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New Zealand Railways Studio, 'Protect your Native birds and Forests' poster, 1960s, issued by Forest and bird Protection Society, depicting a tui sitting on a kowhai branch. 88 cm x 57 cm

Qantas and Teal 1956 Maori travel poster, designed by Harry Rogers. 49 cm x 36 cm

Travel Poster: c.1965 'Japan' text continues 'Australia's Overseas Airline Qantas In Association With B.O.A.C., Teal and Saa' colour lithograph with artwork by Harry Rogers, printed by Posters Pty. Ltd. 99 x 74 cms, laid down on linen.

M.A. Poulton for New Zealand Railways Studio 'Protect Your Native Birds and Forests' poster, 1960s, issued by Forest and bird Protection Society, depicting a fantail, a bellbird and a tomtit perched on a wildberry branch. 88 x 57 cm

Travel Poster: 1952 Pan American World Airways travel poster 'Fly By Clipper To Australia and New Zealand, Where Summer Spends the Winter', artwork by Jean Carlu & Dubois, printed in USA, colour lithograph: 104 x 71 cm, laid down on linen.

A vintage war recruitment poster, the Harry J. Weston image of a woman standing before a battle tattered Australian/New Zealand flag, the words 'Were YOU There Then?' on red ground, blue and yellow other dominant tones, the printer's details 'W. A. Gullick

A large poster of the 1938 Empire Games held in Sydney. Signed by many of the New Zealand athletes and coaches and gifted to the Waikato Times Reporters. 101 x 63 cm

1960s Qantas 'New Zealand' travel poster. Kiwi. Lithograph. 48 x 35 cm

1950s Qantas 'Japan' travel poster. Woman in Kimono. 'Australia's Overseas Airline. In association with B.O.A.C and TEAL'. Lithograph. 97 x 70 cm

'New Zealand Lake Matheson' poster Artist Marcus King. Height 76 cm. Width 50.5 cm

A vintage Qantas New Zealand tiki poster. Height 100 cm. Width 63.5 cm

A vintage travel poster, 'Africa. Fly There by B.O.A.C.', depicting a simple stylised zebra and buffalo on a dark teal ground. 105 cm x 63.5 cm

c1970 Group of 'Air New Zealand' (4), and 'Qantas', travel posters, photo lithograph, varying sizes near standard. Condition B. (5 items)

c1963 'Tahiti, Fly Teal' screen printed poster showing a nude female bather on green background, note that the same poster was used for Qantas, size 97 x 62 cm, condition A-. 'Tahiti Fly Teal', lithograph travel poster show woman peering through bamboo bli

c1960s 'Victoria Australia Pink Heath', Government of Victoria Tourist Development Authority, lithograph, size 99 x 63 cm. Condition A-. 'Fly Teal Victoria the Holiday State. Sun Tan in the Snow this Winter' printed by A.C.Brooks for the Tourist Developmen

c1963 'The Great Barrier Reef City, Come to Mackay Queensland Tourist Festival 26th-30th April, 1963', printed by Simpson Halligan (Brisbane) 74 x 48 cm, missing portion of lower corner and date has been highlighted; 'Air New Zealand' travel poster and (2)

A large framed 1960s Union Steamship poster of the 'Maori' on its Wellington - Lyttelton run. Height 94 cm. Width 65 cm

A Teal Tahiti Screenprint poster Arthur Thompson circa 1950's. Height 97.5 cm. Width 62.5 cm

New Zealand: c1970s travel posters (3) - 'New Zealand, Fly There By Boac. Boiling Lakes of Waimangu'; 'New Zealand. Boiling Lakes of Waimangu'; 'New Sights, New Thrills, New Friends, New Zealand'. Various sizes. Condit: B. (3 items)

New Zealand: c1961 travel posters (3) - 'Mount Sefton, Mount Cook National Park. New Zealand'; 'Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu. New Zealand' & 'Mt Egmont (8,260 Ft) Taranaki. Egmont National Park. New Zealand', all printed by R.E.Owen, Government Printer, Welli

NAC poster advertising domestic flights throughout New Zealand. Water mark and minor damage in the top right corner of poster. Height 95.5 cm. Width 72.5 cm

Teal name change 1965 poster documenting the month that Teal became Air New Zealand in 1965. Height 64.5 cm. Width 44.5 cm

A Teal Tahiti Screenprint poster height 97.5 cm. Width 62 cm

‘Sword fishing Bay of Islands New Zealand, Take the train’. NZ Railways Studios. Issued by the NZ Railways Publicity branch. Height 101 cm. Width 63.5 cm

‘Timaru by the Sea’ Railway Studios. Height 89 cm. Width 57 cm

Set of seven 1974 Commonwealth Games Christchurch posters, comprising: cycling, Badminton, Boxing, bowls, Running, swimming, Wrestling. All printed in Commonwealth Games colours, 60 x 42 cm. Ref 'Paste Up' by Hamish Thompson, pg 61

'N.Z. Not Distantabut Different', Fly, there by Teal poster, abstract mountains. Unframed. 96 x 64 cm

'Lake Wanaka' poster, NZ Railways Publicity branch, c. 1930s, artist John Holmwood. Archivally mounted & framed. 103 x 65 cm. (Fr), Ref 'Paste Up' by Hamish Thompson, pg 16

1961 travel poster 'Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu. New Zealand ', printed by R.E.Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand, colour process lithograph, size 63 x 101 cm. Condition A

Circa 1960s travel poster 'Mt Egmont (8,260 Ft), Taranaki. Egmont National Park. New Zealand ', printed by R.E.Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand, colour process lithograph, size 63 x 101 cm. Condition A

1949 poster, 'Tex Morton, the Greatest and Most Versatile Entertainer of Our Time, on Stage in Person, 3 Complete Shows in One! Singing! Shooting! Hypnotism!', printed in Christchurch for his 1949 NZ Tour, linen-backed, size 38 x 101 cm. Condition B+.

Richard Aldworth Oliver, ‘Half-Castes of Pomare’s Pah (Bay of Islands), rare hand coloured lithograph from his London published ‘A Series of Lithographic Drawings from Sketches in New Zealand’ [1852/53]. Provenance: The collection of Dr Neville Hogg, Webb’

'Sword fishing/Bay of Islands/New Zealand / Take the train. ..'. Produced By the NZ Railway's Studios. Issued By the NZ Railways Publicity Branch 1930s. Illustrated P. 59 'Paste Up' By Hamish Thompson. 99 x 61 cm.

C1950s travel poster, 'Fly Teal - Qantas', with nice photo of fishing titled 'Lake Tarawera, Rotorua, New Zealand ', framed and glazed, overall 43 x 53 cm

New Zealand vintage poster, 'Sail Matson', 70 cm x 48 cm

1960s Qantas travel poster 'Europe. Australia's Overseas Airline - Qantas - in Association with B.O.A.C, Teal and S.A.A.', artwork by Harry Rogers showing St Bernard dog, Super Constellation silhouette top right, printed in Australia by posters Pty Ltd, li

Poster - 'Marlborough Sounds/New Zealand '. Artist Leonard Mitchell. Published by the Government tourist Department. Illustrated on pg. 17 in 'Paste up' by Hamish Thompson. 99 x 62 cm

Poster - 'Milford Sound/New Zealand S Fiordland', Artist Marcus King? 99 x 62 cm