These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A Cenedese Murano glass aquarium block and light stand, depicting various fish, jellyfish and seaweed, 23 x 8 x 29 cm with stand

Cenedese Murano glass cat figurine, label to base, height 23.5 cm approx

Antonio Da Ross Murano vessel for Cenedese, Sommerso technique, Italy, c 1960s, 9 cm high, 9 cm deep

A Murano Art Glass head in the style of Cenedese, blue glass, coroso texture, Italy, c 1970s, 25 cm high, 9 cm deep

A pair of Cenedese Murano gilded blue glass candlesticks, each with a wide flared bobeche decorated with gilded vine a leaf and branch motif, seated on a clear glass node and blue glass baluster stem with frilled clear glass applications, terminating on a

Two similar Ars Cenedese Murano glass duck figures, each clear glass duck with marble taupe inclusions, one duck bearing the label 'Murano Cenedese Vetri', each etched 'Ars Cenedese Murano to Foot' 24 cm & 36.5 cm high respectively

Murano Cenedese Scavo vase in purple & whirte tones, signed, with original sticker. Condition: good, minor wear to the base. Height 12.5 cm

Murano glass bottle for Cenedese, Scarvo range, c1930s, Italy

Cenedese glass Flamingo for Murano, glass, 38 cm high, 8 cm wide, 14 cm deep, Itay

Ermanno Nason 'Scavo' bowl for Cenedese, Muted tones hand blown Art Glass bowl, 20 cm high, 28 cm deep, Italy

A Cenedese glass aquarium designed by Alfredo Barbini, Italian, circa 1948. 13 cm high

A Murano Cenedese glass aquarium, Italian, 20th century, together with a circular Murano glass aquarium, the Cenedese 12.5 cm high, 17 cm wide

An Italian Cenedese multi-coloured vase, Murano, last quarter of the 20th century. 25.5 cm high

An Italian Vetri Cenedese glass vase, Murano, circa 2000 inscribed Cenedese to the base. 25 cm high

A Murano Cenedese Vetri glass sculpture of two birds on a branch, bearing label. Height 17 cm

A Murano Cenedese Vetri glass sculpture of two birds on a rock, bearing label. Height 18 cm

Three Murano glass aquarium by Cenedese, second half of the 20th century, the larger with two fish swimming amongst weed, the smaller each having a single fish amongst weed, (3), largest 19 cm high, 22.5 cm wide, 5.5 cm deep

A large and impressive modern Murano glass sculpted mammoth by Walter Furlan, born 1931 in Chioggia, a small town near Venice. This large clear glass sculpture of stylised rounded form on a rectangular conforming block base, the long upturned tusks taperin

Two Murano aquariums designed by Cenedese one designed with two exotic fish and a star fish, the other with a single exotic fish 17 x 21 cm; 16 x 12 cm

Cenedese, large glass bowl, Italy, internally decorated with coloured glass canes, retains decal label 'Vitro Artisto Murano', underside inscribed 'Cenedese'. Height 23.5 cm

A Murano aquarium by Cenedese, Second half 20th century, with four exotic striped fish floating above the green weed 21 cm high, 31 cm wide

A Murano aquarium by Cenedese, Second half 20th century, with three exotic striped fish floating above the green weed 21 cm high, 17 cm wide

Attributed to Alfredo Barbini (born 1912), an aquarium block manufactured by Cenedese & Co, Italy, c.1950 glass, 19 cm height

Monogrammed Venetian set of eight Desert dishes by Murano Cenedese Commissioned for Sir Cecil Harold Hoskins (1889-1971), together with original letter from Gino Cenedese confirming the order 23 cm l

A Murano glass fish, designed by Fabio Toso for Cenedese, the naturalistic fish in clear to black glass, signed to base Fabio Toso Ars Cenedese, Murano, raised in a tapered black stand 35. 3 cm high

A Murano aquarium by Cenedese, with four exotic striped fish floating above the green and orange weed 16 x 24 cm

Murano Cenedese fish sculpture. Clear with bullicante technique and gold flecks. Paper label to base. Height 20 cm

Murano glass aquarium block c. 1960's, attributed to Cenedese, Italy depicting three fish, seahorse and seaweed 21.5 x 29 cm

A Cenedese glass aquarium block, circa 1950s, the design attributed to Riccardo Licata, the rectangular double layered glass body encasing marine scene depicting two fish swimming amongst seaweed, 11.5 cm high

A Murano aquarium, by Cenedese, depicting three small exotic fish floating in the glass aquarium 25 x 23 cm

Attributed to Gino Cenedese, glass 'Aquarium', depicting clown fish swimming amongst water plants.

A Cenedese glass aquarium block, circa 1950s, design attributed to Riccardo Licata fashioned as three clear slabs of glass fused together encasing an underwater scene of a colourful fish swimming amongst seaweed, (small crack to base), 12.5 cm high

A Murano glass aquarium with clear rounded glass and internal polychrome fish and marine plants. 1950's Cenedese. Height 18 cm

A large Murano Cenedese glass bowl circular, internally decorated with coloured glass canes

A Murano Cenedese Vieri vase, together with another glass vase in cobalt and green (2)

A Murano vase, designed by Cenedese, of tapered waisted form decorated with multi coloured vertical stripes, 28 cm high