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A brass, Bakelite, chrome and hardwood wall telephone, circa 1920s, provenance: the Nec collection, the wall telephone, (possibly a 37AW model) with a pair of bells, separate hand piece and a rotary dial. Length 24 cm. Width 24 cm. Depth 20 cm

A brass and Bakelite 'Kellogg' stick telephone, early 20th century, provenance: the Nec collection, the stick telephone with a separate earpiece and rotary dial, inscribed 'Kellogg' to the mouthpiece with inscribed patent dates from 1901-1907 and 1908 to t

Vintage black Bakelite telephone, approx 23 cm x 20 cm

An Ericsson skeleton desk telephone, the open cast iron base supports the bells beneath and cradles the Bakelite handled handset with brass mouthpiece and earpiece connected with original plaited cord, with brass side-winding handle

Vintage Telephones, three Black bakelite [2 with crank handles, 1 with dial], (3) coloured plastic phones [cream, yellow and gray], Ericsson antique telephone hand piece only. Fair condition. (7 items)

A early 20th century Ericsson skeleton table model telephone with nickel plated and Bakelite fittings. Twin bells. Original wiring. Height 30 cm

A rare Marconi 'Telephone and Telegraph Domestic Only Receiver' in working order, the instrument licensed under Marconi Patents for private and domestic use only in great Britain, (This type of machine was viewed as a threat to National Security as a means

1930-40 black Bakelite vintage cradle phone, fully restored and functional. Re-wired, ready to plug in. In near mint condition