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Cast iron Queen Anne stove circa 1890 with the original bra top

Antique 'Emperor No.2' cast iron stove 65 cm wide, 55 cm deep, 92 cm high approx

Antique cast iron French stove, approx 56 cm high, 39 cm wide, 35 cm deep

Antique all over tiled nickel plated bronze wood stove, with upper shelf section, approx 151 cm high, 89 cm wide, 59 cm deep

Antique French enamelled and cast iron stove/ room heater, of small scale, 'Lily' Deville & C Charleville no 50, approx 67 cm high

Cyclop cylinder form stove, with iron red cylinder body approx. 90 cm high

A Victorian cast iron 'witches cauldron' camp oven and another by Harding & Sons of Ballarat, both with original lids. (2)

A French Glc cast iron gas stove, first half of the 20th century

A Danish cast iron Stove, modern of neo-classical form and decoration. Height 135 cm. Width 360. Depth 76 cm

Vintage Metters N? 1 -V Royal fuel stove