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The "Verrerie de Nancy" glassworks in Nancy were purchased in 1878 by Jean Daum (1825–1885) and then taken over by his two sons, Auguste (1853-1909) and Antonin (1864-1930) in 1887. They firstly produced coffee and tea services in clear glass with gold rims.

In 1893, the Daum brothers began producing cameo glass, using acid-etching techniques to decorate their wares with bouquets of flowers, clusters of fruit and scenery. During the Universal Exhibition of 1900 Daum was awarded a ‘Grand Prix’ medal.

The award allowed them to move out of the shadow of fellow Nancy glass maker, Emile Galle. In 1904 Galle died, and after that Daum established their prominence in the Nancy glass industry. Though their work during that period closely parallels that of Galle, it is much more yellow and orange in colour.

In 1914 on the outbreak of World War I the plant was closed, and converted into a hospital. It reopened after the war under Paul Daum, son of Auguste, and produced designs in the Art Deco style.

In the 1930's the styles became much plainer and utilitarian, as demonstrated by the 90,000 piece order for the luxury liner "Le Normandie". more...

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Daum Pâte de verre glass two piece frog clock in clear & frosted crystal, the circular removable clock set into a spherical crystal form surmounted by a green shading to blue Daum pâte de verre frog, the whole resting on a pâte de verre stand comprised

A cased pair of Daum glass salts, and silver-plate spoons

Daum Nancy painted cameo glass trough of slim rectangular form painted with red flowers on a yellow ground & signed 'Daum Nancy France'. Condition, good, very minor early chip to the rim. Dimensions, 8.8 x 5.9 x 2.9 cm

Daum Nancy controlled bubble glass bowl signed DAUM NANCY FRANCE to base, circa 1930s, 25 cm diameter, 6.7 cm high

Salvador Dalí (Spanish, 1904 -1989), two wine glasses, for Daum, red cristal bowl, with purple pâte de verre stem, signed 'Dali, Daum Frances', in box (2), height 19.5 cm

A large Daum Nancy acid etched glass vase, embellished with geometric floral design, tinted topaz grey, bears wheel-carved signature Daum Nancy France with croix de Lorraine, 30 cm high.

Signed Daum glass thistle etched paper weight, together in original box

Daum Nancy etched and enamelled glass vase, with rural scene, signed to base with cross of Lorraine, height 20 cm

Daum Nancy cameo glass vase in three colour cameo glass, having a square rounded body, cut & etched with green trees against a snow landscape scene, on a mottled yellow ground. Signed 'Daum Nancy'. Condition excellent to good, minor wear to the base. Heigh

A Daum glass and silver spirit 'Muff' or Absinthe bottle, circa 1885, the removable silver flask by Baudet (Baudet and donkey in lozenge) and a 1913 Birmingham sterling silver top by the boots pure Drug Company, the bottle decorated with enamel painted vio

Daum cameo glass floral vase, signed 'Daum Nancy', French, circa 1900. 40.5 cm

Daum Nancy glass vase clear and yellow glass with geometric and floral designs, signed Daum Nancy France, with the cross of Lorraine. Height 14 cm

A Daum Nancy landscape vase, circa 1910 in three colour cameo glass, the tapered body supported on a circular foot, cut and etched with trees in deep green against a yellow and orange landscape, signed in cameo 'Daum Nancy' with cross of Loraine 39 cm high

A Daum pate de verre glass fruit bowl, etched 'Daum, France', 20th century. 27 cm diameter

A Daum & Nancy citrus coloured Art Deco heavy glass bowl, signed Daum Nancy France. 22 cm high

A pair of French Daum Pate de verre moulded glass leaf plates, 19th century. 36 cm diameter

Daum Nancy pate de verre lidded pin dish by Amalric Walter engraved 'A Walter' & signed 'Made in France' to the base. Condition fair, age related wear, two small chips to the lid. Dimensions 4 cm tall x 6.5 cm wide

Daum France crystal three stick candleholder float bowl, approx 9 cm high, 26 cm wide, 26 cm deep

Daum France vase & bowl, approx 18 cm high and shorter (2)

Daum blue Argos France vase shaped in the Uts fashion, signed 'Daum France' to one panel. Condition fair to poor, chips to the internal rim & the base. Height 26 cm

Daum Nancy, France glass bowl signed to lower rim, 8.5cm high

Daum Nancy Coupe Riviera car, designed by Xavier Froissart, 1984 moulded crystal, polished and frosted, engraved mark 'Daum France', length 40 cm

A Daum Nancy brown glass bowl, circa 1930s-40s, A heavy tapering octagonal bowl with a circular aperture in deep clear brown signed Daum Nancy France with the cross of Lorraine to the lower body near base

Daum Nancy squat vase with tapering neck and lake landscape, approx 31 cm high

Daum Nancy painted cameo glass vase of slim baluster form painted with flowers & signed 'Daum Nancy'. Height 15 cm

A Daum Nancy miniature acid etched cameo glass landscape vase, French, circa 1900 painted mark Daum Nancy and Cross of Lorraine. 12.3 cm high

A Daum Nancy cameo glass winter landscape vase, French, circa 1910 acid etched Daum Nancy and cross of Lorraine to the base. 42.4 cm high

A French wrought iron Daum glass hanging light, first half 20th century. 102 cm high, 65 cm diameter

A Daum Nancy carved cameo glass 'Eucalypt' vase, French, early 19th century, moulded intaglio mark Daum Nancy and cross of Lorraine. 42 cm high

A Daum glass dolphin, crystal globe on stand and a glass book paperwieght.

A Daum Nancy cameo glass bottle vase, circa 1900, depicting a lake scene, cameo signature, 17.5 cm high

A Daum Nancy cameo glass vase, circa 1900, of compressed form, depicting a lake scene, cameo signature, 14 cm high, 17.5 cm diameter

A Daum Nancy enamelled cameo glass vase depicting birch trees in a lake scene, signed Daum Nancy to base, 20 cm high

A Daum Nancy glass and .950 silver mounted jug, circa 1900, signed Daum Nancy, and with Minerva 1 standard, the slightly dimpled cushion shaped jug in modulating opalescent shot colours from lemon to pale amber, decorated with gilt enhanced snowdrops in lo

French Daum crystal vase and bowl, with floral decoration, 18.5 cm high & 17 cm wide respectively

An Art Deco Daum Nancy Dimple glass vase, circa 1930s, in clear brown, the ovoid vase having four distinctive impressed dimple motifs to the body and acid etched 'Sandblast' textured bands, a short ribbed neck surmounted by a flared rim; the etched mark of

Daum limited edition sculpture, 'Adam', circa 1973, designed by Adam Adzak, in blue-green glass, edition 280/300, 28 x 26.5 cm.