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Victorian uranium glass preserve pot, with enamel butterfly & floral garland decoration, 11.5 cm high approx.

Leerdam Uranium in the style of Andries dirk Copier, green glass, c 1940s, 34 cm high, 30 cm deep

A set of 10 Continental Uranium glass, wine glasses late 19th century, the lower base and stems faceted cut clear glass with uranium glass bowls. Height 16.5 cm

A Victorian cranberry and uranium glass trumpet and basket epergne, the frilled base supporting three trumpets and two clear glass arms with baskets suspended. Height 60 cm

Superb Victorian uranium and vaseline glass shell shaped table piece

A rare Moser Uranium glass vase, circa 1930, of faceted banded form with gilded raised band of classical figures in procession, 21.5 cm high.

A Mount Washington glass pumpkin pepper pot. Later 19th century, the uranium coloured satin glass pot in the Crown Milano manner, of compressed lobed form sprigged with enamel decorated flowers and delicately trailing foliage, with a circular and dot patte

A group of three vaseline glass bottles, later 19th century, of typical uranium yellow tones, the straight sided spiral bottles of graduating size each with waisted necks and spiral ball stoppers. Heights 14 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm

Vintage Uranium glass boat shaped vase, approx 29cm long

A Thomas Webb custard glass vase, circa 1880-1890, of tapering ovoid form with a slender neck in the typical opaque 'Custard' coloration with uranium enhancement, finely decorated in relief with an oriental style gilt flowering branch. Height 20 cm.

Rare Carnival uranium yellow glass waratah and Kookaburra Bowl. 25 cm

Victorian vaseline glass jug. Lime green uranium glass body with applied cranberry handle. 21 cm