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Prison Baton, 19th century with Queen Victoria's cypher, 48 cm. Together with booklets (2) including 'Extracts from the Rules and Regulations relating to Penal Establishments and Goals' (Melbourne, 1925)

RAAF Dap Beaufort bomber pilots instrument panel as Removed from aircraft scrapped postwar, missing one gauge, 46.5 x 47 cm

A Shimwell Alexander Morse torch made by Shimwell Alexander, 13 Bury St. London. This Morse code torch was issued to Z special Unit for use behind Japanese lines in British north Borneo, with customised jarrah case. Torch length 30 cm

Commando Regiment military baton. Engraved 'Strike Swiftly.'. Length 55 cm

Police Baton, Tasmanian, 19th century with Queen Victoria's cipher. 43 cm

A 19th century Japanese Tsuba inlaid in gold and silver depicting seated warriors

A Soten style iron tsuba, Meiji period, decorated in gold 'nunomezogan' signed 'hikone junin soten sei', 7 cm long

Early 18th century plank top arrow box. 105 cm high, 48 cm wide, 39 cm deep

Early wooden special constable's police baton

A rare mid-19th century British military deep sided cast iron trough, reputedly for the mass storage of cannonballs, rectangular mildly tapered form with everted lip, the front with armorial of the British Ordinance Office, a shield with three cannons and

A rare and important HM Achilles crew signed Ensign the Royal Navy St George linen Ensign flag (1707 pattern) from the famous leander-class light cruiser HM Achilles and signed by numerous members of that ship's crew after the 'Battle of the river plate' o

A suit of armour in the 16th century, style Possbily French /, circa 1900, inscribed 'Nicolo Da Ponte,' 182.5 cm high, some components missing; sold with a dressmaker's mannequin. Note: according to correspondence from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New Y

Myer Honour Roll, listing employees who served during during World War I, and indicating those killed in action, wooden, size 96 x 156 cm.

A New Zealand woods colonial box of long narrow rectangular form for the housing of a baton or similar, the lid panel with burr totara panel centrally set with a star within a circle, fan forms to each end of that panel, tapered border, the red velvet line

19th century wooden police baton. Marked twice with Victorian Crown and initials MP, relating to the Municipal Police of Hobart Town C1870

Four leather bound cartridge holders, including two tall cylindrical single handle carriers with polychrome heraldic decals together with two tapered carriers with similar decoration, the tallest, 43 cm high.

A Japanese wakazashi (short sword) of middle to late Edo period with fuchi-kashira showing a kabuto, the tsuba with silver flowers in relief, the blade with visible temper line, black lacquered scabbard. Length 57.5 cm

A pierced iron tsuba with gilt inlay, early Edo period (1600-1868), 8 x 8 cm

A pair of wooden skis with leather Bindings belonging to James Robert Dennistoun (each ski monogrammed). Dennistoun was a member of Scott's 1910-11 Antarctic Expedition and was awarded the Kings Antarctic medal. James died of wounds during World War I when

Pte Alfred George Flaws, Wellington mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F. World War I death scroll, death plaque and medal framed together. (48 x 37 cm)

A medieval knights style, full suit of armour with sword on custom stand high quality full scale reproduction manufactured by Marto, Artes de Toledo Spain 20th century, engraved steel and rivet construction. Height 204 cm (including base)

A Napoleonic prisoner of war spinning jenny c.1810, the top with seated woman wearing traditional Celtic high hat in front of a spinning wheel with small windmill beside, all above a base with turned supports to the cog and hand operated pully, pedestal ba

A miniature S.A. Police band baton by John Hale, silver & ebony (only 2 in existence).

Scarce 4 pounder British naval Carronade 1.22 cm iron barrel; VR cypher, dated 1843