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An early metal cased telephone by 'Bell Phones M.F.G. Company', Belgium, early 20th century

A brass, Bakelite, chrome and hardwood wall telephone, circa 1920s, provenance: the Nec collection, the wall telephone, (possibly a 37AW model) with a pair of bells, separate hand piece and a rotary dial. Length 24 cm. Width 24 cm. Depth 20 cm

A brass and Bakelite 'Kellogg' stick telephone, early 20th century, provenance: the Nec collection, the stick telephone with a separate earpiece and rotary dial, inscribed 'Kellogg' to the mouthpiece with inscribed patent dates from 1901-1907 and 1908 to t

An antique wall mounted telephone by Ericsson, Sweden. 73 cm

An oak case early wall mount telephone with slope front. 42 cm high

An early candlestick telephone with bell set, together with a brass candlestick phone. 31 cm

An Ericsson antique wall mounted telephone (restored & working)

Antique Swedish Ericsson wall telephone with dial fitted inside the battery compartment, 73 cm high approx

A 1930s Stromberg-Carlson telephone Manufacturing Company of New York wall-mounted railway telephone in oak case complete with writing slope 48 cm high, 34 cm wide x 24 cm deep

A Western electric Company brass candlestick telephone and wooden ringer box

Vintage black Bakelite telephone, approx 23 cm x 20 cm

An early oak case wall mounted telephone, early 20th century. Height 63 cm

Ericson CG1100 skeleton desk phone 'The Spider'. Swedish, c. 1900s, nickel plated metal; with a copy of 'Old Telephones' by Andrew Emmerson 18.5 cm high

A small vintage telephone chair with tapestry upholstery 40 cm x 39 cm x 80 cm

A oak cased early 20th century wall telephone, with brass mouth piece and bells. 40 cm high

Cards & Ephemera: Huge collection in carton, noted AFL football, F1, cricket, Olympics & soccer; with cigarette & trade cards, ephemera, covers, passes, tickets, autographs, phone cards, stickers & bottle tops. Inspection will reward

Vintage English black candlestick telephone, approx 29 cm high

Two vintage magnetos, comprising of a Bosch Type ZA4 automobile and a telephone magneto

British army field phone, box approx 16 cm high, 25 cm wide, 12 cm deep

Black and brass Rotary dial candlestick phone and Receiver, with embossed brass emblem for the British Crown. Height 31 cm. Provenance: the telephone was used in the Indian civil service

Michael Rothenstein (1908 - 1993) England, untitled, 7/7 Black telephone, signed lower right on the margin in pencil, approx 80 cm x 57 cm

A black & brass rotary dial candlestick phone & receiver c1920 with cloth covered cord. 30 cm

Antique oak cased rotary dial wall phone with brass fittings, c1900. Height 40 cm, width 36 cm, depth 24 cm