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Ansonia MacBeth spelter figural mantle clock on a timber base with claw feet, with a key & pendulum. Condition, good to fair, some wear, needs a service. Length 45 cm

An Ansonia mantel clock with figured spelter case, 19th century. 28 cm high, 36 cm wide, 16 cm deep

Ansonia 'Cairo' mantle clock, with 8 day striking movement (bell), 39 cm high, with key & pendulum

American Ansonia mantle clock with key & pendulum, cm high approx.

An Ansonia American walnut drop dial wall clock. Dial 39 cm diameter

Antique Ansonia mantle clock, has key and pendulum, approx 36 cm high, 30 cm long

Antique cast iron Ansonia mantle clock, no key, has pendulum, approx 24 cm high, 24 cm

Antique Ansonia mantle clock, has key and pendulum, approx 58 cm high, 35 cm wide

An American timber cottage clock with gong, circa 1900, with maker's mark for Ansonia, having a dial with Roman numerals behind a glazed door displaying the pendulum, and set within a shaped timber facade with embossed Art Nouveau iris blooms and tendril l

Ansonia cottage clock. Operational but unserviced. Key & pendulum included. Height 57 cm

A spelter female figure, later 19th century, with mark of Ansonia clock Company, the American made figure of a seated country girl in a laced bodice with bare feet, seated upon a plinth and holding a string instrument; mounted upon a timber base and with m

An American Ansonia regulator wall clock in a walnut case 50 cm high, 30 cm wide, 11 cm deep

American Ansonia mantle clock includes key & pendulum, as inspected

A black marble mantle clock, circa 1880, American, with maker's mark for Ansonia, with architectural styling, with a visible escapement, the enamel dial with Roman numerals enclosed by a gilded bezel and set within a plinth with a volute and triangular ped

A figural clock, 'Music', circa 1894, American, with maker's mark, Ansonia, to dial and mechanism, the bronzed spelter clock with an eight day movement and gong, the dial with a visible escapement, and an enamel dial with Arabic numerals set within a shape

Ansonia wall clock, has pendulum and key, recently restored in working condition, approx 43 cm high, 43 cm wide, 10 cm deep

Ansonia Mantle clock oak cased, with key & pendulum & another American clock pendulum, 35cm high approx

Ansonia late 19th century spelter 'Denis Papin' clock inset porcelain dial with black Arabic hour numbers, with an eight day movement. Ornately decorated with applied scrolled and beaded motifs, with a pendulum. Condition good to fair, some staining to the

Antique Ansonia style wall clock with cherub decoration to top, has key and pendulum, approx 56 cm high

Antique Ansonia mantle clock with 8 day striking movement, key and pendulum included, 63 cm high

Ansonia mantel clock. Pendulum & key available. Appears operational. 56.5 cm

An Ansonia Monarch mantel clock adorned with double lions head plaques and female portrait plaque, Roman numerals, with a printed glass face

A late-19th century slate and veined marble mantel clock with architectural case; two-train pendulum driven movement; Ansonia clock Co. Height 35 cm

Ansonia 8 day mantle clock, with striking movement, visible escapement & iron case, includes key & pendulum, 40 cm wide approx.

Ansonia table clock, Approximately 25 cm tall

Antique Ansonia mantle clock, with 8 day striking movement, in iron case, with key & pendulum, 42 cm wide

Ansonia oak cased American cottage clock, late 19th century. 38 cm.

Ansonia Royal Bonne mantle clock with a key & pendulum. Height 29 cm

Ansonia black slate mantle clock flanked by green marble column supports, with visibale lever escarpment, has a pendulum. Height 31.5 cm

An Ansonia drop case timber clock 'Regulator' etched to glass door panel. 82 x 44 cm

Antique Ansonia marble cased clock, with enamel dial and visible escapement, 26 cm wide, 25 cm high

Ansonia antique wall clock, measure approx. 95 cm. Tall

Ansonia marble mantle clock, with exposed escapement. Key in office

An Art Nouveau bronzed spelter figured lady mantel clock, the young woman in a long flowing dress draped upon the baluster form clock with enamel dial marked 'Ansonia Clock Co., U.S.A.', with Roman numerals, sinuous base. Working order. Height 25 cm.

American Ansonia mantle clock in timber case, with pendulum, 36 cm wide, 54.5 cm high

Ansonia marble and slate mantel clock. Enamel face, gilt bezel, with exposed escapement. Functional. Length 49 cm height 26 cm

Ansonia slate and marble mantel clock. Key and pendulum available. Needs service. Height 36 cm

Antique American Ansonia mantle clock with 8 day striking movement, enamel dial and visible escapement, in marble case, 33.5 cm high, with pendulum, no key