London in original presentation box serial number ref No. 68/177 circa 1938

A mahogany cased sextant by Henry Hughes & Son, Fenchurch Street, London

A cased H. Hughes 'Husun' sextant, labelled inside 'Henry Hughes & Son Ltd' with a certificate of accuracy signed and dated by D.H. Perkins, with original case. Height 140 width 20 cm. Diameter 20 cm

Early 20th C. sextant by J. Coombes, Devonport, UK. Lacquered brass frame with adjustable telescopic socket, seven shades and mirrors, the arc with an engraved silver scale, radius 25 cm. Case with fitted accessories, certificate of Examination inside lid

A ships sextant by Stancliffe, London, English, circa 19th century, in ebonised case approx. 28 cm long and 34 cm wide

A brass sextant, Barry, London, 19th century, the T-shaped frame with scale and vernier, mirror, telescopic sights, two sets of interchangeable filters, magnifier and brass index arm, mahogany fitted case 21 cm Radius

Late Victorian brass sextant in mahogany case, the inside lid with the original label from Kew Observatory Richmond Surrey Certificate of Examination dated August 1896

A mahogany cased bronze marine sextant maker H Hughes London for John H Whisham

A 19th century cased marine sextant brass ebony and ivory inlay marked G Whitbread London

A 19th century brass pocket sextant marked T Cook & Sons Ltd London

A mahogany cased 19th century marine sextant brass ebony and ivory inset marked R Wallace Limerick

A 19th century brass pocket sextant marked Stanley London

A mark IX bubble sextant H. Hughes & Son Ltd, London as used by bomber crews in World War II, together with a Aldis signalling light in a fitted box. (2)

A, Japanese sextant Tamaya & Co Ltd, circa 1979 readingfrom -5 to 125 with mirrors and sight, together with a fitted wooden box, 23 cm long

A 19th century brass sextant readingfrom 0 to 150 on the brass engraved scale, together with a fitted box, 24 cm long

A 19th century brass sextant, by C. Plath, Hamburgcontained in contemporary wooden box

A Husun sextant, made by Henry Hughes, London for John Bliss of New York, 1939. This was the model most commonly used by the Royal Navy during World War II, complete in box with original accessories including bottle of oil and owner's discharge and shippin

A mahogany cased brass sextant by John Lilley & Son Ltd, with silver scale and wood handle, six shades and mirror, the fitted case containing accessories. London 1773. Height 14 cm. Width 32 cm D30 cm

Vintage brass sextant stamped 'Mathen Johnson Bros. Liverpool'