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A Singapore Airlines silver Ingot, 'Wonders of the world' series - Niagara Falls; 800 silver. Weight 25.6g.

Aviation: 78rpm Records, noted 'Southern Cross Aust-England Flight', 'Smithy' by Len Maurice, 'Incidents of My Flight' by Bert Hinkler, 'The Story of My Flight' by Amy Johnson, plus 3 LPs of Songs about Amy Johnson including 'A Lone Girl Flyer'. Also 'Tit

Propellor blade from a Hawker Siddeley HS 748 (VIP transport for RAAF), 165 cm long

A laminated wooden propellor blade from a RAAF Mk VIII Supermarine Spitfire, 153.5 cm long

A silver plated brass World War II model aeroplane on bullet stand and stepped circular ebonised wood base. Height 20 cm

A British Airways Concorde sterling silver frame, engraved Concorde to frame, makers marks for Sheffield, 10.5 x 8 cm

Royal Dutch airlines 1949 Delft bowl measures 29 cm. Marks to base notated 'KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 1919-1949'.

A vintage wooden propellor of small proportions, inscribed Ern Everson, 4.8 x 2.4 cm. Length 124 cm

A vintage wooden aeroplane propeller some faults. Length 270 cm

A well modelled brass World WarII Spitfire aeroplane, on sickle shaped stand with swivel. Length 13.5 cm.

Aviators: 1931 menu 'Luncheon in Honor of Wiley Post and Harold Gatty, Round-The-World-Flyers', hosted by the Mayor of New York, signed on reverse by six famous aviators - Charles Lindbergh, Wiley post, Harold Gatty, Bernt Balchen, Clarence Chamberlin and

Aviation photographs: impressive group of mainly black and white photographs of aeroplanes both civil and military. Many captioned on the reverse. VG condition. (80 items)

Relief bronze of Charles Kingsford Smith on oval mount, from the collection of the Late Sir Hudson Fysh KBE DFC

World War I mahogany propeller: Genuine Sopwith Camel 2.59m mahogany propeller, manufactured by the Air Board (later the Air Ministry). Used on the 130HP Clerget rotary engine. Very few propellers from this well known British fighter remain in existence to

A vintage leather flying helmet attributed to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith with a pair of leather and perspex goggles and a Victorian mother of pearl card case containing a signed Sir Charles Kingsford Smith card and a 'Southern Cross' souvenir ticket with

British Caledonian airlines lapel badges worn by flight attendants, given as gifts on Santiago to San Francisco flight Jan 1982

Western Samoa 22CT. Gold One Hundred Tala Coin Km.29 1978, 50th Anniversary Kingsford Smith First Pacific Flight, in case of issue with Certificate of Authenticity, numbered '564' from an edition of 1500 2.8 cm diameter

Tai (Transport 'riens Intercontinentaux): Collection with metal model of Douglas DC-4 (length 69 cm, wingspan 77 cm, paint faded); Tai fl ag (some wear & moth-holes though scarce in Australia); cabin bag; tie pin & key-rings (2). Also Air France Concorde m

An 'roplane cockpit clock, the 7.5 cm dial in a black metal screw-down case, with a knurled winding knob at lower left, the black dial with a luminous 24 hour chapter ring in green and white, 'Civil Date' dial to the centre, luminous hour, minute and sweep

Tekno Air France Carvavelle Se-210, in shaped plastic box (E box E)

Charles Kingsford Smith: a fine collection of original photographs (various sizes) covering family, crew members and flight achievements from 1917-1935, including several items signed, as follows: - Kingsford Smith, 2nd Lieutenant RFC receiving farewell wi

Bert Hinkler: a fine collection of mounted images (various sizes) associated with this important Australian pioneer aviator, including: - a mounted photograph of the World War I troopship HMAS 'A19' signed in the margin below by the personnel of the 1st Ba

The first wireless Operator to Fly Across the Ocean, the James Warner Archive: James Warner (1891-1970) was the radio operator on the 'The Southern Cross' piloted by Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm for the first trans-Pacific flight in 1928. It was

Frank Hurley (Australian, 1885-1962) 'The Spirit of Australia at Richmond, C1928'. Silver gelatin photograph, captioned, photographer and publishing annotations in pencil and ink in various hands verso, 17.9 x 24.1 cm. Old fold with cracking to upper porti

Pan American Airlines: a collection of photographs from the pan-Am photographic library, depicting many of the various aircraft employed by the Company during its' heydays, 1927 to the late 1950s. Various sizes but mainly 20 x 25 cm. (27)

Amy Johnson: silver gelatin photograph (25 x 30 cm) depicting Johnson in the cockpit of her 'roplane, c1930; signed in pen at lower right. Also, 2 press photographs (8 x 13 cm each), mounted together; one annotated 'Amy Johnson Darwin', the other 'Same', t

Hammond's first flight at Ascot Race Course, Sydney., 1911. Silver gelatin photograph, 31.4 x 25.8 cm. Silvering and creases overall, repaired tears to corner of image, chips to edges. Nevertheless, a very rare contemporary image. Photographer unknown

Star Alliance Airbus A340, 1/100 scale, Scalecraft (Us limited edition) desktop model, 64 cm. Length, 60 cm wingspan

Australian Airlines 727-200, 1/50 scale, wooden handcrafted desktop model, 94 cm. Length, 60 cm wingspan

1910-39 collection of cigarette and trade cards in 2 albums, noted 1910 Wills 'Aviation' (68/85); 1915 Lambert and Butler 'Aviation' (25); 1933 Robertson and Woodcock 'British Aviation Series' (50); 1934 R.andJ.Hill 'Aviation Series' (25); 1937 Lambert and

Aviation sheet music: 'Amelia Earhart's Last Flight' 1939; 'Hustling Hinkler' c1927; plus two dedicated to Miss Amy Johnson 'Johnnie (Our 'roplane Girl)' and 'Johnnie's in Town' (both copyright 1930). (4 items)

A de Havilland D.H.60 'Gypsy Moth' Aircraft Propeller manufactured May 1938 by an Australian Company, 'Invincible Airscrews Pty Ltd' marked on Âboss¸, with other various serial numbers and markings length: 193 cm

The Pacific Clipper NC18602, 1/52 scale model of the Boeing 314 flying boat in aluminium alloy on original Pan American Airways presentation base. This example is a replica of the Pacific Clipper Nc 18602, one of the 12 Boeing 314 flying boats. It was Nc 1

Pair of Aviation Collectable original Concord grey leather and sterling silver coasters, together with Concorde bag (3)

Charles Kingsford Smith: 1930 (Oct.25) letter from Kingsford Smith to Ann Bernard, with its original envelope, mentioning his (record) 'Flight From England', how 'Fiji Is Becoming Initiated Into the World of Aviation', and giving regards to Jimmy Mullins,

Aviation sheet music, noted 'Smithy' (2) ; 'Hustling Hinkler'; 'Kingsford Smith - Aussie's Proud of You'; 'Hats off to Our Airmen (A song and toast to Kingsford Smitha Nd His Comrades) '; 'The Lone-girl Flyer (Dedicated to Miss Amy Johnson) '; 'Amy'. (7 it