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Cast iron money box bear stealing honey/money approx 18 cm high

An Americana 'Jolly' money box, mechanical action, cast aluminium. Height 16 cm

A 1920s American cast iron 'New England Church' money bank. Length 19 cm height to top of spire 19 cm

A 1920s American cast iron money box, 'Mulligan The Cop'. Height 15 cm

Always Did 'Spise a Mule Mechanical bank. Bucking Jockey Version. Half Rider's Head Missing. Functional. Length 25 Cm

19th century cast iron soldier mechanical bank. Soldier shoots penny at tree stump. Losses to barrel; cocked but not firing. Height 26 cm

19th century cast iron eagle mechanical bank. Tilting eagle 'Feeds' young. Original faded paint. Top beak missing. Height 15 cm

Two American banks. Cast iron young Ni.r still bank, original paint; later aluminium Jolly Ni.r mechanical bank, A/F. Height 17 cm

19th century cast iron mechanical bank. Hoop-la Jumping dog. Worn original paint. Functional. Length 21 cm

Cast iron wise owl mechanical bank. Worn original paint.; replacement base plate. Height 20 cm

Two cast iron banks. 'Teddy and the Bear,' functional; and Transvaal money box Kruger figure. Both reproductions. Length 26 cm. (bear)

Always Did 'Spise a Mule mechanical bank. Original Early 20th C; Repainted. working. Whip missing. Length 25 Cm

19th century cast iron wise owl mechanical bank. Good original paint and glass eyes. Height 20 cm

An old American cast iron 'Dinah' money box Reg. Number 561285 yellow dress. Height 17 cm

A 19th century cast iron 'Jolly Nigger' money box the smiling figure with top hat painted traces in red & green. Patmart 4812. Height 23 cm

An Old English Golliwog iron money box. Maker John Harper Ltd, 1910-1920s. Height 16 cm

Paul Rayner, lion money box, earthenware, press moulded, signed and dated 2012. Height 13 cm. Width 19 cm

A cast iron money box, the Tamanny Mechanical Bank, J. & E. Stevens Co., designed by John D. Hall and patented on 23 December 1873 15 cm high

Punch and Judy mechanical bank, Shepard hardware Company, late 19th century, punch and Judy enclosed in a stage, coin is put in pan then spring loaded lever is pushed for coin to be tipped into bank, marked 'Buffalo NY USA, Patd. in US July 15:84 and July

Rare original painted cast iron Novelty Bank mechanical money box. patent mark 1872

A vintage aluminium Dinah money bank, her red dress with cream collar, the lever raising her arm, tongue and eyes

A vintage cast aluminium 'Greedy Boy' money box made in Christchurch, black head, green jacket and red detail. working

Early American Cast Iron 'the Bulldog Bank' Money Box American, produced by 'J & E Company Cromwell Connecticut 1880-1890', red tongue with studded collar, when ears are pulled back, mouth opens to deposit coins, eyes missing, unboxed (F-G) 20cm tall

A tin plate Jolly Joe money box, together with a Eureka tin safe money box, circa 1930. Height 18 cm

A patinated metal money box in the form of a Medieval European building

An aluminium money box in the shape of the early pointy nosed Mickey Mouse, 1930s, France, with original paint. 15 x 9 x 19 cm

A cast iron money bank, in the form of a small castle with two towers, 1908, John Harper, England. 11.5 x 7.5 x 18.5 cm

An old die cast bronze figural money bank of the characterful 'Golly', wide-eyed, laughing with hands to his rotund belly. Height 15.8 cm

A steel money bank, the rectangular platform base cast with 'Hoop-La-Bank' supporting the clown holding hoop with push release for dog to jump and release coin in barrel.

Brown Rockingham style glazed stoneware money box, in the form of a seated man, attributed to Hutson pottery, Welington. Height 11.5 cm